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Best Soccer Equipment for Training

Best Soccer Equipment for Training

Fans and players all over the world are constantly intrigued by the brilliant performance of top soccer players. Superstars like Neymar, Mbappe, Ronaldo, and the likes, display amazing skills on the field of play that often leaves the fans yelling or clapping with applause.

The various skills these players showcase are not learned on the field of play but groomed over time. Every soccer player has weekly training drills that help them to build the skills they display on the pitch.

To train effectively, soccer players need different equipment. For example, during training, players use gears such as soccer balls, agility ladders, rebounders, cones, etc.

The type of soccer equipment that you will need will largely depend on the type of skill you want to build. In other words, the equipment used by a soccer player that is trying to build strength will be different from the one used by soccer players trying to build speed.

Regardless of the type of soccer training equipment that you choose, they must be safe and easy to use. Today, we will discuss the best soccer equipment for training and how they can be used.

If you are a budding soccer player or hoping to reach the summit of your career pretty soon, sit back and keep reading to see why you need the equipment we mentioned.

Soccer players are practicing

Best soccer equipment for training

Soccer is a rigorous fast-paced sport that lasts for 90 minutes—and even longer in most cases. Players need to be fit, agile, skillful, and have enough endurance to keep up with the numerous activities involved in the sport.

To play more efficiently on the pitch, soccer players must constantly train with suitable equipment both during the off-season and in the in-season periods.

Studies have shown that professional players run for about 7 to 9 miles during a game which wouldn’t be much of a difficulty if they train the right way. Ladder and cone drills can be used to improve a soccer player’s speed, endurance, and agility.

Aside from ladders and cones, numerous pieces of training equipment have been invented to help players perform optimally. These pieces of equipment come in different shapes, designs, and sizes—with each piece serving a unique purpose.

The good thing about soccer equipment for training is that they usually come in different sizes for different age categories. Therefore, regardless of your age and skill, you have no excuse not to own one.

soccer players are practicing on the field

It is important to mention that soccer equipment for training is different from soccer game gear—because non-soccer fans may confuse the two.

Mouthguard, for example, is an example of soccer game gear. Nevertheless, you will often see soccer players show up for training wearing game gear like grip socks and shin guards to protect themselves from injuries.

Soccer trainers often recommend that you train with your official game gears (or a close alternative) so that you will get used to them.

Now, you understand the difference between training equipment and soccer gear and their benefits to soccer players. Let’s take a closer look at some of the training equipment used by soccer players to understand how they function.

Agility ladder

Soccer player practicing with ladder

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The agility ladder also known as the speed ladder or workout ladder is a common piece of equipment mostly used in performing numerous agility drills during training sessions. It helps players to practice multiple agility drills.

The agility ladder is a piece of multi-directional equipment that helps improve footwork and the quick movement of the feet. It challenges your coordination and balance, raises your heart rate, and generally improves your speed and overall performance.

The best agility ladders are usually made with adjustable plastic rungs and durable nylon straps, all packaged into a portable carrying case for easy transport. Some ladders are designed to be extendable and sometimes contain metal stakes for securing the straps to the ground.

Buying an agility ladder kit that comes paired with other training items like cones and resistance parachutes will help offer you a more intense workout. When choosing an agility ladder, there are features you have to pay close attention to.

  • Length

The length of an agility ladder is crucial because it can determine what kind of drills it can be used for, where it can be used, and how it can be used. Most agility ladders fall between 6 to 32 feet long with numerous numbers of rungs.

Some ladders can be affixed to each other using snaps or buckles to make them longer. If you are into doing long sequenced workouts or drills, the 20 to 30 ft ladders will be suitable for you while the 6 to 15 ft ladders are good for less intense workouts.

  • Number of rungs  

The number of rungs on an agility ladder is usually determined by the length of the ladder. The longer the ladder, the more the number of rungs it will have. Most agility ladders measuring 16 to 20 ft usually come with either 8, 12, 15, or 20 rungs.

Agility ladders with fewer rungs and wider spacing are usually preferred by beginners while those with a higher number of rungs and smaller spacing are mostly used by professional soccer players.

