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How to Ask a Soccer Player to Be Your Girlfriend?

How to Ask a Soccer Player to Be Your Girlfriend?

So, you love watching soccer, playing it, and talking about it all day. And all that’s missing is a person to share this burning passion with, right?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because today, we talk about how to ask a soccer player to be your girlfriend!

I must admit having a soccer player as a girlfriend is being too specific about your preferences.

But if you’ve been in and out of relationships with all the wrong people, what’s wrong with finally trying out somebody that shares your love and passions?

Actors, singers, and other artists find a match within their industry all the time. So why not us athletes too?

Female soccer players are athletic and, at the same time, charming and delicate. All the qualities that can make anyone drool head over heels.

a women soccer match is in progress

So, let’s not waste more time and words and cut right to the chase!

How to Ask a Soccer Player to Be Your Girlfriend?

Asking out a soccer player to be your girlfriend is a tad bit more complicated than asking any of your other classmates out.

Unlike the mainstream girls, a soccer player is always more determined and focused in life. She has matches, training, and tactical studies planned out for months.

And catching her attention by making a solid first impression will need strategizing. Lucky for you, I’ve got your back!

Here are five tips for creating a perfect setting for a memorable first encounter with a soccer girl!

Compliment Her Skills

Women's Crazy Football ● Skills Tricks & Goals |HD|

Nothing makes an athlete feel better than getting compliments on their performance. You’ve been there and know the feeling, too, if you’ve ever played a sport.

So, pull this trick on your girl and pass a compliment on how she plays. But of course, for that, you need to follow up on her games.

Watch her play and compliment the aspect of her playing that caught your attention the most. Was it her scoring a goal, making a save, or throwing a nasty tackle?

Keeping your compliments natural and real will always trigger a positive response from her. And if you can make her smile in your first conversation, you already have her attention!

The player in number 8 is dribbling

Join Her at the Bar After Games

The bars are where we’re the most romantically vulnerable, and soccer players are no different.

Track down where your Delilah goes on game nights with her team to drink and show up there after watching her play.

Once she’s a few drinks in, she’ll be more approachable and open to conversations. And as soon as she gets up for a refill, you can start a conversation by talking about her game the same day.

Chances are she’ll dodge your first few questions. But if you can come up with exciting things to guide the conversation, you’ll have your breakthrough!

Let the drinks fuel your lively conversations, and when she gets comfortable, you can ask her out. That’s when you have your best chance!

some people are in the soccer bar

Ask Her Out for a Mile!

Running clears your head, improves your mood, and snaps you back into the moment. But this time, you’ll be running for more than just your peace of mind.

Asking out a soccer player for running a mile together is a creative way of getting to know your girl. It sparks up competition and marks common interests right from the start.

You can casually ask her out for it amidst any casual conversation. And seeing how she’s a pro soccer player, she won’t back down from a challenge.

Though you must remember that she’s a professional, she’ll be much quicker than you in a mile if you couch surf all day!

But if you’re fit yourself and can take on a challenge, then spice things up by asking to get her number if you finish first.

some people are running

Enroll at the Same Club or Academy

Finding similarities with your to-be-girlfriend is always a bonus point for you. If you don’t have much in common, asking out a soccer player to be your girlfriend won’t exactly work the way you want.

It would help if you established a common ground before making your first impression. Enroll in the same subjects she’s taking, or join up the club or academy she plays for.

Wearing the same jersey, training at the same place, or taking the same classes will let you have many more eye-contact moments with your damsel.

When you feel eye contact is healthy, step up and introduce yourself. Knowing that you take the same classes or training will make her feel comfortable around you.

And it’ll most probably be that she agrees to go out with you on your first date!

A soccer academy team

Bring Your A-Game

Looking up solid openers for romantic conversations isn’t going to help you much here. Your girl is a soccer player, and there’s a high chance she likes simplicity and confidence.

Soccer players are confident and independent themself. And they usually expect the same directness from their partners.

