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Are Ankle Weights Good For Soccer Players?

Are Ankle Weights Good For Soccer Players?

While many are satisfied with their capability and strength, others wish to push, try, and achieve more. However, these people may be stunted in their desire by their physical capabilities. They have the mental drive to do more but are limited by their physical abilities.

To achieve more, these people often look for things that would stretch them beyond their limits and align with their mental drive. Athletes often find this extra push in ankle bone weights. Why? They believe the weights can make them achieve more than they could.

After a while, they have their minds either conditioned to use the weights before attaining new heights in their training. Regardless, are ankle weights good for soccer players?

Let’s see the benefits and disadvantages of ankle bone weights for soccer players. Plus, we would be assessing the use of ankle bone weights with one of the game’s greatest players.

Come with us!

A man is wearing the ankle weight

Are Ankle Weights Good For Soccer Players?

Ankle weights refer to the weights you put on your ankle bones before an exercise to increase strength and endurance. This triggers your body to produce more results than it is used to. Plus, it also increases the muscles and mass in your glutes, quadriceps, and calves.

The benefits or disadvantages of ankle weight, especially for soccer players, depend on the individuals. This is because there are both the good and the bad sides to training with it. Therefore, the notion and practice of each person with ankle weights depend on that person’s experience.

While ankle bone weights have more benefits than disadvantages, excess use would lead to a bad experience. Here are some of the benefits ankle bone weights does to soccer players:

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Strengthens the legs

The ankle weights put force on the legs, which means this part of the body will be strained and forced to do more. This, in turn, will strengthen the legs, particularly when the use of ankle weights becomes a routine.

Furthermore, your muscles are often put to work when you have the ankle weights on, leading to you having a muscular leg shape. Because of the strain your legs undergo frequently, it builds up enough restraint and strength to carry the ankle weights.

This means that soccer players get to kick the ball farther and harder. As a result, they tend to tackle harder and have more grip on the ground when running. So, overall, this is a good one for them.

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The ankle bone weights are very versatile. They are not like many other exercise tools that have to be used within a restricted area before the desired result is gotten. It can be used while strolling, walking around in the home, or doing some other activities.

Plus, it usually comes in different weight sizes, and you can select the one you are comfortable with. This helps the players avoid overstraining their legs, which may lead to an injury that would stop them from playing the game.

Generally, ankle weights are small in size, so you can wear them around while under your trousers without anyone noticing. Plus, they can be used as wrist weights, as they can also give all these benefits to the arm.

Burns calories

Exercise burns calories, but exercises with ankle weights burn calories faster. The strain and force the ankle weights put on the legs ensure that the whole body gives more to the exercise or activity. When more energy is expended, more calories are burned.

Even when the players are not exercising but walk around with these ankle weights, calories still get burned. This is because the ankle weights have increased the little energy expended in taking a walk.

So, instead of doing the difficult exercises to burn some calories, you can have the ankle weights on you. 

When you do have the ankle weights on you, and you can walk around. You would feel the same strain you feel when you lift some heavy-weight equipment and burn the same amount of calories.

Increasing endurance

The ankle weights increase players’ endurance and stamina, putting them under a strain that helps develop their muscles and strength. After a while, these players get accustomed to the strain, and their muscles acclimatize to it, expanding the legs’ strength.

The strain involves playing down the role of pain and pushing forward to achieve more. Even when players have no ankle weights, they would be used to this as the legs and mental disposition will always be ready to push forward.

When you are without the ankle weights, you lose the extra weight after training with them for some time. However, you do not lose the strength you gained from those training. This allows you to go even farther distance because you are lighter but with the same endurance level.

Increases cardiovascular workout

Another benefit of the ankle weights on a soccer player is its cardiovascular rate and efficiency. How does it work? You put on the ankle weights, and it strains your legs. The strain extends to your heart because the leg muscles need more blood and oxygen to function optimally.

This means that the cardiovascular function of the heart will become more efficient because of the increased demand for functionality. In the end, this helps the heart grow stronger and lowers the chances of having a heart attack or disease.

Increases your speed

The ankle weights can help increase running speed as a soccer player who is unsatisfied. How does it work? Run without the ankle bone weights and time yourself.

Then, wear the ankle bone weights and try running at your pace for some time. After this, take off the ankle bone weights and try running at your highest speed while timing yourself.

You should discover some difference in the time with you covering the same ground in less time. This is because you have trained with the ankle weights more than when you have not done that. Doing this for some time will ensure that your speed gets increased.

It is cheap

Achieving the same level and gaining the exact benefits as the ankle weights with other exercise equipment means extra cost. This is because there is no direct alternative to the ankle weights where you get the same advantages.

Therefore, you need to get different exercise equipment before you can attain the same level and advantage. More exercise equipment means more spending.

But with the ankle weights, the soccer player can have all these benefits while getting it at a ridiculously lower price than buying all the other exercise equipment.

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Should Soccer Players Wear Ankle Weights?