Soccer player is practicing with a ladder

  • Material  

Agility ladders are usually designed with extremely durable and flexible materials because of the frequency in which trainers step on them. The straps are mostly made from nylon while the rungs are designed with mostly high-grade or heavy-duty plastic.

  • Portability

Modern agility ladders are mostly designed with slim rungs for easy mobility and transport. Nevertheless, the models with large round rungs which doesn’t allow for easy mobility are still available in the market.

If you are always carrying your agility ladder to a distant training location, it is good you purchase the ladder with slim rungs. You can purchase the ladder with large rungs if you use them at home.

  • Adjustability

Some ladders allow for easy adjustability of the rungs while others don’t. It is important to purchase ladders that are easily adjustable if you intend to use them for numerous exercises and drills.

Ladders with fixed adjustability wouldn’t allow you to freely perform certain soccer drills but they are suitable for common warm-ups and exercises.


Soccer player is practicing with cones

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Cones are one of the most popular and versatile equipment used for soccer training. They can be used for multiple drills or exercises which improve a player’s footwork, balance, speed, and ball control.

They come in different size ranges which include 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 inches, and can be used for setting up numerous drills and exercises. Not all cones are suitable for all soccer drills, their sizes determine what kind of drills they can be used for.

Shorter cones ranging from 4 to 9 inches are more suitable for agility and speed drills while longer cones ranging from 12 to 18 inches are suitable for dribbling and ball control drills. Using the right cones for designated drills will help you optimize your performance.

Most cone drills are designed to work your core muscles, tendons, and legs which makes them a must-have for amateur and professional soccer players. These drills must be repeated constantly to improve muscle memory and make the impact more effective.

A player that often engages in cone drills wouldn’t find it difficult making sharp turns and keeping control of the soccer ball during matches. There are a few things to watch out for when purchasing training cones, some of which include:

  • Quality

The quality of a cone depends on the material used in its manufacture. Always check to see if the cones were made from rubber or a cheap plastic material before purchasing them.

Don’t buy them if they aren’t durable enough. Quality cones must be able to resist kicking and stomping; they should be able to go back to their original shape after being stamped on.

Inferior cones will crack easily during use and can be adversely affected by extreme weather conditions such as cold and heat. Some cones are coated with UV-resistant material to improve their lifespan when used under the outdoor summer sun.

This is something you should consider if you do most of your drills outdoors.

  • Visibility 

The brightness and nature of the training turf can affect the visibility of cones. For training cones to perform their purpose effectively, they must come in colors that can be easily seen by soccer players from a distance.

For example, a green cone may not be visible if used on a field with lush green carpet grass. White training cones wouldn’t be as visible as red or bright orange cones on a sunny day.

Therefore, most soccer cone manufacturers produce them in different primary color shades.

Man are practicing soccer with cones

  • Weight  

Training cones must be lightweight, aside from being portable enough to be easily carried about. They should also be able to be stacked tightly on each other and carried for storage without much stress.

  • Storage space

Before buying training cones, you must consider the amount of storage space you have. Proper storage helps in prolonging the lifespan of training cones so you must avoid buying the bigger ones if you don’t have enough space to store them.

Rebounder Net

Rebounder net

Franklin Sports Soccer Rebound Net - Training Soccer Net - Perfect For Backyard Soccer Practice - Portable 6'x4' Net With Steel Frame - Black
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Recently, the rebounder nets have become very popular amongst soccer players. They are mostly used by goalkeepers for training but outfield players also use them in training, especially when training alone.

The rebounder net helps in improving players’ skills and overall ball control. It also improves their striking and defensive tactics. When the ball is shot into the net, it shoots back at the player thereby simulating the presence of a training partner.

Players learn ball-handling skills and how to work on their reaction time using the rebounder net. This training equipment also helps in improving a player’s first touch using different parts of the body.

