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How To Keep Soccer Socks Above The Knee? 5 Effective Methods

How To Keep Soccer Socks Above The Knee? 5 Effective Methods

Soccer socks are as important as jerseys during matches—and it goes beyond just being a means of differentiating one team from another. Soccer socks protect soccer players too—and we will tell you how subsequently.

However, for non-soccer players, the importance of socks is often overlooked. Apart from the official team socks, soccer players often wear other types of socks to improve comfort and stability.

Key Takeaways

  • Soccer players will only get the full benefit of socks when it is placed above the knee
  • The secret to keeping soccer socks above the knee often begins with getting right-fitting socks
  • Most soccer players use tape to keep their socks above the knee
  • Rubber bands can also be used to hold the socks above the knee

A soccer player’s choice of soccer socks must comply with Law 4 of the FIFA Laws of the Game. Perhaps, this explains why you will see soccer players wear soccer socks of different lengths.

Socks worn over the knees became trendy after soccer legend Thierry Henry adopted them as his unique kit style. Although we still can’t tell why it is still in vogue, long after he retired from playing soccer professionally, maybe other players thought his long socks made him play better.

What we do know is that many soccer players often crave uniqueness and flamboyant personalities, which often drives them to wear different dress patterns on the soccer field.

It may appear simple for Thierry Henry, but keeping soccer socks above the knee is a difficult task. The game of soccer usually requires players to run on the pitch, and in such instances, most of the gear worn by a player always tends to readjust by itself.

There are many effective ways of keeping long soccer socks above the knee if you are having such a challenge. Some of our methods might seem unconventional but we are sure you will be shocked at how effective they will be when you give them a try.

How do soccer players keep socks above the knee during a game?

Soccer players are only required to use officially accepted equipment while on the pitch. Long socks are permitted, as long as they are the right color, are of the right quality, and fit.

Players don’t wear long socks for the fun of it alone, they serve significant purposes. Long socks properly secure the shin guards, keep the feet warm, and also prevent them from sliding inside the soccer cleats.

During cold seasons, most players prefer wearing longer socks that go above the knee. Another benefit of wearing soccer socks that go above the knee is that they can prevent turf burn from the legs.

Soccer players often slide on the pitch for tackles or goal celebrations. Artificial turfs can heat up during play and cause turf burns when they come in contact with bare skin. Longer socks serve as a barrier that prevents that from happening.

Slide tackle in soccer

Any player can wear socks that go above the knee but some players choose to avoid it because of the trouble they have with keeping them above the knee. Knowing that you are fully protected as a soccer player can significantly improve your performance.

Let’s take a look at some methods for keeping soccer socks above the knee.

1. Make use of socks tape

Long socks can be kept above the knee using athletic tape. This tape ensures that your long socks remain above your knee even when you sweat or when you run around and stump your feet on the ground.

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On days when your shin guard moves out of place, it will drag your long socks downwards if it isn’t readjusted. This situation can cause a player to become uncomfortable and distracted on the pitch.

When long socks are taped above the knee, a player wouldn’t have to worry about them pulling down, even when the shin guard shifts from their original position. Tapes can also be used to hold the shin guard in place so that they don’t move around.

Playing soccer without distraction is a fantastic experience that the socks tape can provide. The time you would have spent on readjusting your shin guard would now go into other productive activities on the pitch.

It is important to know how to use this product because wrapping it loosely would make it ineffective and wrapping it too tightly would obstruct blood flow. When blood flow is obstructed while playing soccer, the risk of injuries is heightened.

For maximum effectiveness, wrap the tape above the ankle, around the shin guard, and slightly above the knee.


If you feel like it is cutting circulation, then it is too tight. On the other hand, if you stump your feet on the ground a few times and it starts sliding down, that means it is not tight enough.

2. Buy quality high-knee socks

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Quality high-knee socks are the best type of long socks to buy if you need socks that will stay stuck above your knee. They give soccer players the feeling of leggings, although they are usually thicker than leggings.

High-knee socks can adequately cover your shin guard and protect your legs from bruises. These socks are only designed for players who initially have a liking for long socks.

a kid wears high knee soccer socks

Original high-knee socks don’t usually need regular adjustments because they hardly go down by themselves while a player is running on the pitch. They are made long and tight enough to withstand the usual straining that comes with playing soccer, unlike regular long socks.

