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Jay Gatz

Hi there, I'm Jay.

Soccer is everything in my life! My friends and I have created this blog with all our enthusiasm, passion, and understanding after years of playing pro soccer. Hope you will enjoy it!

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The midfield position in soccer is crucial to a team’s level of performance in a match. Coaches are often very picky when it comes to choosing who will occupy the midfield position, especially when they are playing tougher teams or playing major tournaments. In association football also known as soccer, midfielders can either play the …

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Playing soccer is always fun and exciting until you get injured, especially on your foot. Soccer is already hard and demanding but will be tougher if your feet are hurting. Key Takeaways Soccer players can lose their toenails during impact with other soccer players or when they accidentally kick the ground Soccer players that keep …

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The soccer pitch is a very competitive arena in which you must check most of the boxes to compete effectively. Aside from applying the right skills, energy, and level of commitment to the sport, your dressing pattern must also match that of other players. Key Takeaways Vans footwear was initially designed for skaters and not …

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