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How To Control A Soccer Ball While Running?

How To Control A Soccer Ball While Running?

Ball Control is a vital skill in soccer, and it is even more essential when you control the ball properly while running. A soccer player’s inability to control the ball would inevitably lead to losing the ball and losing ball possessions.

Over the years, just as soccer is developing, it has become increasingly crucial that soccer players are able to control the ball properly while running or not. As a result, ball control is now a vital skill that every player should add to their repertoire of skills.

Training sessions help develop ball control while running, such as ball control drills and touches. You can become better at controlling the ball when you practice the proper exercises.

A player is Controlling A Soccer Ball While Running

How to control a soccer ball while running?

Soccer is a game that players run for more than 90 minutes. For this reason, soccer players are taught how they can run in soccer with the ball. Soccer is fast-paced; therefore, every soccer player needs reasonable ball control to be able to take control of the ball while running.

It is vital that every soccer player learns reasonable ball control while running with the ball. The ability to properly control a ball while running helps keep ball possession from the opposition, and if you can adequately handle the ball, you would also have the time to make the right decisions.

When you have an excellent first touch, you will have enough time to figure out how you can run with the ball. Good first touch also ensures that you do not waste time making extra touches.

Good first touch reduces the pressure you feel and allows you to make good decisions.

A player is running with a ball

On the other hand, if you cannot make an excellent first touch, you might lose the ball possession and not be able to go on offense. To be able to make runs with the ball, you have to ensure that you can keep the ball under control.

Ball Control while running is one of the symbols of some of the best teams in soccer, such as Bayern, Barcelona, and Real Madrid. This is because players in these teams are able to keep their control of the ball while running.

Though it might be pretty tricky to learn to control the ball while running, there is nothing that cannot be understood with time.

In the following section, you will show some methods and actions that would allow you to control the ball while running correctly.

A player is running in a soccer match

Use your Outside Foot

The outsole of your foot or the outside, as it is popularly called, is one method to control the ball while running in soccer. This method ensures that you can keep defenders away from challenging you while running with the ball.

The outside touch makes use of less effort than the lace and inside touches in terms of body movement. To execute the outside touch;

Your foot should be moved inside then your ankle should be locked. Then put your foot wide out to knock the ball forward or to the side while running.

Performing the quick touch with your outside foot ensures that you leave your opponents on their backside while running. It also allows you to make turns or cuts to the side.

Player soccer is controlling the ball on the field

Keep the Ball Close to Your Foot

Another way to control the ball while running is to keep the ball close to your feet. While running, the ball can be passed back or forth between the insides of your feet. Ensure that you bend your knees slightly.

When running and are faced with an opponent, you should keep your body between the defender and the ball. It ensures that you can change your direction quickly.

Keeping the ball close to your feet while running ensures that opponents face difficulties in intercepting the ball.

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Use the Sole

The sole is the bottom of the foot. It is where the cleats make contact with the ground. Using the sole of your feet properly can ensure reasonable ball control while running.

Using the sole is quite tricky to learn. While running with the ball, slow down your pace, then place your foot on the ball and drag the ball in any direction while making a small hop with your other foot.

Using the sole of your foot to control the ball allows you to make a transition to another direction, touch, or make another turn.

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Always Keep the Ball in Your Peripheral View

Most times, while running with the ball, beginners usually place their sight on the general view of the field instead of the ball.

However, to better control the ball while running, it is essential that you keep the ball in your peripheral vision.

Keeping the ball in your peripheral view would allow you to be aware of the whole field and ensure you spot holes in the opponent’s defense, see scoring opportunities, and see open teammates.

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Use the Inside of your Foot

The insole or the inside touch is another method of ball control while running with the ball. Making use of the inside of your foot to control the ball is regarded as the peak of touches.

To perform the inside touch while running with the ball, move out the foot for kicking. Then use your inside foot to push the ball to your side across your body.

Your foot ankle should be adjusted to ensure the ball doesn’t get too far from you or too close to you.

Successfully using both feet to perform this move would make you a good player.

A player is controlling a soccer ball while running by using Inside of his Foot

Make Pace Changes

Another way to properly control the ball while running is to change your pace regularly. Most times, you might be running at top speed, and it would seem like the ball is about to get out of control. This is the time to reduce your pace.

Be less predictable. Perform dribbling drills that enable a change of pace. This would ensure that you can change your speed faster and regularly without losing control of the ball while running.

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Use the Lace touch

The lace touch is another popular move that is used among players to control the ball better when running.

The lace touch allows you to dribble while running diagonally or in a straight line quickly. In addition, it will enable you to enter open spaces while running and, at the advanced level, control balls coming from the air.

You can perform the lace touch by lifting your ankle, then pointing your foot towards the ground. Now push the ball with your laces, ensuring that the ball is not pushed too gently or too hard.

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Use your Standing Foot

The supporting foot or standing foot is the foot not used to control the ball. Placing this foot in the proper manner affects your momentum, balance, and how well you can control the ball while running.

Attention should be paid to where to plant your foot. You should ensure that it is placed a few feet from your other foot.

Correctly placing your standing foot ensures that you control the ball quickly and easily.

Soccer player in orange is running with a ball

Make Gentle Contacts with The Ball

Making gentle contact with the ball is another way to control the ball properly. For example, while running, often try to make soft touches or contacts with the ball; it ensures that the ball is kept under your control.

Though this would reduce your speed initially but once mastered, you would be able to perform it at a fast pace and with reasonable control on the ball.

Making contact with the ball while running ensures that you progressively become better at controlling the ball.

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Train to use Both Feets

One primary reason why most soccer players are unable to control the ball while running is that they try to use only a single foot or control the ball.

All elite or top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, and others can use both of their feet, even though they have a single stronger foot.

It would be best if you practice running with the ball and control skills with both feet. You would only become better at ball control while running when you can effectively use both feet. It ensures that you run optimally, cut, and move in any direction while running.

When you do not have a weak foot, you could easily control the ball while running and have the edge over other players.

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Controlling the ball and using touches are vital skills that every soccer player should have. With the fast-paced nature of soccer, every player should know how to hold on to the ball. It is especially needed for teams that base their play on counter-attacking.

Having ball control while running is pretty easy to learn if you are determined to learn the proper techniques.

Mastering the skill of running with the ball is vital to every team.