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How to Get Scouted for Soccer? 8 Important Things

How to Get Scouted for Soccer? 8 Important Things

Piet de Visser discovered the players Neymar, Kevin De Bruyne, Ronaldo, and David Luiz. De Visser invented a tactical code that can only be understood by him and his secretary. He affirms that this code is to help him take note of the abilities of a player in five stages.

Using a plus and minus scoring system, their skill, their vision, their mentality, their character, and their physique are measured and marked. For over a decade, his talent to duly recognize the potential of a player placed him as the player adviser for Chelsea.

A scout is hired by a club to discover players for the club. Do you want to attract the attention of a master scout like Piet de Visser? Do you want to get scouted to play soccer?

This article will highlight ways to prepare yourself to get easily scouted for soccer.

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How To Get Scouted

How To Get Scouted for Soccer?

Possessing the technical abilities, an understanding of the game, and age is an attribute that can easily get you scouted. It’s no secret today that the younger you are, the higher your chances of being scouted over an older player.

Well-meaning scouts also look into a player’s family background and if the player is willing to move or relocate. This point mostly applies to young players aged about 10 to 16. If everything goes well, they can be professional soccer players by the time they are in their early twenties.

A player’s personality and character are closely considered. It’s observed how seriously they take the game – if it’s just a pastime activity for them.

Will they lose interest in the long run? When money and fame come, will they still stay motivated to continue to deliver their talent and skills?

In preparation for being scouted, these are some of the steps to take note of.

How To Get Scouted For A Pro Football Team, College or Club Team

Method 1: Having all it takes to get selected

Soccer scouts are always on the look for outstanding players. Everyone who can kick a soccer ball believes they can be the next professional superstar and have the entire stadium screaming their name in glory.

Try to put yourself in the mind of a soccer scout to try to understand what attributes they seek. It goes beyond just having talents. Here are some parameters to examine within yourself to help you get selected.


This involves how well a player handles the ball. Does he possess superb touch and finesse? How are his passing and shooting abilities? What about his dribbling and one-on-one skills?

The aim of soccer is good control of the ball to score a goal. Thus, the player’s unique ability to gain control and manipulate the ball will make him stand out. Work on your technique.


Being fit and being able to stay fit is a must. Another very desirable trait in a player is speed, depending on the field position he intends to play.

Soccer is about agility and stamina. Unless you’re the goalie, you’re expected to cover a reasonable amount of distance in each game. A scout looks to see if you’ll be a liability to your club with constant injuries as a result of overall weakness or poor physique


This can also be referred to as tactical awareness. Vision takes the longest time to master. It involves knowing where you ought to be on the pitch and at what time you ought to be there.

You’re not expected to have it all figured out. A soccer scout is looking to see if you’re easily teachable and can work well with coaches and technical staff.


This can be seen in a player’s actions. Does he take warm-ups seriously? How does he coordinate himself throughout a match? How does he handle disappointments and bad situations? Is he truly putting in the effort? The answers to these questions are closely monitored by the scout.


How well do you behave among people, especially your teammates and coaches? What about at school and other places?

Do people find it easy to get along with you or are you a difficult person? This will surely affect the decision of the scouts as no one wants to handle and work with a brat.

What do scouts look for in footballers?


  • Having these attributes increases your chances of selection.
  • It acts as a great confidence booster knowing you’ve all of these.
  • It makes you a better team player and makes it easier to play the sport.
  • Having all it takes increases your overall market value in the sport. Scouts have an eye for seeing future potentials.


  • The pressure to keep up can be tiring
  • As a mediocre player, you do not stand the chance of selection.

Method 2: Have a working plan

What exactly is the goal here for you? Are you looking to take on soccer as a career and become a professional soccer player or just trying out a hobby?

Desiring to be scouted in hopes of becoming a professional soccer player has to be more than just wishful thinking; you’ve to be intentional about it all. There are over 250 million people worldwide actively participating in the sport. What would set you apart?

Most players start from a low-ranking team and work their way up while improving their technique. As a prospective player, you can also identify a semi-pro soccer team and find a way to make it into their reserve squad and prove your worth before securing a regular spot.

