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How To Date A Famous Soccer Player?

How To Date A Famous Soccer Player?

The love story of the Beckhams is a timeless recount. They met in London in the year 1997 at a charity soccer game. It’s said that Beckham turned to his friend and fellow player Gary Neville and announced that he was going to marry Victoria.

According to Victoria, she was intrigued that he was usually with his parents and sister, uncommon for a pro soccer player at the time. When they ran into each other again and he asked for her number, she gave it kindly to him. The rest is history!

You may feel this was possible because Victoria was a celebrity too, and you probably have no chance with today’s professional soccer players. For most of us, love finds us in the most unusual of places.

What are the factors that brought them together? Can this be replicated for others? In this article, we examine how you too can get a chance to date a famous soccer player.

Football Players Wives and Girlfriends

How to date a famous soccer player?

Through the decades, soccer players have found love in several strange places and in diverse different ways. Some soccer players have as partners, women they grew up with or high school sweethearts.

Some found love in fellow athletes or those they were introduced to by a mutual acquaintance. Others met their girlfriends, with whom they’ve been steady with for up to a decade, on a music video set or some other production set.

Neymar met the Brazilian actress, Bruna Marquezine who captured his heart at a carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Ivan Rakitic met his wife at a hotel bar where he went to get a drink – she worked there.

The summary of it all is that you don’t have to be rich and famous to date a soccer player. You’d be surprised at how many soccer players have normal dates besides what you see in the media.

You only need to catch their attention. No matter who you are in the sports world or any profession, the point is love can find you anywhere.

After careful observation, these methods have been shown to work.

Salah celeb his medal

Method 1: Possess attributes that will attract a soccer player to you

It’s not enough to be simply beautiful on the outside. Remember that most of these players are surrounded by top models, actresses, and singers.

They have had their share of beautiful women. To stand out, have something else that appeals to them.

Step 1: Stay in shape

It’s no secret that many women who date famous soccer players have great figures. Maybe it’s because soccer players are physically fit themselves or maybe not. Better to play it safe.

Step 2: Look the part

Pay attention to your hair and looks and ensure you appear as though you are not trying too hard.

Step 3: Don’t be a player of hearts

Many soccer players, because they are always around women, tend to flirt a lot. When not emotionally committed, they are easily philanderers. Sometimes they too can sense when you’re all about the fun – don’t be that person.

Step 4: Be transparent and honest 

This is simple and yet so hard to do. Soccer players are used to people coming up to them trying to be something they’re not.

Step 5: Give a listening ear and be kind

To avoid putting lots of pressure on you, start by being a safe space for the player to be himself. In addition to being kind, be a good conversationalist to avoid dull and awkward moments.

Method 2: Study these soccer players

Soccer players are public figures, as the sport they are professionals in, is the most popular in the world; one with millions of fans worldwide. Many things about them and many things they do get leaked to the media one way or another. This becomes food for public content.

Follow these steps to help study soccer players.

Step 1: Pay attention

In a world of information overload, you can never be starved of information, especially when it concerns celebrated public figures. Pay close attention to what the media and internet have to say about them.

Step 2: Piece it all together

Put all this information about any player you are particularly interested in together using reliable sources. The problem for you wouldn’t be finding this information but knowing how to filter what’s true and what’s not.

Step 3: Know your soccer player

With the gathered information, have a head start on their personality, quirks, and preferences. It would help you to at least know if they are your type and if you want to attract them.

Another reason to do proper research is for safety. Many people prey on fans by successfully stealing the identity of soccer players. Information at a point like this would keep you from danger and save you from distress.

Having information also gives you an advantage and a kind of ammunition. You’d know if you share similar interests too.

Step 4: Don’t be a stalker

You’re not even that desperate so don’t become that person. Know your boundaries or it’ll eventually become a turn-off when they find out. People find it creepy to know they are or they have been stalked in the past – again, you’re not that desperate!

Step 5: Meet them in person

What’s the point of gathering information if you don’t intentionally make moves to put both of you in the same space? You probably already know, from public records, the next event or function they’ll be at.

When you eventually get the chance to have an audience, try not to embarrass yourself by making a mess of it all.

Method 3: Play matchmaker

The traditional matchmaker usually is aware of what goes on with most people and wields this knowledge to bring people to their soulmates.

Modern matchmakers exist in the form of companies that offer matchmaking services. Provided you sign up for their services, they usually know how to make the magical connection happen.

Dating apps exist too where the user’s inputted information causes the algorithm to match them to a suitable mate. If you’ve conducted your research on the player of your dreams, you could just be matched with them; if they are signed up on the dating app too.

Step 1: Register on dating apps

Unless you’re certain of the dating app your soccer player is on, sign up to many reputable dating apps. Ensure they are not seedy in any way.

Step 2: Be intentional

Be an active participant in the matchmaking process. Be willing to text and get to know a person especially if their profile is grounded.

Step 3: Always try to be honest

Some players may use pseudo names on dating apps but everything else might be legit. Being honest might increase your compatibility. What do you have to hide by using a pseudo profile?

These soccer players often have a little option with revealing themselves. It’s hard to know if they’re loved for who they are or what they are.

Step 4: Go with the flow

If this method somehow manages to work for you. Don’t be too shy to take it out of the app. This is what you wanted, so let love lead.

Method 4: Be present in spaces where they hang out

Many soccer players are known to hang out in bars and pubs in their off-season. This doesn’t rule out other places, be it quiet or open.

