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Best Grip Socks For Soccer

Best Grip Socks For Soccer

Before 2007 when Jim Cherneski founded Trusox, soccer players had no other option but to use their official soccer socks which were not always comfortable.

The main problem that soccer players encountered with the official socks was that they didn’t stop their feet from sliding around in their boots.

As soccer players make sharp turns or change their pace, their feet will rub against the inside of their boots. Eventually, some ended with blisters that kept them away from action for a few weeks.

Like many other inventions, when Trusox—the first grip socks—hit the market, many were skeptical about its efficacy. As more players tried it on and found it useful, then came the bureaucratic bottleneck of sponsorship deals.

Soccer players were restricted from wearing grip socks because of FIFA’s sponsorship deal with Adidas. It may interest you to know that FIFA’s relationship with Adidas dates back to 1970.

Consequently, soccer players began to think of innovative ways of wearing their official soccer socks and their newfound grip socks without attracting a regulatory hammer.

Eventually, soccer players found a way around the rules by cutting their official soccer socks. Regardless of how much the regulators tried to snuff out grip socks, it has come to stay.

Today, virtually all soccer gear manufacturers produce grip socks. But,

  • Are all grip socks good?
  • Are they all made from the same material?
  • What should you look out for when shopping for grip socks?
  • What are the best grip socks on the market?

You will find the answers to all those questions and more below.

What should I look out for when buying grip socks?

Right after grip socks became popular, most soccer players were willing to give them a try—and risk being fined. There are three popular ways soccer players wear grip socks, but that is a story for another day.

Ever since more companies came into the business of making grip socks, there has been a flurry of designs to choose from. While this gives soccer players the luxury of choice, it also makes it harder for them to come to a conclusion.

The primary purpose of grip socks is to prevent your feet from sliding or slipping in the cleats, thus, giving you more stability and control. Finding the socks that deliver these qualities should be your ultimate goal.

How will you know that a pair of grip socks will deliver these qualities? The features below will help you to answer these questions.

Soccer player on the field (2)

The nature of the grip pads

When it comes to choosing a pair of grip socks, the first thing you need to look at is the nature of the grip pads and the material used for making them. While some manufacturers place the grip pads all over the bottom of the socks, others limit it to the pressure points like the heel and toe areas.

One thing you should know is that the more the grip pads, the more spaces it will fill in your cleats and can make your cleats feel tighter—or even painful in some areas.

Most socks have grip pads cut into small rectangular blocks and arranged under the soles. Others have an abrasive texture and cover the entire bottom of the socks.

Trusox 3.0 Mid-Calf Cushioned, Black, Medium

on Amazon

Likewise, some have the grips lined on the outside of the socks while others have the grip pads on both the outside and the inside of the socks.

Where it is permitted (like when shopping in a sports shop), feel free to wear the two different designs of grip socks to know which one suits your feet better.

The type of material

Soccer socks are made of either profilen, polyamide, olefin, spandex, polyester, nylon, or cotton. Some manufacturers use a combination of one or more of these materials to create unique socks.

The right material for your socks should not only be comfortable but also effective in wicking out sweat from your feet. This is important because moisture buildup in your feet will increase the chance of sliding and promote blistering.

The wrong material will usually turn out stiff, itchy, and often overstretched. Cotton socks are usually more comfortable but usually not as stretchy as spandex. Spandex and polyester socks will stretch more but may lead to itching when you sweat.

Quality materials will often survive plenty of wash cycles without changing their shape or feel. These days, manufacturers often use a combination of natural yarn and synthetic materials to achieve the desired feel.

A cheaply made grip socks will usually start losing their grip pads after wearing them a few times or the rubber pads will get stickier with every wash.

The fit of the socks

The right grip socks for you should be tight enough to prevent them from sliding down with every stump of your feet. However, they should not be so tight that they cut off circulation.

This is particularly important for soccer players because of their muscular and large calves. If the material is not stretchy enough, it can hug the calves too tight. Some soccer players often cut their socks to make them more comfortable.

You will know that your socks are too tight if it prevents you from wiggling your toes. With the right fit, the grip pads should be properly positioned on the soles and slightly up the heels.

The socks should also be the right length so that you don’t have extra material bunched up in your boots. This can make the cleats tighter and lead to the development of pressure points and blisters.

Always choose a brand that manufactures socks of different sizes over the ones that make one-size-fit-all socks. Wearing wrong-fitting socks will definitely affect your performance.

LUX Anti Slip Soccer Socks,Non Slip Football/Basketball/Hockey Sports Grip Pads Socks

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Most soccer players spend at least 90 minutes running around on the pitch, forcing them to sweat profusely. Therefore, it is important to have socks that can help wick out the sweat from the cleats.

Although the right pair of socks should be tight, they should also be breathable. The combination of good breathability and the use of moisture-wicking yarn will prevent your feet from becoming soggy with sweat which can increase the chances of blister formation.


While color is not a critical factor when choosing the right pair of grip socks, it is something that you should consider if you plan to take your grip socks to the field for an official soccer game.

According to FIFA Laws of the game, soccer players are mandated to wear socks that match their jersey color. The referee can send you out for wearing socks with contrasting colors from the official teams—yes, it is that serious.


