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Best Soccer Cleats With Ankle Support

Best Soccer Cleats With Ankle Support

It is fascinating to see players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi perform unbelievable skills on the pitch and also score awesome goals that make spectators go crazy. Their twists and turns will make you wonder if they are superhumans.

Many players sometimes wish to make fans feel the same excitement too if only they know how to. Aside from skills, intelligence, and strength, the choice of soccer cleats also plays a major role in every player’s performance on the pitch.

Buying any random or good-looking pair of cleats is not enough to make a professional soccer player perform optimally on the pitch. Checking out key features of soccer cleats before purchasing them is something you shouldn’t take for granted.

The reason you should pay attention to your cleats is that ankle injuries are very common in soccer. Some of the most common injuries associated with the ankle are:

  • Achilles’ tendon rupture

When overstretched, your Achilles tendon may experience a rupture, this causes severe sharp pain behind your lower leg. Surgery is mostly required in severe cases.

  • Plantar fasciitis

This is an inflammation that occurs in the thick band of tissues below the foot where the heel bone is connected to the toes. It is usually described as a pain experienced due to prolonged walking, running, or standing.

It is common among players and runners especially when they wear a cleat that doesn’t provide enough ankle support and comfort.

  • Gout

Gout is described as a severe attack that causes swelling, pain, redness, and tenderness in the ankle joint.

  • Sprained ankle

This is a common injury that occurs when you twist, roll, or turn your ankle. A lot of players experience this, especially during play as it can occur when you step on another player’s foot.

However, wearing soccer cleats with ankle support can make a whole difference. Aside from wearing soccer cleats with adequate ankle support, players usually carry out exercises to help improve their balance, core strength, and ankle strength.

Soccer player is practicing with a ladder

To make crucial moves while playing soccer, your ankles must be kept intact and properly locked in. Soccer cleats with ankle support can prevent your ankle from twisting or spraining when you make sudden moves on the pitch.

Soccer players that wear soccer cleats without ankle support usually make up for it by taping their ankles. However, the entire process of taping the ankle is time-consuming and tedious.

With the right soccer cleat with ankle support, you can say goodbye to the entire taping routine and give your ankle more breathing space. Finding the right soccer cleats with ankle support can be a tasking job for a beginner.

We are here to help you to solve that problem by telling you what to look out for as well as recommending some of the best cleats with ankle support on the market.

How to choose the best soccer cleats with ankle support

Soccer cleats come in different sizes and shapes. For every player, what may qualify as good ankle support might vary. Thus, the cleat that may be comfortable and suitable for one player may not provide the same level of comfort and support for another player.

However, there are common features you should look out for when purchasing soccer cleats for ankle support. These features should not be compromised as they are crucial and can affect the overall experience you get from your soccer cleats.

Soccer players are relaxing


Players are advised to go for cleats that are not too stiff. Flexible soccer cleats will mold around your feet in a way that feels comfortable but will also protect your ankles.

On the other hand, a stiff cleat will feel like a cast around your ankles. It will make walking or sprinting difficult and may lead to the development of blisters.

A cleat that easily bends below the ball of your foot is known to offer good ankle support. Be sure to look out for a flexible outsole with high resistance. Flexibility is usually tied to the type of material used in making the soccer cleat.


A good cleat is known for its quality midsole—which also provides ankle support. The midsole should conform with the shape of your feet, be shock-absorbent, and provide support for your arches.

Most modern midsoles come with gel, leather, or foam. The use of padded or athletic insoles can further enhance the shock-absorbing property of your soccer cleat.


Man is wearing soccer cleats on the field

A well-fitting cleat saves you from leg issues. Although there is supposed to be a universal size chart, different brands usually vary slightly when it comes to sizing.

For example, a Nike size 8 may fit snugly while a Puma size 8 may be either slightly too big or too small. When you wear cleats that are a bit bigger than your feet, it allows your fit to slide around.

Blisters may develop from the constant rubbing of your heels or ankles with the inside of the cleats. Getting a soccer cleat that fits snuggly is something that should never be compromised.