These nets come in different sizes, shapes, and designs for varied purposes which include:

  • Precision handheld nets are mostly used by goalkeepers when training with a coach.
  • Kickster spot rebounder nets are suitable for strikers because they can withstand ball speeds of up to 70mph.
  • The dual rebounder nets are good for improving heading techniques, ball control, volleying, and precise ground passes.
  • Adjustable rebounder nets offer great durability and quality, they are preferable for practicing volleying, precise shots, and other individual skills training.

Quality is one thing you must always watch out for when purchasing this piece of training equipment due to the nature of its use. Rebounder nets last longer when their nets are fastened to the frame using spring slips instead of being wrapped around the frame.

There are a wide variety of rebounder nets to buy from but the ones with one-piece frames are mostly recommended, they don’t become loose over time and offer the best results during use.

Resistance Parachute

Resistance Parachute

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The resistance parachute is state-of-the-art training equipment that isn’t very common among professional soccer players. However, those who train with it often say it’s effective when working on your core strength and speed.

While using the resistance running parachute during training, you can adequately achieve better stride frequency and powerful leg drive. This piece of training equipment also improves your acceleration and stamina and helps you increase muscular endurance.

These parachutes come in a size range of 6” to 56” in diameter, the smaller sizes are more suitable for younger players while the larger sizes are perfect for professional soccer players.

They usually come with an easily adjustable belt that properly suits almost any athlete. The parachute is attached to the belt worn around the waist to provide a level of drag while running.

When a player sprints, the parachute automatically opens up to the rush of the wind. The level of drag it produces increases with the speed of the soccer player to adequately improve their power, agility, quickness, and reaction time.

One good thing about this product is that the amount of drag produced by the resistance parachute can be easily adjusted by sliding the resistance adjuster either up or down.

When purchasing resistance parachutes, always go for the ones made with nylon fabric instead of polyester because nylon is more durable and efficient than polyester especially when engaging in tedious training. You can even use two training parachutes at once to increase their effectiveness.

Speed Hurdles

Soccer player is practicing with hurdles

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This training equipment has been used by soccer players for many years now and its major purpose is to challenge your overall agility, coordination, strength, walking gait, and foot speed. Incorporating the speed hurdle into your fitness training isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

Training with the speed hurdle also reduces your chances of getting injured on the soccer field and it also improves your stamina and balance. The speed hurdle makes you super agile, develops your horizontal force for sprinting, and also decreases your contact time with the ground over time.

They are mostly made with very durable plastic which can go back to their original shape upon impact and they often come in a 5 or 6-piece set of 6-inches, 9-inches, or 12-inches in a convenient lightweight carrying bag for easy mobility.

There are certain things to note when purchasing this piece of training equipment, some of them include:

  • Height

The intensity level of agility training using hurdles is mostly determined by the height of the hurdle. Taller hurdles often work on a player’s endurance and leg strength, whereas shorter hurdles are easier to jump over and mostly focus on developing a player’s total speed.

It is good to go for hurdles whose length can be adjusted at will to suit a certain type of drill instead of purchasing different sizes. Doing this will save you a lot of money and stress and will even save you a viable amount of storage space.


  • Portability

It is wise to purchase hurdles that are lightweight, easy to carry, and stackable. Some hurdles have convenient handles that make them easier to stack, aside from coming with portable carrying bags that keep them protected from environmental hazards and also ensure easy mobility.

  • Material

The material used in producing a training hurdle must be long-lasting. Hurdles made with heavy-duty plastic or PVC are usually better than hurdles produced from other materials.

Good training hurdles must be non-bendable, shatterproof, weatherproof, and highly durable. They have to be sturdy yet very flexible so that they can easily bounce back to their original shape after an impact.

  • Visibility

Before purchasing training hurdles, always make sure that they are visible enough at all times of the day, even under an electric bulb in case you like training at night. When hurdles are visible, they rarely cause on-field accidents among trainers.

Resistance Bands

Man using resistance bands

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Resistance bands are handy training tools used in building strength and endurance, they are popular among both athletes and ordinary people. Although they are portable and lightweight, they can significantly improve your strength if you add them to your list of training equipment.