Grip socks are usually more expensive than regular soccer socks. However, the grip socks with the most expensive price tag don’t necessarily mean the best for you.

Unpopular brands usually try to win customers with lower price tags. But you have to be careful or you will end up searching for a new pair in a matter of weeks.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to break a bank to enjoy the benefits of grip socks in soccer. For a decent budget, you will definitely find the right pair for your feet.

Many player put their foot on the soccer ball

Best grip socks for soccer

In 2018, England’s Football Association was fined £53,211 because several members of their World Cup team wore Trusox. Likewise, Sweden’s Andreas Granqvist was also fined $66,000 for wearing grip socks which FIFA terms ‘unauthorized’.

In the face of possible fines from FIFA, many soccer players are still not deterred from wearing grip socks. It is either that the socks are effective in enhancing player performance or that the players have signed sponsorship deals with the manufacturers that are worth far more than the fine.

Well, we think it may be a bit of both. Below are some of the best grip socks on the market that have scaled through all our measuring metrics—and we will tell you why.

1. Best overall: Trusox cushioned socks

Trusox 3.0 Mid-Calf Cushioned Socks, Black, Adult Medium
  • TECHNOLOGY: TRUsox patented INEXtech helps you change direction quicker, maximizing the power...
  • HOW TO WEAR: Since TRUsox simultaneously grip your foot and footwear, they must be worn with direct...
  • THIN VS CUSHIONED: Thin version is worn with newer boots that are tighter on the foot. Cushioned...

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Since Trusox was the first grip socks to hit the market, soccer players will always find themselves unconsciously comparing Trusox to other grip socks. That is why you will often hear people say, “This pair of socks is a cheap imitation of Trusox”.

Trusox makes use of a patented technology known as IN/EX technology on the inside and the outside of the socks. This technology maximizes power transfer from the foot to the soccer cleats. Thus, soccer players can quickly change direction without hurting their feet.

Trusox 3.0 Mid-Calf Cushioned, Black, Medium

Soccer players can choose between the thin and cushioned versions depending on the nature of their soccer cleats. The cushioned version is more suitable for soccer cleats that have been broken in.

If you have been worried about the length of time it takes to dry your socks, it will excite you to know that Trusox 3.0 can be tossed in the dryer at low settings.

Also, you can use fabric softeners and stain remover on them but certainly not bleach. While the manufacturers claim that Trusox can take a massive beating, some reviewers have complained about their durability.


  • Made with Trusox’s patented IN/EX technology
  • Presents the option of thin vs cushioned
  • Can be dried using a dryer
  • Maintains its softness after hundred wash rounds
  • Stain remover and fabric softener can be used on them


  • Seems to rip quickly around the toe area

2. Best dual grip socks: LUX Anti Slip Soccer Socks

LUX Anti Slip Soccer Socks, Non Slip Football/Basketball/Hockey Sports Grip Pads Socks Black One Size
  • INNER AND OUTER GRIPS – Don’t settle for cheaper, lower-grade brands. Their socks have grips...
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  • MAXIMUM VERSATILITY - Due to the elasticity of these socks, they will fit US sizes 6 to 11.5....

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Trusox may have started the trend but LUX is moving closer to the competition with its vast range of grip socks. Firstly, instead of just having the grip pads on the outside as most other manufacturers do, LUX has the grip pads on the outside and inside.

The dual grip pads eliminate any friction that may happen between the soccer player’s foot and the socks too rather than just focusing on removing the friction between the socks and the cleats.

LUX Anti Slip Soccer Socks,Non Slip Football/Basketball/Hockey Sports Grip Pads Socks

The sole area is thickened to enhance comfort and eliminate the risk of blistering. Also, the area of the socks that rests on the upper side of the foot is made of breathable, moisture-wicking material to eliminate sweat and heat buildup.

Another interesting feature of this brand of grip socks is the reinforced toe. This is usually the area that first rips apart in most socks—but not on this one.

LUX socks come in different lengths and colors making it easier to find your team color—if you don’t want to cut your official soccer socks. The downside we noticed with this brand is that the grip pads feel thicker because they are on the inside and outside. Not everyone will find it comfortable.

Also, due to the thickness of the socks, your cleats may feel tighter leading to pain in some areas of your foot.


  • Grip pads on the inside and outside of the socks
  • Thickened toe area
  • Highly elastic to fit US sizes 6 to 11.5
  • Thickened sole for improved comfort
  • Reinforced toe area for improved durability
  • Made from moisture-wicking breathable material


  • Some people may find the grip pads inside the socks uncomfortable
  • It doesn’t seem to last long

3. Best grip socks with good cushion: TruTread Non-Slip Soccer Socks

TruTread Non Slip Soccer Socks Mens | 4 Pairs | Non Skid Grip | Football Basketball Sport
  • Secure Grips --- Our athletic non slip socks mens are equipped with quality antislip grippers that...
  • Maximum Performance & Maximum Value --- You get 4 pairs. Our non slip socks for men eliminate...
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While most grip socks manufacturers focus on the arrangement of the grip pads, TruTread is also looking for ways of making their grip socks more comfortable. One way they were able to achieve this was through the use of soft terry cushioning.