Where you cannot test the soccer cleats before purchase, make sure you test them immediately after they are delivered and return them if you don’t get that snug fit.


In terms of lacing, there are 2 categories of soccer cleats namely those with laces and those without laces. However, we discovered that soccer cleats with laces do a better job at ankle protection than those without laces.

The simple reason is that the lacing allows you to customize the tightness of your soccer cleat, especially around the ankles. Soccer cleats without laces is a one-size-fits-all approach—which rarely works all the time.

Kid lacing his shoelaces


The material used in manufacturing a soccer cleat is among the factors to be considered when choosing one. Apart from the flexibility that we mentioned earlier, the production material will determine its durability and level of ankle support.

Generally, cleats made from premium leather, suede, and mesh offer a high level of motion control, ankle support, flexibility, and comfort during strenuous activities.

Cleats made from synthetic materials are usually stiffer—which is not usually a good thing around the ankles. Nevertheless, newer technologies allow the use of premium synthetic materials or the combination of synthetic and natural materials that beat this limitation.

Height of the upper

Soccer player wearing red soccer cleats with mid height on trainning course

The upper of soccer cleats designed solely for ankle support are usually taller than those of regular soccer cleats. In the regular soccer cleats, the upper sits just under the ankle and provides little or no support.

For soccer cleats with ankle support, the upper will sit on the ankle or just above the ankle so that it can restrict the motion of the ankles and help cushion against ankle injuries. When hunting for soccer cleats with ankle support, this feature is something you must pay attention to.

Best soccer cleats with ankle support

If you are still reading to this point, it is obvious that you are looking for some recommendations on what to buy. Perhaps, you have had a few bad experiences in the past.

One thing you must realize is that no soccer cleat is perfect. Also, what works for another soccer player may not work for you. The journey towards finding the best soccer cleat with ankle support is usually solitary.

Nevertheless, here are some products that tick all our buying guide boxes. They have received high accolades among soccer players.

Soccer player is practicing with cones

Best overall: Adidas Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

adidas Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe (mens) Core Black/White 9
  • Regular fit
  • Micro-textured upper for improved ball control
  • Mid-cut boots for taking charge on firm ground.

Last update on 2023-05-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Adidas Predator 20.3 was built like a regular soccer cleat. However, the mid-cut upper has a sock-like material around the boot opening that extends above the ankle.

Apart from the ankle support, Predator 20.3—which is clearly an improvement from earlier versions—has a raised element at the forefoot. The goal is to give the wearer better ball handling and swerve on shots.

While this is a great idea for soccer players, particularly those in the forwards, it will be a nightmare for goalies. While this cleat is made from a combination of synthetic upper and rubber soles, it still lasts long enough to pay for its cost.

adidas Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe (unisex-adult) Black/Signal Green/Pop 4

Predator 20.3 is designed to be stylish and will definitely get you some attention on the soccer pitch. Well, all that attention can embolden you to pull off daring dribbles and moves.

The biggest challenge when you first get this cleat would be fitting your feet into the opening. However, this should become easier after some time.


  • Consists of synthetic upper and rubber soles
  • Mid-cut with sock-like material around the opening
  • Raised element at the forefoot for better swerve
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent stud arrangement and traction


  • Wearing the cleats is challenging
  • Not enough padding on the upper

Most adaptable cleat for different surfaces: Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Club

Nike Men's Footbal Shoes, Black Black Total Orange White 081, 10.5
  • Durable synthetic upper is textured for better ball handling.
  • Fully adjustable lace-up closure.
  • Dynamic fit collar allows free ankle movement.

Last update on 2023-05-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The first thing that caught our attention in this soccer cleat is its unique design. Firstly, the cleat opening sits on the ankle rather than below the ankle.

That grip on your ankle is further extended by the dynamic fit collar that supports your ankle and prevents sprain without restricting your movement on the soccer pitch.

As the name suggests, this soccer cleat is designed for soccer players that have speed as their primary skill. Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Club is built with lightweight synthetic materials.

In addition to that, it features a specialized sole with carefully arranged studs that allows you to accelerate and change direction at a lightning speed without losing your balance. The cool thing about the sole is that it is designed to work on both artificial grass and natural grass surfaces.

