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How To Do a Scissors Move in Soccer? A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Do a Scissors Move in Soccer? A Step-by-Step Guide

Since soccer was first discovered centuries ago, it has constantly evolved over the years, growing fast in fame across the world. Although it was basic and had few skills set back in the days, today it is characterized by lots of skills and techniques.

Dribbling happens to be one of the most common skills used over time. Professional soccer players have mastered the art of using dribbling to their advantage on the soccer pitch.

Soccer players use sophisticated skills most of the time to get past opponents during matches. However, some soccer players do not use these techniques for fun or for entertaining their audience alone, but also to humiliate their opponents.

Soccer players playing on the field

One of the most revered skills on the soccer pitch is the scissors move. This move has been one of the most used moves by attackers to get past their opponents.

Existing records show that this move was first used in soccer in the 1900s and was said to have been created by the Argentine striker Pedro Calomino at that time but only became prominent about 20 to 30 years after it was invented.

Since it became prominent, strikers have used this move over the years, leading to it becoming widespread across the world. Today, we have the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and other top soccer players in the world using the scissors move to enhance their effectiveness and productivity on the soccer pitch.

In this article, we will talk about what a scissors move is besides just adding entertainment to the sport. We will also discuss the types of scissors move, the steps required to effectively carry them out, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

See the most important factors to consider while making the scissors move and how to practice them.

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How to do a scissors move in soccer?

The scissors move is one among many other dribbling moves in soccer. It is sometimes referred to as the cousin of the step move. The simple goal of the move is to give a false impression to opponents.

The ability not only to deceive your opponent into thinking you are moving in a false direction but also make them move in that false direction while you elope with the ball in the opposite direction, leaving your opponent confused.

You can do the scissors move while in motion or even from a static position. It involves the use of one leg to sell a false direction by looping around a ball and the other to move away with the ball.

Though the scissors move is seen in different varieties and complex forms across the soccer world, there are two basic methods to do this move (you may refer to them as the basic types).

These two methods include the single scissors that can either be left scissors or right scissors and the double or multiple scissors.

Soccer players fight for the ball on the field

Single scissors move

The goal of the single scissors is to make an opponent go right or left while you move away with the ball in the opposite direction.

To pull this off, you need a great deal of stamina, flexibility, and agility. Most importantly, you must learn how to dribble without looking at the ball. The combination of these abilities is what makes it easy for you to fool your marker.

The steps involved in pulling off a scissors move are explained in detail below. We will illustrate with the right scissors move. To pull off the left scissors move, simply do the opposite using the left leg.

  • Position the ball

Soccer player positioning the ball

Place the ball in front of you when you are about to start the scissors. The distance between the ball and your foot should be about a foot.

If this is done while in motion, try advancing towards an opponent then push the ball forward and move towards it.

Always keep the ball a foot away from yourself, but three to four feet away from your opponent so that it will be hard for them to reach the ball.

The goal here is to ensure you have full possession of the ball even when it is a foot away from you.

  • Lower your body

Soccer player lower his body befor making scissors move

Put your body in a sporty position by leaning forward with your knees bent and your butt extended backward a little. While you do this, ensure you are steady, calm, and in a position that enables a fast response.

  • Make a loop around the ball

Soccer player use his right leg make a loop around the ball

With your toe pointing to the ground, push the right foot forward around the ball in a clockwise direction, making a loop. Your body weight must be comfortably resting on your left leg while you do this.

Also, make sure you don’t allow your opponent to retrieve the ball from you. Opponents, particularly defenders, will try to retrieve the ball from you by sliding.

Soccer player use his right leg make a loop around the ball by his right foot

  • Make a good first impression by landing on your right foot

As you end the loop, land on your right foot. Rest your foot at a 2 o’clock position if you’re in motion, or at a 3 o’clock position if in a static position. Keep a good amount of space between the right foot and the ball.

Ensure you don’t land on the heel of your right foot, as this is likely to cause some hitches that might not only interrupt the flow or prevent you from springing up when needed but also cause an injury to the ankle.

