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How Do Soccer Players Keep Their Hair? 4 Common Methods

How Do Soccer Players Keep Their Hair? 4 Common Methods

Modern-day male soccer players are fond of keeping long and eccentric hairstyles unlike male soccer players in the past who mostly carried short, bald and other simple masculine hairstyles.

Female soccer players usually faced the problem of trying to keep their long hair in place while playing soccer. Some even resort to cutting their hair short to avoid facing such difficulties.

Apart from association football, soccer players in other variations of the game like futsal, beach soccer, and indoor soccer feature players that also style their hairs—although exotic hairstyles are more popular in association football. Nevertheless, this post represents all of them.

Soccer players’ hairstyles are often a definition of their identity and some would prefer keeping them longer than cutting them, even though it poses a level of difficulty to their soccer careers.  Players like Paul Pogba and David Beckham gained media attention from their unconventional hairstyles.

As you might have noticed, many soccer players, mostly females with long hair, usually wear headbands during matches. These headbands aren’t just for aesthetics or mere fashion, they are used to keep the hair in place while they play.

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Headbands and elastic headwraps are among accessories that soccer players with long hair can’t do without. Allowing your hair to freely grow without cutting it can be very liberating but it can also be a distraction if you are a professional soccer player.

Pausing during gameplays to adjust your ponytail or re-knot your loose hair can often be a drag in soccer. The most annoying of them all is the tickly feeling you get when your hair brushes against your neck when playing soccer.

If you continue reading this article, we will show you many easy methods which you can use in keeping your hair in place while playing soccer. The methods we would be sharing with you have all been tested by soccer players and certified effective.

Why You Must Keep Your Hair In Place while Playing Soccer?

Soccer is a sport that requires a player’s maximum attention and focus, a soccer player always endeavors to keep a clear head and appear undisturbed while on the soccer pitch.

Distractions on the soccer pitch aren’t always from soccer fans or your numerous internal thoughts. Distractions can also come from your long flowing hair when it isn’t properly held in place.

Imagine a scenario where a player tries to cross the ball into the penalty area but as they swing their head to find their target their loose long hair covers their face. That few seconds of hesitation can cost the team a crucial opportunity.

Torres is running on the pitch

When soccer becomes intense, an opponent can mistakenly grab on your hair if it isn’t properly tied. Situations like that can result in serious injuries capable of keeping you out of play for a couple of weeks.

Arranging your dislodged hair while on the soccer pitch can make you look unserious and unprepared for a match. When your hair scatters mid-game, an important time that would have been invested into securing a goal for your side is put into fixing your hair.

A hair that isn’t properly arranged while playing soccer can easily slap into your eyes or obstruct your view. If headbands seem uncomfortable for you to use, you can apply hair bond gels to your hair. It is very effective at keeping hairs in place.

some headbands are on the table

Keeping your hair properly groomed, streamlined, and in good shape during soccer matches wouldn’t only save you from certain difficulties but can also secure endorsements from big corporations and hair brands.

In other words, keeping boring and scattered hair while playing soccer can give you a bad public image and your team fans will certainly drag you online and offline regardless of how skilled you are.

Braiding thick hair might not always be the most effective solution to the distractions it causes while playing soccer. To properly secure your long hair, always choose a method that tightly holds your hair in place.

How Do Soccer Players Keep Their Hair?

Showing up at soccer matches with properly groomed and kept long hair is as important as wearing the right-sized soccer boots. Soccer players always need the help of professional hairstylists to maintain their hair.

Due to the complex nature of some hairstyles carried by soccer players, trying to groom their hair by themselves could often prove impossible. Players are advised to keep hairstyles that are easy to groom due to the demanding nature of soccer.

The truth remains that if you go playing soccer with long hair that isn’t properly secured in place, it puts unnecessary pressure on the hair and causes it to break at a faster rate.

Mason Mount soccer player

Before going to the soccer pitch, there are many effective methods that you can use in securing your long hair to stop it from coming loose midgame.

We have taken out time to research and bring you some of the common methods used by other soccer players to properly secure their hair while playing. They are listed and described below.


Braiding is one of the most effective and affordable ways of securely carrying long hair while playing soccer. Braiding your long hair can stop it from covering your view, flapping into your eyes, and tickling your neck.

Braids packed into a ponytail are common among female soccer players probably because it is easy to achieve. They look clean and well-packed after being made but they often can’t withstand the stress that comes with playing soccer even when securely held with a hairband.

Using elastic hairbands to properly secure ponytails is usually safer and more effective than metal and plastic clips. Rolling your ponytail into a high bun can also stop it from getting scattered easily while playing soccer.

Aside from ponytails, mini-braids are also very easy to make and comfortable to carry. They require more time than ponytails but last longer even when they are not securely held together using braid bands or rubber bands.