Here are steps on how to use this method

Step 1: Try to get into a players’ lounge at games 

Here, you get a good word about clubs and bars that soccer players frequent. Or you can ask about fancy places with VIP sections in the city and go visit.

Step 2: Be chic and classy

Show up dressed within your means. Don’t go overboard. Many girls get word as well and show up wearing too glamorous things they can’t afford and having such a fake feel.

Step 3: Put on the right attitude 

When you happen upon the right place at the right time, even when you recognize them as soccer players, don’t jump on it. Simply strike a conversation about what you do and your hobbies. Give them room to talk too.

Don’t be that person who’ll come off as a needy fan. You’re a fan but we all know you’re not that needy. Stand out from the lot with the right attitude.

Method 5: Be a fan of sports as a whole

Soccer players tend to attend other sporting events such as games of other professional teams and some other specific events too. Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale are known to enjoy golfing in their spare time.

A good way to meet them outside the confines of their sport is to find out and attend other scheduled sporting events they’ll be attending.

For easy closure and acceptance, you could decide to belong to a country club. Members are often given exclusive access to lounges to shield them from other members of the public.

Method 6: Get introduced by a mutual acquaintance

Do you have a mutual acquaintance that can help broker a meeting? This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get an audience.

Chances are since they have respect and likeness for that acquaintance, they’ll extend it to you and welcome an audience. The key is to befriend them, be unsuspecting and broaden your circle.

Step 1: Befriend a mutual acquaintance

The possibility of this happening is endless, especially since soccer players work with a broad array of persons.

Step 2: Get an invite

Do what you have to do to convince this mutual acquaintance to invite you over to meet the soccer player.

Step 3: By all means, snag an introduction

Grab the player’s attention by holding meaningful conversations. It may seem strange but soccer players, and celebrities alike, are never tired of meeting and having interesting conversations with people other than screaming fans.

When Players Famous fall In Love With Their Fans

Method 7: Be part of a fan club

Soccer players, because of the relationship between clubs and their respective fan clubs, tend to meet members of the fan club more easily and frequently, than random fans.

Here’s how to go about using this method.

Step 1: Join the fan club

If he is a professional soccer player, chances are he’s playing for a club that has and respects its fan club. Register as a member of the fan club.

Step 2: Be an active participant of the fan club

While the ultimate goal is having an audience with the soccer player, do not take for granted the benefits of being a member of a soccer fan club. Be active in all they do and enjoy the ride.

Step 3: Be seen

You’ll be surprised how easy it’ll be to meet the soccer player, sooner than you think. Depending on the personality of the player, meeting him isn’t too far off especially once he’s noticed you whether through comments or your overall support.

Germany's fan club

Method 8: Be an athlete or technical staff

It’s no secret that many athletes end up with athletes. This seems logical since they could share a genuine interaction or connection, train together, or share similar diets.

Being a part of the club’s coaching and technical staff means you’re both in the same working environment. This makes things easier since you both get to spend some amount of time together.

This may seem like an extreme method but it doesn’t make it any less effective. If you consider this method, here are steps you can use to achieve it. 

Step 1: Do you love sports?

Discover which sports you truly enjoy and participate actively; preferably soccer.

Step 2: Be driven and disciplined

This is not all about finding love in the world of sport. You’ve to stay focused on the new career path and find ways to advance. Being driven and disciplined is an addition to making him notice you.

Step 3: For the love of the game

Share your love for soccer with the one you want to date. This potential or budding love should not only be shared between you two but for the sport that brought you together.

Method 9: Be a notable or high-profile figure

This works especially if you don’t want to look like a social climber or money-grubber.

Step 1: Have a career or business

Simply put, just do you! Your life is much more than being in love with a soccer player. Find a career path and choose it.

Step 2: Be committed to what you do

Since you choose that career path, stay focused to see it to the very end.

Step 3: Get some recognition for key roles you’ve played

As you work your way up to your career ladder, try to excel and stand out. You become more visible to other professionals and earn respect.

Step 4: Use your new-found confidence

Let that shine as you engage in conversation with them but do it in the flow of a conversation. You don’t want to look as if you are tooting your own horn.

Piqué expects amazing Shakira halftime show

Method 10: Find opportunities to get close

There are many ways to do this. Here are two good ways.

Step 1: 

You can either work as part of a crew for an ad commercial or work as a volunteer on the organizing team of a soccer event. Being a sports journalist or referee is an option too.

Step 2: 

Attend open training sessions. Observe where the player is normally positioned and ensure he can see you multiple times.

Method 11: How lucky are you?

Before we get carried away by all the possibilities of meeting and dating a soccer player, we should bring in a factor often downplayed by many. What are the chances that if you get an audience with the player, everything will align in your favor?

No doubt you want to date the player but does he share the same desire as you? He’s still allowed to decide to let his heart fall in love. This is where luck comes into play.

A closer look into the love lives of soccer players will reveal they met and got attracted to their partners with luck playing a good part.

Luck may seem out of your control but if you have enjoyed a streak of it in the past, this could be your lucky moment once more.


To date a soccer player, launch all the weapons in your arsenal. You should by no means put all your eggs in one basket as you never know what might click.

Meeting and dating a soccer player requires some luck too. This doesn’t mean you’ll rest on your oars and leave it all for luck. Getting an audience with them is the first step; creating an attraction is next.

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