The combination of an extra layer of cushioning under the feet and trapezium-shaped grip pads arranged longitudinally from toes to heels ensures your feet remain firm in your boots without sliding around.

Non Slip Soccer Socks Mens | 4 Pairs | Non Skid Grip | Football Basketball Sport

The grip pads are top quality and well bonded to the socks such that they won’t fall off—even after several wash cycles. With every purchase, you will get four pairs of socks which make economic sense for an amateur struggling with a tight budget.

Apart from keeping your feet from sliding, these socks are made from breathable materials which help them to keep your feet dry. Another huge thumbs up for this pair of socks is their elasticity which allows them to wrap snugly around different foot sizes.

On the downside, the grip pads feel hard and uncomfortably poke under the feet. Also, because of their elasticity, they may appear way too long.

However, if you happen to get a pair that feels too long, fold them to the desired height. This pack of socks is still a good alternative for soccer players on a low budget.


  • Soft terry cushioning
  • Non-skid grip pad treads
  • Comes as a set of four pairs
  • The heel area has Y-stitches
  • Made with a stretchy fabric
  • Gives gentle compression around the opening


  • Grip pads are a bit too firm and uncomfortable

4. Best moisture-wicking grip socks: JHM Athletic Sports Socks

JHM Kids Slipper Hospital Grip Athletic Sport Sockcs For Kids Youth Baby Boys Girls
  • For kids shoe sizes 5C-8C(1-3 Years Old), 8C-13C (4-7 Years Old),shoe sizes 1-5 (8-11 Years old) and...
  • Super grips at sole of socks provide superb grip on slick surface such as wood floors,tile floors....
  • Enhance Your Performance,bring you more energy,make you jump higher,walk longer,climb higher,enhance...

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In terms of the arrangement of the grip pads, JHM is pretty similar to all the other grip socks. Where it stands out remarkably is in its dry moisture technology which is further enhanced by the breathable material.

JHM grip socks seem to have superior moisture-wicking fibers that transport away from your feet, keeping them wet throughout your soccer game or training. Dry feet also mean you don’t have to worry about smelly socks.

JHM Kids Slipper Hospital Grip Athletic Sport Sockcs For Kids Youth Baby Boys Girls

Also, the bottom of the socks is made to be thicker to provide some form of cushion for your feet. The upper part of the socks has targeted arch compression.

The purpose of this feature is to provide support for your arch as well as to prevent the bunching of the socks. The major problem that most people have with these grip socks is finding the right size.

They tend to shrink after washing—and you should bear this in mind when choosing your size.


  • Makes use of dry moisture technology
  • Made with stretchy and breathable fabric
  • Provides cushion for the feet
  • Targeted arch compression prevents bunching
  • Rubberized grip pads arranged longitudinally


  • Sizing runs small
  • Tend to shrink after wash

5. Best grip socks with heel buffer: AnSun Anti-Slip Athletic Socks

Anti-slip Sock Men Women Non-slip Soccer Basketball Tennis Sport Sock Grip Non skid Slipper Sock Yoga Football Black M 3P
  • Anti-slip Socks ---- The rubber pads at the bottom can increase the friction between foot and socks;...
  • Material ---- Adopts 75% premium combed cotton + 15% nylon + 10% polyester, soft and sweat-proof;...
  • Thicken and Durable non Skid Socks ---- Increasing the thickness of the heel and toe parts, to...

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The first thing that we loved about AnSun grip socks is the thickened heels and toe parts which makes them more comfortable to wear. These elevations also serve as a buffer that reduces pressure in these areas thereby lowering the risk of foot injuries like plantar fasciitis.

These socks are made using cotton, nylon, and polyester combined at a specific proportion. The combination of these materials makes it comfortable, stretchy, and breathable.

For soccer players who are always worried about washing their socks for the fear of either shrinking or losing the grip pad, AnSun socks are compatible with washing machines. When washed with water at 40 degrees, it is not expected to shrink or fade.

Anti-slip Sock Men Women Non-slip Soccer Basketball Tennis Sport Sock Grip Black-M

Other features that make these socks stand out are close-fit design, sweat-proof, and deodorant properties. Every purchase comes in three pairs which are great for younger players that are not yet financially stable.

The big problem that we encountered with these socks is that they are too tight around the calf and ankle. If you have big athletic legs, it may feel as if it is cutting off circulation.


  • Made with polyester, cotton, and nylon
  • Thick elastic fiber around the calf
  • Breathable mesh knitting on the instep
  • Thickened heels and toe area for cushion
  • Rubberized anti-slip pad to enhance grip


  • Too tight and cuts circulation


Soccer player run on the field

Grip socks have come to stay and soccer players are commenting on their effectiveness. Soccer superstars like Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez have been spotted with grip socks.

No doubt, grip socks have become more comfortable compared to the early days of Trusox. As more manufacturers delve into making grip socks, the options are becoming enormous making it harder for soccer players to pick one.

Knowing how the different components of grip socks will affect you will make it easier to make the right choice. Unsure of what to check? See our buying guide for more details.