Soccer player doing scissors move

As you land on your right foot, gradually notice how your body weight leaves your left leg and goes to your right leg.

Taking advantage of this, fake a movement to the right while moving your body to the right as well. This will mislead your opponent who will think you’re moving to the right.

  • Use the left foot

Quickly push the ball to the left using the outside of your left foot. This should be in a direction diagonal to your body, with a distance not too far from you or too close to the next opponent—it should be just enough to get past the opponent.

Soccer player push the ball with his left foot

As you make this push, quickly spring off your right foot, moving towards the direction of the ball, which is now to the left. This should be done with good precision and remarkable speed.

  • Increase your pace

Quickly increase your pace as you move in the left direction towards the ball, leaving your opponent surprised and defeated just right behind you. By successfully doing this, your goal has been accomplished.

Soccer players use left foot to push the ball over the opponent

Pros of the single scissors move

  • You can easily get past any opponent with this move
  • A right or left-footed player can easily learn this move using their preferred foot
  • It adds thrills and excitement to a soccer match

Cons of single scissors move

  • An opponent can rough tackle you in the process
  • Opponents can easily predict where you will go if they know your dominant foot
  • A player can easily lose the ball if the move isn’t done properly
  • Injuries are bound to happen if the foot doesn’t rest well on the floor

The double or multiple scissors move

The single right scissors move can be done two or more times to produce the double or multiple right scissors move. This also applies to the single left scissors; it can be done two or more times to produce the double or multiple scissors move.

To make a wonderful spice of the dribble, the right scissors are combined with the left scissors and cut multiple times. When these moves are done properly, opponents are usually left confused and unable to catch up while you’re far gone.

Learn how to do the Scissors Move - Football Soccer 1v1 Tutorial

Pros of the double or multiple scissors moves

  • With these moves, professional soccer players can break through any opponent’s defense
  • It is an entertaining skill to watch in soccer

Cons the double or multiple scissors moves

  • When done wrongly, it reduces the morale of players
  • It’s difficult for average players to master this move
  • A player can easily lose the ball
  • Increases the chances of injuries


Great attention must be given to the opponent by studying the direction the opponent might be coming from and measuring your distance from the opponent.

If your opponent is coming from the left, you must fake your direction to the left to further deceive your opponent into moving to the left.

This gives you ample space to move to the right with the ball without any obstruction. Avoid going too close to your opponent before initiating the scissors move.

Always try to sell your fake position to your opponent properly without any doubt. This can be achieved by truly moving your body in the false direction, as well as your face and arms.

It is also very important to put in great speed and agility when creating the scissors move. This will further reduce any chances for suspicion by an opponent.

Before your opponent realizes what has befallen them, you may well be on your way towards the goal and too far for them to catch up.

How to learn the scissors move?

When practicing the scissors moves, you must watch practical lessons describing how they are done to fully understand the intricacies behind them.

You can also watch professionals like Ronaldo da Silva Souza and Neymar as they’ve effortlessly executed these moves in their previous soccer matches.

Best Stepovers in Football

Begin with the single scissors technique in a static position. Do it repeatedly for over a month to master it.

When you’re comfortable with your progress on the single scissors move in a static position, then you can gradually introduce the motion. Make sure you practice this often, because as the famous saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.

Then, progress to combining the left and right scissors moves to make double and multiple. Also, try to work on your speed and agility while performing these moves.

Use cones and other supporting barriers to enhance learning. Always seek the help of a coach or professional.

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Soccer player practicing with cones

If you can successfully learn these moves in soccer, your level of play will increase drastically and your presence on the soccer pitch will instill fear in your opponents.


The scissors move in soccer is an exceptional dribbling skill that most professional strikers and attackers use in breaking the opponent’s defensive line. It helps in improving players’ efficacy and also spice up their style of play while delivering excitement to the audience.

The scissors move appears complex, especially when a soccer player is newly introduced to it. However, by following the steps on how to make a scissors move in soccer and constantly practicing these steps, a soccer player can easily learn it.

In no distant time, you can become a master of the scissors move in soccer and even be able to properly guide and teach other soccer players with a keen interest in learning the move.