Ankle weights have their uses; plus, it also has disadvantages. Whether soccer players should wear ankle weights cannot be answered fully unless we first place the benefits and disadvantages side by side.

We believe that ankle weights should be worn for their many advantages. But, unfortunately, this means that we have to suggest alleviating the dangers of wearing ankle weights by explaining how to wear them correctly.

We have spoken about the benefits of the ankle bone weights above, and now we will give some dangers that come with wearing them.

Disadvantages of ankle bone weights

1. Can lead to tearing of the ligament

When the ankle weights are worn consistently, it may lead to a ligament tear. This can happen when the weight is higher than the extent the player’s physical strength can afford.

In other words, a ligament tear occurs when there is too much strain on the muscles than it can accommodate. Then, excess use of the ankle bone weights will put constant strain on the leg muscles. And it only takes a while before there is a ligament tear.

This will be bad news for a soccer player interested in getting fit all the time for his club. Because it means such a player will be out of the game for some time as the ligament will need to heal.

2. Strains the joints

There is the possibility of the ankle weights straining the joints. This is because too much load is placed on the joints causing pain and injury. And this could also cause a change in walking gait where the player limps or has difficulty walking straight.

This is why it is essential, as a soccer player, to ensure you do not overuse the ankle weights. It would help you better if you learned to use it moderately.

Also, it would help if you are mindful of the weight of your ankle weights because it comes in different classes. So, it’s best to go for the ones that would have a slight adverse effect on your general wellbeing.

How to wear ankle bone weights to avoid the disadvantages?

While these disadvantages or adverse effects of using ankle bone weights seem gory, there is a way to circumvent them. You can bypass these effects by wearing and using ankle weights correctly. So, how do you wear and use them correctly?

First, ensure they are of the right weight. Whenever you want to put on the ankle weights, make sure they are of the weights you can easily stretch yourself to. This would help you avoid injuries such as ligament tears and limping.

Second, wrap them around each of your legs. Ensure they are fitted but not too tight to cause scratches or injuries to your skin. Making them fit would ensure that it does not come off or act like you are dragging a heavy log whenever you are moving.

Where you have issues with having the ankle weights directly on your skin, you can wear socks to help avoid irritation. When you have done this and are comfortable, you are good to go with your exercises.

However, be careful with how you stretch yourself and ensure you take enough rest when it is needed. While it is great to push yourself to attain more heights, it is also wise to stop and avoid injuries that may affect your game time.

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Do Ankle Weights Help With Speed?

Generally, it is believed that ankle weights help with speed. We even listed it among the benefits of ankle bone weights to soccer players. To put this statement in perspective and test out its veracity, we will check out a YouTube channel.

A YouTuber named John Famworth tried to establish whether the statement “ankle weights help speed” was a fact or a myth. John Famworth is a soccer freestyler and holds 8 Guinness World Records in performing many different soccer stunts.

To help discover the myth or fact about this statement, he made a YouTube video. In the video, he timed himself doing some activities before wearing the ankle bone weights. Then, he repeated the same actions after training with the ankle bone weights for 2 minutes.


He started by running with the ball to a distance and back. When he did it without the ankle weights training, he did it within 9:49 seconds. After training with the ankle weights, he completed the same exercise within 8:85 seconds.

He did the juggling style called “around the world.” And he timed himself to know how many he could do within 20 seconds. Without the ankle bone weights training, he did it 37 times. After the ankle bone weights training, he completed it 39 times.

Lastly, he did the foot speed test, where he did 76 repetitions in 20 seconds without the ankle bone weights training. After the ankle weights training, he completed 78 repetitions.

All these point to the conclusion that ankle bone weights can give you that slight edge you need in all your activities as a soccer player.

Did Ronaldo Train With The Ankle Weights?

Ronaldo has always been the poster boy for hard work and pushing oneself to be better in the soccer world. Many soccer players know that Ronaldo pushed against his limits to be the best and thrived while trying to do so.

Moreover, he has routines that helped him wow the soccer world, getting more fans. But, apart from the exercise, sleep, and food routines, he had some other means of pushing himself.

When Ronaldo first got to Manchester United in England from Sporting CP in Portugal, he was determined to improve his skills. And one of the skills he decided to be the best in was the step-overs. He wanted to do it faster, but he couldn’t.

So, he got help by using the ankle bone weights. The results were there; he dribbled faster and did quicker stepovers in games. Seeing Ronaldo use the ankle weights has pushed more soccer players to use them and increase their efficiency at an activity.



Are ankle weights good for soccer players? Well, yes, but it depends on the player and how they use it. Earlier in this article, we highlighted the benefits that come with using the ankle weights for training and exercises.

Furthermore, because there are no activities without an underlying danger, the article listed some risks of using ankle bone weights. It also gave some suggestions on how to avoid these dangers.

So, should you use ankle weights to train for soccer? We advise that you do, but you have to follow an instructor’s guide on how to use it. Plus, use the tips stated earlier in this article to guide you.

Happy training!