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About The Pitch Is Ours

What was the worst day of your life?

When do you feel like the future path ahead is vague? Or when you have a day that everything seems to be against you? Or when you got a C in the exam? Or simply one day, the girl you loved for many years fell into the hands of another guy?

I didn’t get the chance to go through all of it (thank god, but I experienced most of it, lol). I can’t give you any dogmatic advice and I can’t guide you through it, because I’m also a guy who always gets a C in the Writing Exam.

Aside from being a bad student at Writing, and from the perspective of an outstanding high school player who has played hundreds of different matches on soccer fields, there’s one thing I can assure you:

“Soccer will heal every wound in your heart!”

When I went through years of lousy high school and got all the criticism (you know from whom). Soccer is the medicine that has saved my life.

And then that dream disappeared after a knee injury in 2017… It was such a big hit for me!

How can I accept this fact? That I might never become a professional soccer player and my greatest passion suddenly became a distant dream.

Life is too short and you can’t just live in regret from day to day! I am a positive person! And always will be!

Soccer has helped me go through the darkest days, and the love for soccer in me will not stop even though it seems to have reached a dead-end! No! It will never end, never!

men tying his soccer shoes

Jurgen Klopp once said:

“Sometimes people ask me why I am always smiling. Even after we lose a match, sometimes I’m still smiling. It’s because when my son was born, I realized that football is not life or death. We’re not saving lives. Football is not something that should spread sadness and hatred. Football should be about inspiration and joy, especially for children.”

That’s right, soccer is not life or death, nor does it include hatred or suffering, for a child, soccer is a passion, a beautiful dream.

When you step out onto the pitch and the soccer cleats sink deep into the ground, that’s when everything else becomes secondary. All sufferings will fall into oblivion and only passionate love is left.

I’ve lived thousands of hours on the pitch, and believe me, 99% of those hours are hours of happiness! And it always will be!

And soccer in me won’t stop on the pitch! I want it more than that! With a striker full of dignity, nothing can stop me from reaching my goal.

That’s why one morning, I woke up, The Pitch is Ours was born.

When I researched American questions, there was one question that impressed me very much: “Why is soccer so boring?”

That’s not a comfortable question at all! But it was definitely an inspiration for The Pitch is Ours! I decided all the topics of TPIO will have to make you change your mind.

I can’t say that as a student who always gets a C in writing, I can produce excellent articles, but I can assure you that my writing comes from an endless passion. 

Some good, some maybe not, but it will be the most accurate and most dedicated information!

Trust me, The Pitch is Ours is a place you can count on and find yourself! The Pitch is Ours will redefine soccer in America!

I’m Jay Gatz, and I’m with you!