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How to Display Soccer Scarves? 9 Exciting Ways

How to Display Soccer Scarves? 9 Exciting Ways

A trip to the soccer field will introduce you to one of the most beautiful sights in all of the sports – a beautiful sea of colors!

One of the common items used by fans in the stands to celebrate their team is soccer scarves. These scarves are emblazoned with the team’s logo, colors, and name, with some even going as far as including the faces of their team managers and favorite players.

This colorful display is an important part of many soccer fans’ support for their team. To ensure that these branded scarves are properly displayed, they are made into unique designs.

They are cut, tied, and hung in a way that expresses admiration and devotion to the soccer team embossed on the scarves.

Unfortunately, not all local fans wear their scarves in as many different ways to show their devotion to what they admire. To better accentuate your team’s colors, the article has thoroughly explained the various ideas that soccer fans should try.

How to display soccer scarves?

Many people believe that wearing the team’s colors demonstrates deep admiration and loyalty to everything the team stands for.

In addition to the jersey, scarves are a part of soccer fans’ outfits. It is usually wrapped around a person’s neck or hung on a wall; team victories can be celebrated in a more appealing way.

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You can make a fancier display of your team’s colors by following the steps outlined below:

Make a scarf hanger out of a dowel

Hang your scarves on a low wall with a dowel hanger to make them stand out.

The dowel rod and hook method not only creates a creative display of loyalty, but is also easy to use and work with –  it can be twisted in different directions. Furthermore, by allowing the direction of the scarf to be changed, two different scarves can be alternated.

You can easily purchase a dowel hanger to hang your soccer scarves or you could decide to follow these easy DIY steps to create your own.

Step 1: Take measurements

The first step in making a dowel hanger is to measure the sides of the scarf after determining how much wall space you have available. Spread the scarf out on a flat surface and, if possible, measure its dimensions with a ruler or tape.

Step 2: Cut the craft dowel

Purchase a craft dowel and cut it to length, making sure it matches the length of the scarf side you want to hang – make reference to the measurements previously taken.

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Step 3: Iron the scarf

The scarf should then be tacked to the dowel. However, before you do so, you should iron your scarf. Ensure to use good quality upholstery tacks to hold it firm.

Step 4: Get a ribbon for the dowel

Obtain and cut a piece of ribbon or twine that is slightly longer than the dowel, making sure that the pattern of the ribbon complements the colors of your scarf.

It is important to note that the ribbon must be 7.6 cm longer than the dowel.

Step 5: Tack ribbon to the dowel

Tack a ribbon end to the end of the dowel. Make sure the tack is tightly pinned in so the ribbon doesn’t come undone.

Step 6: Hang it with pride

Choose a convenient location to hang your scarf. Hammer the nail into place, and drape ribbon over the nail.

Your dowel hanger and scarf should make an eye-catching display.

Drape scarves on the walls

This is arguably the most straightforward method of displaying soccer scarves. Fans will most likely use such a display technique unconsciously rather than intentionally.

Scarves are highlighted more colorfully in the simplest of ways by placing them on wall separators, frames, chairs, or poles. This can be achieved by adhering to the following steps.

Step 1: Drape the scarves

This involves loosely hanging the scarves on low walls.

Step 2: Place them in rightful order

It is recommended that scarves be placed in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet to better exude elegance and uniqueness.

Step 3: Space the scarves apart

You should make your display more eye-catching by spacing the scarves.

Step 4: Admire your work

Take a step back and look with pride at your masterpiece. Your soccer team is proud to have you as a fan!

Scarves are fantastic on Styrofoam wall plaques

Scarves should not be kept in a place where they are difficult to see; instead, an unoccupied wall is a good place to display them.

Plaques are an excellent way to display one’s creativity in interior design. Soccer fans can exude this by transforming their club’s scarves into a nice-looking décor item that promotes the aesthetics of a room.

You can pin your Styrofoam plaque to the wall or place it on the mantle to ensure it is large enough to dangle from a coat rack. In either case, your team’s colors would be displayed prominently and proudly.

A Styrofoam wall plaque can be easily obtained from a local shop or from an online retailer, though you will need to make a few changes to it in the end. You can also make your own poster by following the steps outlined below.

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Step 1: Get styrofoam of appropriate dimensions

Obtain a 2.5cm thick square or rectangular styrofoam from a craft store. It should be measured to ensure that it is not wider than the plaque.

On all sides, the styrofoam should ideally be 7.6 cm shorter than the scarf. Canvas can be used instead of styrofoam, but it is much more difficult to cut to the required size.

Step 2: Place the scarf over the styrofoam

After preparing the styrofoam, glide the scarf over it, with the ends comfortably hanging off the flanks.

Step 3: Pin the scarf to styrofoam

Next, using straight pins, tightly pin the scarf into the styrofoam. This is accomplished by appropriately wrapping the scarf ends and driving the pin through the corners of the polystyrene foam. The corners of the fabric should also be properly placed and pinned.

Step 4: Fix the plaque to the wall

Find a suitable location to hang your delicately crafted plaque. Drill two holes in the wall and place your plaque inside.

When placing the plaque, make sure it is well driven in so that it can be fixed by the nail without affecting the scarf covering the styrofoam.

Insert the scarves into a glass frame

Most scarves are works of art in their own right, embellished with delicate embroidery. Since they are aesthetically appealing, what better way to create your fan identity than by making a glass frame to sit it in?