Sit with yourself and draw out a plan, early enough, of what you want to achieve. Always remember age is not always on your side.

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  • Like with most things in life, creating a plan gives structure and steps to how best to achieve things.
  • As a sport where age can be a limiting factor, drawing out a working plan helps you know when and where you need to be in your journey of becoming a soccer professional.
  • It makes it easier to get scouted
  • It mentally prepared you for the task ahead.


  • It’s a time-consuming process.
  • There’s no guarantee it’ll get you scouted, making the entire process futile.

Method 3: Have a Better Understanding of the Scouting Process

Start by understanding who a soccer scout truly is and what their objectives are to the game. Why are these persons so important to your career as a professional soccer player?

The next step will be to have a grasp of all that the scouting process entails. Difficult areas have different ways scouts approach potential players. Take the time to figure out how it works in your locality.

Remember when we talked about being intentional? You cannot choose to stay ignorant and expect to get the best out of the scouting process. When and where are the tryouts? Would joining a soccer academy be the best option or should you try college soccer?

What young players NEED to make it - Jürgen Klopp Advice


  • You’re more informed of what is expected during the scouting process.
  • This gives you an edge over others by using the acquired information to your advantage.
  • Since you understand what scouts will be looking for, it helps you make targeted improvements in these areas.


  • Minus the fact that it’ll require extra time to conduct a comprehensive research about the process, there are no definitive disadvantages of understanding the scouting process.
  • You are undeterred 

Method 4: Get visible

Those big names in soccer were once not heard of. Many had to set themselves apart by building a name for themselves in the sport. They had to be at the right showcasing their soccer skills to be seen.

Having all the right talent and skills for soccer but staying hidden is an easy way to get lost in the sports world. Scouts are always actively looking for young talents to recruit – it is the main part of their job description. The question is, where are you?

A highlight video is a good way to show off your skills. In the world of soccer, it goes beyond just saying what you can deliver but being able to showcase it. Without worthy evidence, no one would pay you any mind.

Select standout moments of you playing soccer. Note that a highlight video should not be longer than 5 minutes.

Include your strengths and versatility and not just focus on one skill – it should show how well you tackle, pass, head and score if you’re an intending outfield player. Your best highlights should come first because many coaches may not have the time to watch a video to the end.

Cristiano Ronaldo ● HARD WORK ● TRAINING 2017

In today’s world, there are many ways to get and stay visible. You can actively reach out to coaches and scouts, although it’s a less effective approach, it puts you out there to be seen.

You can use social media to your advantage by uploading short videos of yourself in action. Friends and family can come in handy to help promote you on all social media platforms.

In recent times, we have seen the huge impact social media trends have had on the world. If there’s a trend you can hop on, do not hesitate to showcase yourself.

This is associated with you building a noteworthy reputation such that people keep talking about you; It’s easy to do this.

If you are a striker, you simply have to keep scoring goals and making targeted and coordinated attacks. As a goalkeeper, the ball ought to stay out of the net as often as possible.

You also have to coordinate your team members and point out what they might be failing to see that you can. Simply put, ensure a performance worthy of a buzz every time you play.


  • It helps boost your confidence and self-esteem knowing others approve and commend your soccer talent and skills.
  • Since there’s no limit on how to get discovered, staying visible increases your chances of being seen.
  • It keeps you focused and motivated to stay on your goal of becoming a professional soccer player.


  • Actively engaging in acts to stay visible without any results can be frustrating and tiring.
  • It may take some time to yield results and age is not always on your side.

A better way to increase the odds of getting seen by staying visible is to have physical contact with scouts. How is this possible?

Cristiano Ronaldo Shows his Workout Routine!

Method 5: Attend Tryouts and Soccer Combine

Where can you find soccer scouts? If they do not come to you, then you should go to them. Local teams are always looking for young talents and organize regular tryouts and combine sessions.

Get visible by applying for these opportunities. Soccer scouts are usually available and can easily spot you. All you have to do is to ensure you’re ready to give your best when called upon – it’s time to show all you’ve practiced!

Some team coaches make public advertisements or leave the invitation on the team’s website. You should always be on the lookout for these invitations.

