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Are Grip Socks Good For Soccer?

Are Grip Socks Good For Soccer?

Over the years, soccer kit manufacturers continued to advance the technology they used in making soccer jerseys. From the bland easy-to-tear jerseys of the past, we have soccer jerseys now that are more stretchy and more comfortable.

While they focused on improving the jersey design and technology, the socks remained fairly the same and were abandoned. Soccer cleats also got upgrades almost every season.

Eventually, soccer players started to complain about slipping and rubbing their feet in their soccer boots—and they blamed it on the poor socks design.

For a long time, Adidas and Nike turned a deaf ear to the plight of soccer players—or they didn’t know what to do about it. Around 2007, the introduction of Trusox anti-slip soccer socks was a game-changer for soccer players.

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The soccer socks had non-slip pads on the outside that improved stability and grip among soccer players. Every soccer player that tried the socks never wanted to go back to the ordinary team socks.

The non-slip pads aligned under the foot and the heel area were effective in preventing blistering around the heels as well as stopped the feet of soccer players from moving around in their boots.

However, the grip socks met serious resistance from the official soccer kit manufacturers. They simply didn’t want soccer players wearing them on the pitch.

At the World Cup in Russia, the England FA was fined £53,000 for breaching the World Cup kit regulations after players like Raheem Sterling, Dele Alli, and Eric Dier were spotted wearing Trusox on the pitch.

However, the England FA was willing to pay the fine to keep the grip socks on the feet of their players. If the grip socks were not any good, the FA would not have been willing to pay that amount.

So, how good are the grip socks that the FA was willing to pay a huge fine to keep them on the feet of their players? Today, we are going to zoom in on grip socks and tell you their benefits and why soccer players are becoming addicted to using them.

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Are Grip Socks Good for Soccer?

Some of the features of the grip socks that have caught the attention of soccer players are;

Grip pads: the grip pads are found on the inside and the outside of the grip socks. It is believed that the grip pads offer more stability to soccer players including preventing their feet from moving around in their boots which has been instrumental in preventing the blistering of their feet.

Moisture-wicking technology: this is another revolutionary technology that sold grip socks to soccer players. The superior moisture-wicking technology of the socks helped to keep the feet of soccer players dry throughout the duration of the soccer game.

Varying lengths: Unlike the socks that come with the official team kit, the grip socks made by Trusox were available in three different sizes giving soccer players the luxury of choice.

As a result of these features, most soccer players were willing to do the unthinkable to enjoy the benefits offered by the grip pads. Therefore, they started cutting their socks to enable them to wear Trusox with their official soccer socks without getting into trouble with the match officials.

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Fast forward to 2021, there has been an explosion of soccer socks with grip pads on the market besides. You will find more than 7 companies investing in the manufacture of grip socks for soccer players.

After much resistance, popular brands like Adidas and Nike have finally succumbed and added grip socks in their line of soccer apparel production because they don’t want to miss out on the surging demand.

While a lot of manufacturers have followed the Trusox design when making their grip socks, Nike makes use of the NikeGrip technology inspired by the gecko’s feet rather than the popular rubber grip pads.

The Gecko has myriads of tiny hairs on their feet which makes it possible for them to climb different surfaces. The Nike grip socks make use of nanofiber to produce the same effect.

Another feature that you will find in Nike grip socks that may not be present in others is arch compression which enhances fattiness. Nevertheless, the reason why one soccer player may wear grip socks may be different from that of another soccer player.

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Why do soccer players wear grip socks?

Soccer players are always willing to try out anything that will enhance their performance. From cutting holes in their socks to wearing bras or taping their ankle, there are lots of things that soccer players do to improve their performance or avoid injuries that may not make sense to non-soccer players.

The first and most important reason why soccer players wear grip socks is to improve the grip in their boots and prevent the moving around of their feet. However, for other soccer players, there is more to wearing grip socks beyond the benefits that it offers.

The official knee-high soccer socks suck. They often don’t fit the feet very well and leave a lot of extra material in the boots.

Also, with the official team socks, soccer players have to deal with the problem of their socks constantly sliding down. Lastly, they are usually not very comfortable compared to grip socks. Here are some of the reasons why soccer players wear grip socks.

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1. Improved comfort

The majority of soccer players switching to grip socks are doing so because of the improved comfort they offer. Grip socks are usually designed with narrower feet and ankles for improved fit.

The stretching and more fitting design of the grip socks also eliminate the awkward instances where soccer players have to bend all the time to adjust their socks. The tighter fitting helps it to stay considerably in position without sliding down regardless of the motion of the soccer player.

2. Better moisture-wicking technology

While the manufacturers of soccer kits have continued to advance their processes to include moisture-wicking technology in their jerseys, this technology remained distant from the soccer socks until the coming of Trusox.

As the feet get wet, the chances of losing your grip increase. However, with the help of superior moisture-wicking technology, the grip socks keep the feet dry and maintain a consistent grip from start to finish of the game.

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3. Better performance

Many soccer players believe the use of grip socks helps to improve their performance. Although there is no official data to support this claim, seeing top-rated stars like Luiz Suarez and Lionel Messi wearing grip socks makes us believe that there may be some truth in this.

Grips socks are believed to prevent the moving around of the feet in the boots which increases a soccer player’s risk of slipping and falling. Also, this moving around makes it harder for soccer players to make sharp turns to maneuver their opponents while executing a dribble.

Arguably the most annoying effect of the feet moving around in the boots is the heightened chance of blistering at the heels. Grip socks lock the soccer player’s feet in the boots to prevent these ugly incidences—and this is why soccer players wear them.

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4. For sponsorship or branding purposes

Soccer players don’t always wear what they like. In some cases, they wear what a company paid them to wear—and that is mostly the case with sponsorship deals.

Some grip socks manufacturers have entered into partnership deals with some soccer players. As brand ambassadors for a particular grip socks manufacturer, a soccer player is expected to wear products from that manufacturer based on an agreed frequency.

Since sponsorship and brand ambassador deals are some of the ways through which soccer players expand their worth, it is not surprising to see some of them wearing grip socks, not because of any of its benefits, but rather, because they have been paid enough to do so.

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While grip socks have a lot of indisputable benefits, grip pads can make it harder for soccer players to fit into their regular soccer cleats. The reason is that grip socks are usually thicker than regular soccer socks and the grip pads tend to fill up more space.

Eventually, the soccer player may have to shop for soccer cleats that are about a quarter of an inch bigger than their previous ones. Based on the expected benefits, when shopping for a pair of grip socks there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to.

Firstly, you have to consider the consistency of the grip pads considering that grip socks now come in myriads of grip pad designs and alignment. Too low or too much of grip pads will lead to discomfort.

Also, the grip pads have to be aligned in the right places when you put on the socks for you to enjoy the benefits. If the grip pads are not in the right place, rather than offering benefits, they will offer discomfort.

If you discover that the grip pads are in the wrong place, you can either shop for a smaller or bigger size depending on the fitting. Always make sure that you purchase a color that is consistent with your team’s official soccer color to avoid getting into trouble with match officials—except you are buying them for training alone.

Our final verdict is that grip socks are good and offer numerous benefits if you buy the right size and wear it the right way.