While in the frame, your soccer scarves are free of natural deterioration like wrinkles and dust, perfectly preserving the identity of your beloved team. The following are how to get a scarf into a frame.

Step 1: Attach the scarf to the frame of the glass

The first step in putting a scarf into a newly purchased frame is to take the box apart. This is accomplished by removing the cover that shields the items inside from outside exposure.

Step 2: Tuck the scarf inside

When you open the frame, fold the scarf as needed to fit inside. Also, keep in mind that the scarf will be used as a backdrop for whatever else you put in the box, so if it’s too wide, it should be cropped.

Step 3: Attach the scarf to the frame with glue

Glue your scarf to the bottom of the frame and spread it out to ensure that the glue at the back of the frame holds it in place.

Step 4: Put the glass frame back together

Soccer Scarves is nested into a glass frame

Finally, secure everything in place by closing the frame with the glass cover. Then, lean it against a wall.

You can add more than two scarves to the glass frame depending on its size. It should, however, be positioned so that it does not obscure one another.

You can also choose to hang the frame on the wall or place it on cupboards, depending on how creative you want to be.

In either case, your scarves inside the frame would exude the atmosphere of a delicately decorated art gallery.

If you make similar frames for the corridor and other notable rooms, you create an alluring perspective for your entire apartment while keeping your soccer team identity visible to many!

Display your scarves in shadow boxes

Shadow Boxes are excellent glass enclosures for imagery, particularly those that need to be remembered frequently. Aside from photographs, the shadow box can be used to display soccer scarves.

They, like glass frames, display the scarves’ sheer aesthetic qualities and can be used to transform the room into a gallery of beauty.

The difference between glass frames and wood frames is that while wood frames can hold both scarves and photographs, glass frames are only designed to hold scarves.

Shadow boxes can be purchased from a craft store or a skilled carpenter. In any case, at least a scarf must be attached to it afterward.

Just like with the glass frame, the steps are basically the same. It is outlined below for clarity.

Step 1: Assemble the scarf

Step 2: Fold the scarf

Step 3: Glue the scarf into the box

Step 4: Fill up the box

Step 5: Close the box

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Make some lovely canvas-styled wall hangings

You can turn your scarves into beautiful works of art that can be hung. The canvas-style scarf hangings have been popular for a while and look great in a small apartment.

To accomplish this, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Get a canvas and tie a scarf to it

To begin, find an antique painted canvas and tie a scarf around it, making sure it is tight and stapled or glued to the back. You can also substitute a square or rectangle piece of wood, board, or foam for the canvas.

Step 2: Display the art canvas by hanging

These art displays can be hung like art canvases using various collections of these scarves. Furthermore, a large paneled wall piece can be made with a set of panels of similar shape, each with its own scarf color.

Shapes can still be cropped off cardboards to make the design more visually appealing. Scarves can then be wrapped around them to create multidimensional wall art in a variety of shapes.

Scarf roping creates a beautiful window effect

Roping soccer scarves is another exciting way to display them.

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This can be accomplished by following the below instructions:

Step 1: Tie the ends of the scarves

Tie the ends of several scarves, preferably of the same size, together to form a long rope.

Step 2: Attach the scarves to the wall

This newly created long rope can then be attached to the wall on each side, with the roping visibly collapsing in the middle. Pull the mid-sections of each scarf downward, easing them so they resemble roping hung from a window.

Step 3: Festive effect

To create a vintage feel, hang the scarves vertically, with the middle part bogged down by tying it to the wall with a ribbon. Alternatively, several rows of scarf roping can be made.

In either case, a festive effect is created with the appearance of a curtain surrounding a stage.

Scarf Columns are appealing

Another method of displaying scarves is to arrange them in columns. This is mostly recommended for those who want to cover the entire wall with scarves rather than just a small section of it.

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This is done in the following ways:

Step 1: Assemble the scarves

Arrange your scarves into columns on the floor, securing one to the next with pins or anything else that can be used as a substitute.

Step 2: Enlarge the columns created

Make a larger panel out of the columns you’ve made by arranging them side by side and attaching each scarf to the ones beside it.

Step 3: Create a flapping display

The panels can be easily attached to the walls with tacks or by packing and securing the top scarves to a dowel and eventually hanging the final outcome from ceiling hooks.

The scarves will be held near the floor by a bottom dowel, occasionally flapping like sails.

Soccer scarves around the neck

This is the easiest way to adorn soccer scarves. If you’ve ever been into a soccer stadium or watched it on TV, fans are seen with scarves around their necks.

It may seem a too-easy-to-achieve way of displaying soccer scarves but it’s important you adorn it properly.

Step 1: Let it drape

Here comes the easy part. Put it around your neck and let it sit nicely displaying your team’s logo and name.

Step 2: Adjust properly

Ensure both drape lengths are equal by adjusting to a perfect fit. Correct any errors with the positioning of the logo and name.

Step 3: Make a statement

Occasionally lift the scarves over your head, holding them as taut as possible for everyone to see. You’re not there to joke. It’s important there’s no confusion about which team you’re supporting.

How to use the Football/Soccer Sports Scarf Mockup | Design Tutorial


Since the threshold to your creativity when decorating and displaying soccer scarves is infinite, you can always tweak the display design from the ones outlined in this article to your liking.

Take note, however, of the length of the scarves, as the choice of display designs is heavily reliant on it.