It also saves dress-up time because while using them, you wouldn’t need to spend time taping your socks or your shin guard. You are only required to wear them and draw them up to their full length.

These designs of soccer socks are also good because they provide compression for the feet. They also help in ensuring proper circulation of blood around the lower part of the body which will in turn prevent muscle stiffness and cramps.

Some studies also claim that long soccer socks that go above the knee also help in boosting stamina because they help oxygen to effectively circulate through the legs. Socks usually come in three different sizes namely small, medium, and large.

The reason for the different sizes is to make the socks suitable for soccer players with varying calf muscle sizes. One of the secrets to getting soccer socks to stay above the knee is to go for a pair of socks that is a size below your calf muscle size.

For example, if you have a medium calf muscle size, go for small-size socks. They will feel tighter around your legs but will stay wherever you keep them because the major reason why socks will not stay above the knee is when they are a bit loose.

3. Make use of rubber bands

When soccer socks can’t seem to stay in place for long, the use of a rubber band is usually effective. To use the rubber band method, start by pulling up your long socks to their maximum length above your knee.

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Then, wear the rubber band through your feet up to the length of the socks and let it rest a centimeter or half below the top. Fold the top of the socks to cover up the rubber band so that it wouldn’t be visible.

keep high knee soccer socks stay in place with rubber band

A good rubber band can firmly hold your socks through the entire period of a soccer match. However, a wrong choice of rubber band can affect you adversely in the long run when it starts getting uncomfortable.

Make sure that the rubber band you are using isn’t too tight because it can obstruct blood flow. Also, make sure the rubber band of your choice is top quality so that it doesn’t snap during the game. This can also happen when the rubber band is too tight.

4. Cut your long socks and combine them with grip socks

This method of keeping soccer socks above the knee requires a bit of skill to do it correctly. Since the official team socks are not custom-made, some players will have theirs fit correctly while others will struggle to keep theirs above the knee.

If you happen to be one of the players that got the wrong fitting pair, you can cut it into a footless tube and wear it over more fitting custom socks that you purchased elsewhere. First, get yourself a short pair of socks (preferably grip socks).

Proceed to carefully cut your official soccer socks some centimeters above the ankle area, making sure not to damage the needlework or embroidery. The next thing you will need to do is to put on your short socks and then wear the cut official socks over the short socks.

Tape both socks together with matching-colored sock tape where they overlap each other. Your taping should be fitting, tight, and neat so they don’t appear as two different socks. This method helps soccer players in using their favorite short socks on their long-knee socks.

When a long and short sock is combined, it makes the long knee sleeves go beyond their original length which gives them extra grip on the legs. Meanwhile, soccer players should be aware that combining socks like that can increase the possibility of sweating when the weather is warm.

Also, the knee sleeve may come off if the socks are not taped together properly. The downside of this technique is that it takes more time to get it ready.

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5. Properly fasten your shin guards before wearing socks

As a result of the close contact between the shin guards and socks, whenever the shin guards move around, they will drag the socks with them.

Therefore, wearing your shin guards correctly is yet another remedy for the issue of dropping soccer socks. The way your shin guards are attached to your legs generally influences how well your socks stay on you.

striker wearing shin guards

If needed, hold the shin guards in place with sock tape or a wrap so they can stay in one place, thereby preventing your soccer socks from slipping off. Another viable option would be the use of shin guard sleeves.

Not securing your shin guard properly will not only pull down your socks, but it may also move out of place and not provide the desired protection for your shins which can lead to serious injuries when players clash.


A crucial component of a soccer player’s kit is socks. For example, if a player doesn’t have socks on for the game, they are labeled ineligible to play by the referee.

Depending on their tastes, soccer players often wear different types of socks. Socks provide certain advantages to soccer players, including warmth, comfort, and protection.

Soccer socks may drop for a couple of reasons while a player is on the pitch. These reasons may range from the material the sock was made with to the weather condition, or how well the socks fit the player.

It may be a good idea to try out different techniques from the list we have provided until you find the perfect fit. Nevertheless, getting right-fitting socks is always the perfect start to keeping the socks above the knee.