There’s also nothing wrong with sending emails to coaches to express your desire to be part of their team. Being chosen to be part of a soccer team would mean you get to have teammates and coaching staff that can act as your references when you get discovered by a scout.


  • It’s a one-way ticket into the club of your choice.
  • It’s a chance to showcase your best performance.
  • Being commended and selected can be an exhilarating experience.


  • It can be both physically and mentally tasking
  • In trying to impress coaches and scouts, you may end up performing under par because of fear and anxiety
  • There’s always that chance you never get selected, making it all a total waste of time.

The children are in a soccer tryout

Method 6: Join high school soccer, college soccer, or soccer academy

There are several options to choose from to get started early in your soccer career. Again, it’s all about looking at areas where soccer scouts are readily available.

Scouts are especially interested in younger players because they have a longer professional soccer career ahead of them. If you’re currently in high school, take advantage of this opportunity to join your school’s soccer team.

If you’re in college or seeking to gain college admission, it’s a smart move to seek out colleges that have great soccer opportunities. This way you can both combine academics with achieving your dreams.

In the US, college soccer has a well-known reputation for producing some of the best talents in the country. Imagine being recognized in your college soccer team as an outstanding player and having the honor of a world-class scout sitting in the stands watching you play.

Scouts look the way of high school, college soccer, and soccer academies because it’s easy to get a history of the success of players. What’s more, players are exposed to the expertise of experienced coaches and technical staff, and also modern soccer technology.

The same applies to soccer academies overseas. Many of these academies have produced some of the big names that grace the world of soccer.

A High School Soccer Match


  • It’s an easier way to get scouted for professional soccer.
  • You get to work with the best soccer staff available.
  • It’s easy to have a history of performances and a track record.
  • It helps build your confidence working with teammates who are skilled and properly trained.


  • You’re competing with teammates to get scouted. This may be seen as a motivating factor but can also be counterproductive for your mental health.
  • Many young players never get selected and end up changing careers.
  • Combining academics with soccer can be a distraction.

Method 7: Get the right connections

Scouts work closely with coaches and their technical staff. Sometimes, these coaches invite scouts to come to look out for potential talents.

In the world of soccer, every stakeholder is important. A good word from someone you may not consider important can go a long way in shaping your career.

Imagine a situation where a renowned soccer scout and a community new youth coach have a close relationship. Should the youth coach discover exceptional talents in his team, a phone call to the scout will have these young players accessing opportunities many players could only dream of.

As you focus on improving yourself as a player, ensure you leave a good impression on people in the soccer community. You may never know through whom you could get connected to a soccer scout.


  • Hard work surely pays but having the right connections can bring the pay a whole lot quicker.
  • It helps you build relationships
  • It teaches you how to work with people, which is an important aspect of building relationships.


  • You can be perceived as a beneficiary of nepotism
  • It could cause strife between you and other teammates.
  • It can sometimes downplay your skills and abilities.
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Method 8: Have a detailed soccer résumé at hand

A soccer résumé is a must-have. You do need one so that clubs and coaches can easily analyze you. You should always have one available to give out to scouts should you meet them anywhere.

One page is ideal. Information that is relevant and ought to be present on the résumé include your name, date of birth, country of passport, email, contact number, previous clubs, personal achievements, weight, height, preferred position, strongest foot, sprint speed, vertical jump, referees and a photo of you, a player.


  • This ensures you’re always ready to be scouted at any time.
  • It helps keep you organized and focused on achieving your professional soccer player goal.
  • In locations where you cannot physically showcase yourself to scouts, like in a sporting event, your résumé helps speak for you.


  • The résumé doesn’t guarantee selection as scouts are only interested in seeing your performance.
  • You may come off as being too desperate by handing out résumé to scouts.
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Becoming a pro soccer player is very competitive. To stand out, you have to be a good soccer player, be a leader on the pitch, and have the right attitude.

A great attitude with technical ability – even if it’s not at its best but present regardless and can be improved on over time – can get you scouted. Now, to be scouted you’ll need a little bit of luck and a whole lot of exceptional performance. One good game won’t get you scouted; getting scouted is a long process.