So, bringing your A-game or the best version of yourself to the conversation is crucial.

She probably gets hundreds of requests since she’s a pro, so give her something different than the rest of the boys.

Don’t beat about the bush and act clever with exotic words. Instead, try to make her smile with natural jokes. All the while, letting her know you’re attracted to her by complimenting her in-between sentences.

What to Do After Asking a Soccer Player to be Your Girlfriend?

Asking out and going on a date with a soccer player doesn’t exactly make her your girlfriend. She’ll get bored if you’re not going all the way and maybe even walk away after the first date.

That’s why you need to tailor your approach according to her likes. Do more of what she likes to do together, and make sure you’re having fun while you do it.

Now, I can’t tell you about the exact interests of a soccer girl since everyone is different, and you have to find that out yourself.

But as a general rule of thumb, here are five things that would make any soccer girl happy. Try them out after your first date to make sure she gets to be your girlfriend!

Keep it Active

The very first step you can take to seal the relationship is partnering up with her for workouts. She’s a pro and definitely hits the gym often, and who doesn’t love a workout buddy?

You can ask your girl about her workout schedule and the gym she goes to. And then offer to pair up for the exercises in a good moment, she probably won’t refuse.

Working out together will guarantee you time with her, even on her busiest days. After a good workout, you can even have deep conversations or share a few laughs.

And more than anything else, this will let her know how much you care for her and won’t let her feelings fade away too soon.

Show Up!

Needless to say, you need to show up for her fixtures, events, and ceremonies.

She’s a pro soccer player and will have a lot of matches and events. And that gives you as many opportunities to show her how much you care.

Get your hands on her match schedule for the year and feed the dates into your calendar. That way you won’t forget her important matches and can always make time for it.

Athletes love to have someone close to them attend their performances in person. And when she looks to the stands before her game and finds you there, she’ll know that you care a lot!

Watch a Live Game at the Stadium

One of the best surprises you can give a soccer player is taking her to a live match of her favorite team.

Ask her about the teams she loves in different leagues and talk about your soccer crushes. You may even find out that you have common favorites. Who knows?

And track her favorite team when it’s playing a game in your area, and get the tickets to that game.

Surprise her on the big day by going for a date to the stadium. Because what’s better than a date at a soccer match when you both love the sport so much?

Play Together!

D3 Men's Soccer vs D3 Women's Soccer Game

Bored and out of options about what to do? Don’t hit the couch and switch to Netflix just yet!

The biggest perk of having a soccer player as your girlfriend is playing with her. So why not enjoy the privilege?

There’re very few things better than playing your favorite sport with your favorite person. And especially when you can get so much to learn from her.

Because remember, she’s a professional and probably much better at soccer than you are. That means there will be Nutmegs and embarrassing dribbles.

But instead of bringing out your competitive side, enjoy the time when you play with her and even get her to teach you new moves and skills.

Travel Along

Travelling brings a couple closer together more than anything else. You get to see many different sides to the person and learn to cooperate and care more.

Since your girlfriend is a soccer player, she’ll probably have a lot of traveling on her schedule. And as a caring boyfriend, you should try and accompany her on as many trips as you can.

Traveling with her will give her comfort, knowing that you prioritize her more than other things in your life. And seeing you do that will encourage her to return the same favor.

Moreover, you can also fill in the empty times of your traveling schedule with sightseeing or other fun activities. These will help clear her head before games and give you guys memorable moments to remember.

2 people are traveling


Soccer players are just as human as the rest of us. Yes, they do have busy schedules and a lot of traveling, but that makes them more understanding and lovable.

Being original is something you should never let go of. You want a soccer player to be your girlfriend, so you don’t want to set up fake expectations and hopes.

Also, confidence is something that you should always keep by your stride as well. Soccer players are attracted to guys who are confident and forward-going.

Other than this, I hope you find a way to work out your introduction with a soccer girl from one of the tips above!