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Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

Have you ever looked at your glistening indoor soccer shoes, and wondered, “YES, I can pull that look very well other than just at the turf!”

Well, honestly you are not alone!

With fitness becoming part and parcel of an average American’s life, having a bunch of fitness and soccer shoes is an absolute must. Regardless of you playing for your school team, neighborhood club, or professionally – a good and durable pair of soccer shoes are an absolute must have.

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

Now, the question here arises, can I wear these casually for lounging purposes?

Oh yes, for sure!

Indoor soccer shoes are multipurpose, and more people have started to utilize them for casual wear. This way, they can flaunt their Nikes and Adidas’ outside the court and at a party without ordering separate shoes.

Can you wear indoor soccer shoes casually?

We have already answered this for you!

But do you know why they can be such a good fit?

Many people still believe they should have separate shoes for everything. With sports brands offering trendy options for the fashion savvy masses, you are bound to get performance with comfort.

This means you can get style, comfort, and performance without having to splurge on different shoes. They definitely look good, but can you wear them for longer hours?

When we talk about style and price point, they can be a good substitute for sneakers. However, it all comes down to comfort and durability if indoor soccer shoes can be as good as sneakers.

Before you go out shopping, let us help you make an informed decision by comparing indoor soccer shoes and sneakers:


Comfort is the #1 thing you should look for in a shoe no matter what type it is!

Indoor soccer shoes are indeed comfortable. However, it depends on how long you would want to wear them for casual use.

These shoes are ‘technically’ built for a different purpose – to provide players lightweight shoes with a good grip.

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

When compared to sneakers, indoor soccer shoes have a thinner sole and are made of light fabric. They are manufactured to offer players more agility, grip, speed, and handling.

Even though they are comfortable, manufacturers do not highly prioritize this just because they are meant to be worn for a couple of hours.

Having said this, we come back to our initial statement – indoor soccer shoes are comfortable depending on how long you are going to use them.

adidas Men's Samba Classic Soccer Shoe,Black/Running White,8 M US

If you are planning to get them on and spend the rest of your day outside, it probably is not a good idea. You will start to feel the difference once you have them on for longer than 3-4 hours.

Sneakers are more comfortable during long hours as it has a thicker sole giving your feet the needed padding and cushioning.

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?


Let’s just say, even though indoor soccer shoes are great for everyday use – it is better to choose the right type of shoe for the right occasion.

Indoor soccer shoes are worth every penny if we consider their functionality. Whether you go for weekly soccer sessions or hang out with your friends and family for a couple of hours, they serve the purpose.

They have excellent breathability and flexibility making them a good option to wear casually.

However, if you plan to wear these for hiking or attending a party, it’s recommended to think twice. You may be at health risk (more on this below) as they are not designed for such activities.


Indoor soccer shoes are durable if we are true to their use i.e., playing indoor soccer. Wearing them for a couple of hours casually does no harm, but if you are planning to wear them regularly and play soccer as well, they will show signs of wear and tear.

These shoes have light fabric and thin soles, excessive use on the wrong surfaces and fields means the bottom of the shoe will start wearing out.

This is not ideal for you as a player if you use the same pair of shoes for your soccer sessions. Damaged bottom means less grip on the indoor surface. This could lead to poor performances or injuries.


These soccer shoes provide adequate protection on and off the field. Although manufacturers use a lighter fabric, the quality of the shoe is good enough to endure basic bumps and shocks.

The excellent grip on these shoes also prevents avoidable non-contact injuries.

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?


Indoor soccer shoes are ideal if you are wearing them for a couple of hours every now and then. Wearing these to a party or hiking can result in multiple health issues and injuries such as back, knee, and hip pain.


The shoes are not designed keeping in mind comfort as their priority. Such activities require proper footwear to lower chances of joint and non-contact muscle injuries.

Indoor soccer shoes for casual wear


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Are indoor soccer shoes good for running?

Seasonal soccer players are confused whether they should invest in proper running shoes or if indoor soccer shoes would suffice?

Technically, we can say indoor soccer shoes are great for running. However, there is a huge difference between running shoes and indoor soccer shoes.

As the name suggests, running shoes are made just for RUNNING. No matter the distance, the thick soles provide better comfort and shock absorption capability.

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

You can definitely utilize a pair of good indoor soccer shoes if you do not have running shoes. But, when you are running for long distances, you WILL feel the difference in comfort.

There are chances that your feet might hurt once your running session is over as these shoes have thinner soles.

adidas Men's Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes, Black/White/White, 10 M US

I have heard people saying, “well, you also run during soccer games. It doesn’t hurt there”. This is correct. Soccer is a game where you have to do a lot of running and have to be on your toes throughout the game.

However, the only difference is that when you are playing soccer – you need more power at the front of your feet. This is the main reason why shoe manufacturers place a thin sole under the sole. To give you that extra speed, agility, and flair to easily move around and control the game.

In a soccer game, you have to run and change positions quickly. One minute you are passing the ball to another teammate and the other mate you are making the run to create a scoring opportunity.

What if the ball is lost?

You have to run back while following where the ball is going!

Running is DIFFERENT!

When you are just running, you have to protect your heel. This is the part of the shoe which touches the ground first – and at longer distances, it is a must that your shoe is able to absorb shocks.

This way, not only would you feel comfortable during the running but will have little to no fatigue due to ankle or heel pain.

If you have just started running as a road to recovery or it’s a part of your daily fitness regime – it is important to understand how shoes play an important role. The best is to invest in running shoes if your plan is to just run or run for longer distances.

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

Note: If you are comfortable wearing indoor soccer shoes as your primary running shoes, it is recommended to not wear these for your next soccer session. Due to thin soles, the shoes will lose grip after being in contact with rough surfaces. Save yourself from avoidable injuries by wearing proper footwear!

Advantages of Indoor Soccer Shoes for Casual Wear

Let’s have a look at the advantages of indoor soccer shoes for casual wear:

Style: Well, that’s right! Top points for style. Indoor soccer shoes manufacturers have started focusing on better designs, so they look as good as they perform.

You can really utilize these shoes for casual wear. Depending on the design and color, they would look neat on your pair of jeans or shorts.

Lightweight and Flexible: Indoor soccer shoes are lightweight and flexible. No matter if a light fabric is used to make these shoes, the full-grain, high-quality leather makes it flexible and easy to wear for everyday use.

Breathability: You wouldn’t want sweaty feet after you return home from a hangout, right? Indoor soccer shoes have incredible breathability to keep you cool on and off the field. Technically, they are built to offer the best possible playing experience to the players and sweat or moisture may affect performance.

Excellent Grip: The reason indoor soccer shoes are lightweight is to offer better grip and balance.

Disadvantages of Indoor Soccer Shoes for Casual Wear

Indoor soccer shoes come with their fair share of disadvantages. Let’s see what they are:

Less Comfortable: These are only comfortable if you really ‘CASUALLY’ wear them. Indoor soccer shoes are not made for everyday comfort. If you plan to use it for longer hours, your feet will start to hurt.

Pricier: When compared to sneakers for casual wear, indoor soccer shoes are a bit pricier. You would not like to spend hundreds of dollars only to wear a pair of shoes for a short period of time.


Indoor soccer shoes are amazing functionality and performance wise. However, many people ask if these shoes are a good fit for casual wear.

The answer is a simple yes.

However, in our blog post – we have tried to explain and compare with situations where utilizing these shoes might not be ideal.

With so many options available in the market for different brands and types of shoes, it may get overwhelming. We recommend you get proper footwear to not only minimize health risks but be able to enjoy it for a longer period of time.

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