Good resistance loop exercise bands have woven cords placed inside the tubes to prevent overstretching which can lead to injuries. They are often made from a non-slip, grippy material which allows them to remain steadfast during use.

There are numerous types of resistance bands such as resistance straps, power/assist bands, tube bands, and loop bands. They can be suitably incorporated into simple exercises like glute bridges, body stretch, squats, and deadlifts.

They come in 5 varying resistance levels to accommodate different levels of workout for both amateur and professional soccer players. The extra light and light bands are suitable for beginners and amateur players while the medium, heavy and extra heavy bands are great for professional soccer players who often engage in tougher exercises and training.

Aside from being great pieces of training equipment, resistance loop exercise bands are also good for players suffering from back, knee, and leg injuries. Quality should be your watchword when purchasing this training equipment because there are lots of substandard brands out there.

Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer

SKLZ Star-Kick Hands-Free Adjustable Solo Soccer Trainer - Fits Ball Sizes 3, 4, and 5 (Black)
SKLZ Star-Kick Hands-Free Adjustable Solo Soccer Trainer - Fits Ball Sizes 3, 4, and 5 (Black)
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The star kicks solo soccer trainer is an ingenious piece of training equipment designed to maximize touches without necessarily chasing the soccer ball. It has a neoprene belt that has adjustable loop closure and hooks to properly fit the waist region of players of most sizes.

It also comes with adjustable neoprene ball gloves that perfectly fit soccer ball sizes 3, 4, and 5. Its high-quality elastic adjustable cord is firmly affixed to the neoprene waist belt. The cord stretches up to 18 feet (5.5 meters) when the ball in the glove is kicked.

This piece of training equipment is mostly used to build skills in throw-ins, juggling, passing, shooting accuracy, and other independent drills. It is not just for players alone. It can also improve the speed and reflexes of soccer goalies.

It is suitable for solo training among adults and kids as young as 10 years old, but you must be watchful when your young kids train with this equipment because any careless move can lead to injury. Look out for quality and trusted brands when purchasing this training equipment.

Soccer Activity Tracker 

Playermaker Smart Soccer Tracker Analyzer, Measures Physical and Technical Game Activity, for Indoors and Outdoors Compatible with iOS and Android - One Year Subscription Included
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The data of professional soccer players are often collated by coaches, not because they want to just compare and bench low-performing players. They collate the data of players most of the time to understand what areas to focus on while trying to help them improve on their game.

Using the soccer activity tracker, you can also collect data about yourself while training, data such as your top speed, total distance covered, number of touches, etc. This information helps you to determine which areas need improvement as well as to detect if you are making progress or have remained stagnant.

The best part of this smart training gadget is that it sends all gathered data directly into your phone. It analyses both technical and physical data such as running speed, sprint count, releases by a leg, touches using the leg, average time spent on the ball, and kick velocity.

This training equipment can also help in improving your overall technical balance by helping you understand the lapses between your dominant and weak foot. It works perfectly in both indoor and outdoor environments because it is water-resistant, which makes it durable and suitable for all weather conditions.

The soccer activity tracker is comfortable, lightweight, and can be used without wi-fi or GPS. It is used by players of over 160 elite soccer clubs all over the world. Therefore, it isn’t a piece of training equipment you should ignore if you want to excel in your soccer career.

It is suitable for players of all ages. When seeking to purchase this product, even though they are a bit elastic, always go for sizes that suit your feet because they need to fit properly to be able to give accurate results.


Soccer balls on the field

Soccer is a fun game to play but when you are involved in competitive play, you need specific training equipment to become better at the game.

Training helps you get better and improves your overall performance when they are done with the right kind of equipment under experienced trainers.

To train effectively, you need certain training equipment like cones and ladders. They help you improve your skills through various drills and you also get to have more confidence and advantage over other regular players on the pitch.

Soccer training equipment is numerous in the market but not all of them are of good quality. Some are pretty easy to use (regardless of age) while others require supervision for younger athletes.

Always pay attention to reviews and probably ask your coach before purchasing any training equipment to make sure that it is relevant to the skill you are trying to build.