To help mini-braids last longer while using them in a soccer match, braid them into ponytails after the mini-braids are done and use an elastic band to hold them tightly together.

Man with curly hair getting braids

The use of ribbon hair ties is highly recommended above elastic rubber bands because elastic rubber bands can cause crimps and dents on your hair. To prevent careless hair breakage, soccer players are advised to use ribbon hair ties in securing their braided hair.

When selecting hairstyles before a soccer match, always go for a style that is not too heavy on the scalp, easy to roll, and doesn’t cover the face. The longer your selected hairstyle is, the harder it will be for you to effectively play soccer.


Pros of Braiding

  • Easy to do without wasting much time
  • Keeps the hair off the face when playing soccer
  • Makes soccer players look clean and confident

Cons of Braiding

  • Often strains the scalp
  • Encourages hair loss and breakage
  • Increases risk of getting injured

Using Hair Gel

Ronaldo is running on the pitch with the soccer ball

Soccer players are fond of using expensive designer hair gels to properly secure their hair before stepping into the soccer field. A player like Cristiano Ronaldo is well known for patronizing hair gels a lot, he rarely plays soccer without applying them.

Applying hair gels doesn’t necessarily require the help of professional hairstylists because they can be easily achieved. Original hair gels can keep the hair looking natural and properly secured while the player sprints on the soccer pitch.

When applying hair gels, always make sure that your hair is clean and dry. Comb your hair backward away from your face and fetch a quarter-sized quantity of gel on your palm and gently apply it on the hair until it becomes evenly spread.

Make sure that the gel has spread evenly on your hair before allowing it to dry. Hair gel doesn’t take up to 10 minutes to properly get dried.

One good thing about hair gels is that they are resistant to strong winds, sunlight, and the hair doesn’t lose its original shape when a player heads a soccer ball.

To get the most benefit out of hair gels, you are advised to go for high-quality gels. Good gels always get high ratings and positive reviews on popular e-commerce websites.

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Pros of Hair Gel

  • Hair gel is very easy to apply and wash off
  • Can withstand pressure during soccer games
  • Keeps the hair clean and properly groomed throughout a soccer game
  • Boosts soccer players appearance and confidence

Cons of Hair Gel

  • Hair gels are easily ruined by sweat
  • Poses a risk of fire hazard
  • Doesn’t allow the hair to breathe properly

Using an Elastic Headband

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Headbands are usually made with different materials but athletes are advised not to use rubber headbands because they can damage the hair by putting too much strain on it. Always choose from water-absorbent fabrics that are non-slippery.

For headbands to function effectively, they must be securely attached to the soccer player’s head. Sometimes, soccer players are advised to double-wrap headbands or wear double headbands if they have full and thick hair.

For added comfort, headbands should be worn on the crown of the head and not close to the eyelids. When worn properly, the headband will prevent your hair from dropping into your face or tickling your neck.

Headbands can be used with a bandana for extra effect and they are easily customizable to match your team’s official colors. Before wearing a headband on your head, always make sure that your hair is properly packed backward so that it will be properly secured by the headband.

Headbands are very effective and can be used on braided hair without causing any pains or discomfort.

Pros of Headbands 

  • Headbands are comfortable and effective
  • They make soccer players look confident and professional

Cons of Headbands

  • They can leave marks on the forehead
  • Can cause nasty accidents while playing soccer

Using Small Hair Clips

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Plastic hair clips can also be used in securely holding long hair in place while playing soccer although you must endeavor to check with the appropriate authorities if they are allowed. What makes hair clips fun is that they add beauty to your hair aside from holding it in place.

Hair clips are very easy to use because they can be effortlessly attached and dislodged with minimum effort. They also come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and designs to suit your needs and desires.

For durability and effective usage on thick hair, hair clips are usually designed with high-grade plastic materials and spring which makes them difficult to break. Their lightweight makes them convenient for use while playing soccer without necessarily being an extra load to the head.

The mutual teeth on hair clips are designed to have a firm grip on the hair—locking it tightly and preventing it from dislodging. If hair gels and headbands are inconvenient for you, hair clips might be a suitable alternative.

some Hair Clips are displayed

Pros of small hair clips

  • They are lightweight and portable
  • Very easy to use without guidance
  • Durable
  • Add beauty to the hair

Cons of small hair clips

  • Can cause harm when broken
  • Can make your hair break


It baffles some soccer fans how soccer players often manage to maintain their hair from the first minute of the game up to the 90th minute without making a mess of it. The secret lies in the hair product that they use.

While long hair looks exotic on soccer players (when properly groomed), it can still be a big disadvantage to the player because of the possible distraction and the tingling feeling you will get when sweat dribbles down from the hair onto your neck.

It also gives your opponent something else to hold onto to pull you back from making that decisive run beside your jersey. Therefore, if you must keep long hair as a soccer player, make sure they are properly packed and out of your face.