Nike Men's Footbal Shoes, Black Black Total Orange White 081, 10.5

What seems like a major flaw with this product is the insoles. They come loose easily and bunch up in the toe area making the cleat tight and uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, we found a way around it. Simply use a strong glue to keep them in place. Alternatively, you can replace the insoles with a more comfortable commercially sold alternative. Hope that helps.


  • Made of lightweight synthetic materials
  • Soles are adapted for natural grass and artificial grass surfaces
  • Mid-cut upper with dynamic fit collar
  • Soft insoles for low-profile cushioning


  • Insoles bunch up in the toe area
  • Not true to size

Most customizable lacing soccer cleat with ankle support: PUMA NETFIT Men’s Botas De Futbol Football Boots

Last update on 2023-05-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Other companies usually line the eyelets for lacing their cleats on the two top halves of the cleats. PUMA begs to differ with a unique type of lacing that allows you to customize how tight the cleats wrap around your legs.

There are what look like small holes all over the body and you can pass your laces through those small holes and control how tight the cleats feel on the sides of your feet. This innovative customizable lacing technology gives you multiple lacing options.

While other soccer cleats with ankle support make use of a sock-like fabric at the top, PUMA NETFIT introduces slip-on construction that makes use of a durable synthetic material which snuggles tightly on the ankle to provide adequate support.

PUMA Men's Botas De Fútbol Football Boots, Yellow Ultra Yellow Black 03, 8

This eliminates the frequently reported difficulty of getting the feet into the cleats—a problem that is common with the sock-like design.

Another area that this soccer cleat impressed us is the studs which are a combination of blade and conical shapes. This further enhances your balance so that you can pull off stunning skills on the pitch.

You can use them on artificial grass and firm natural surfaces. The cleats run small. Therefore, you should go one or two sizes up to get a perfect fit.


  • Innovative lacing technique
  • Made with synthetic upper and soles
  • Soles have blade and conical studs
  • Slip-on design makes wearing easier


  • Runs small

Best soccer cleats with ankle support for firm ground: Adidas Unisex-Adult ACE 18.3 Soccer Shoe

adidas PREDATOR 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe (mens) solar yellow/black/solar red 7 M US
  • Structured Primemesh upper provides a comfortable, sock-like fit so you can move with instinct to...
  • Control embossing on the upper gives you improved ball handling
  • Experience ultimate lockdown with an anatomically designed upper that mimics your heel shape

Last update on 2023-05-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Professional soccer players know that soccer cleats are usually designed with different outsoles to suit different playing surfaces. Well, if you play regularly on firm ground (FG), don’t ignore Adidas ACE 18.3.

It was made using a combination of textile and synthetic materials which gives it a sock-like feel that is great for ball control. The upper part of the toe area also has embossing that further improves your ball handling.

adidas PREDATOR 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe (mens) solar yellow/black/solar red 7 M US

What makes this soccer cleat suitable for FG is the high-performance TPU-injected layers in the outsoles. The combination of this layer and the special insoles help to stabilize movement.

Adidas ACE 18.3 mimics the majority of the soccer cleats with ankle support on the market by having a sock collar that helps grip the ankle.

When making your purchase, be sure to go one or two sizes upward or you may struggle with fittingness.


  • Made with a combination of synthetic and textile material
  • Embossing on the upper for better ball control
  • Has TPU-injected layers on the outsoles
  • Rounded studs for firm ground use
  • Lightweight with sock collar


  • Problem with sizing


Soccer player are dribbling the ball through the cones

Comfort and support should be a priority when purchasing cleats. Any soccer cleat that lacks one or both features will negatively affect your performance on the pitch.

Firstly, it makes you cautious of your movements which can take your focus off the ball and the pitch.

Players’ performances on the pitch are not only determined by their skills and talents alone. It also boils down to having the right gears.

When soccer players are happy and comfortable in their soccer boots, they will always play at their best.

If you have had an ankle injury before or are scared of coming down with one, having the right pair of soccer cleats with ankle support will make a huge difference in your career.