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How To Meet Soccer Players Before A Game? 9 Places

How To Meet Soccer Players Before A Game? 9 Places

Though it might seem almost impossible, there are various methods to meet soccer players before a game. Even the biggest names in soccer like Ronaldo and Messi can still be reached if you understand the how, when, and where to find them.

People all over the world, be they fans or sports enthusiasts, desire to meet professional soccer players for different reasons. As celebrities, these professional soccer players can’t have time for everyone.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have obsessed fans who would do anything to get an autograph and take memorable pictures with them. Irrespective of whichever category you may fall in, this article attempts to provide different methods to meet your favorite soccer players.

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A soccer player is signing autographs for fans

How To Meet Soccer Players Before A Game?

You can meet any soccer player of your choice if you heed the following methods, however, they aren’t quite as simple as they may seem. You need to develop an attitude of resilience in case you encounter failures along the line.

Are you ready to meet your favorite soccer player? To point you in the right direction, here are some places and situations where you can meet them before a game.

  • Famous exclusive sports bars and clubs
  • The player’s residence
  • Become a member of a fan club
  • During training
  • Sports events and shows
  • Hotels or Airports
  • On social media
  • Dating sites

Before we delve deeper into how to meet them in each of these places, it’s important to reiterate that it may not always come out as planned, irrespective of the approach used. To this end, we’ll be addressing the pros and cons of meeting some of your favorite soccer players in any of these places.

Famous Exclusive Sports Bars and clubs

If sports bars and clubs do not appeal to you but you need to meet your favorite soccer player, you may want to reconsider visiting these places.

Soccer players may look all serious and focus on the pitch but don’t let this fool you – they love to party as hard as they play (well not all of them)! It’s common practice to see them do this after a game or at the end of the soccer season.

For younger upcoming soccer superstars, it’s easy to meet them at open sports bars and clubs because they love to bask in their supporters’ adulation. This is an easy way to approach them since they’re in an open public space. Just be careful not to scare them off.

For more professional soccer players, especially because they tend to attract lots of fans/crowds, you can expect to meet them at a more exclusive sports bar and club.

These are not your regular upcoming soccer celebrities, so you’ve to expect a little more security around them; besides the one already available at the venue.

Make your approach as carefully as possible with your intentions boldly known. They’re most receptive to meeting new fans and would allow an audience with you if you play things well.

How do you know which sports club and bar they could be in? You’ve to start by asking around.

It has to be in an upscale part of the city, and large enough to entertain guests. They’re usually seated in the VIP section, so getting their attention quickly would mean finding a way to get into the VIP section too.

Once you’ve figured out the sports club and bar they frequent, wait for the right time to meet with them. They’re more in a lively and approachable mood after a successful game.

Do you have an idea which sports club and bar your favorite soccer player parties in? Check out those venues for a chance of meeting them someday.

Sports Bars: Better Than The Stadium


  • You can get to meet many soccer players in person.
  • You can get their autograph, take a selfie with them, and have some social media fame.
  • You could end up becoming good friends with them.
  • You might even go on a date and probably have an affair with them.


  • Such places are for wealthy people. Unless you’ve got enough spending cash, this could be counterproductive in the long run.
  • After spending all that money, you might not be allowed to get too close to the soccer player.
  • You might be thrown out if you’re not invited.
  • It could be time-consuming if not successful. As much as they’re open to meeting fans, they rather enjoy the reason they came out; to party!

The player’s residence

Just like they say, there’s no place like home so no matter how busy a soccer player can get, he will always come back to his home. All you have to do is to locate their residence then devise a strategy to meet them.

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that most people (probably you inclusive) would want some bit of privacy and rest from whatever world you’ve to deal with out there. As a true fan, should you be asked to respect the player’s privacy by leaving, it’s best you obey, for the sake of their sanity.

This is because, sometimes, obsessed fans hang around outside the home of their idols just to glance at them whenever they drive in with their expensive cars – they might wave and get their attention. Sports journalists and paparazzi are also guilty of this type of invasion.

It is important to note that these soccer players are surrounded and protected by convoys and security officers who may find your gestures threatening.

Seeing players walk out of their homes to, for instance, walk their dogs doesn’t necessarily mean they’re open to meeting a stranger. If they are, they’ll beckon to you for an audience.

If all these methods don’t work out in a soccer player’s house, you can try to apply for a job to be a staff in his house.

As ridiculous as this may seem, if somehow you qualify and get employed as a staff, then a huge congratulations to you for getting your heart’s desire. Just don’t forget to do the actual work for which you were employed.


  • You might be warmly welcomed to their homes and become a guest of honor.
  • You might end up becoming good friends when he sees your commitment.
  • You know where to find them when they are free.


  • You might seem like a threat and a stalker.
  • The soccer player might be irritated by your presence, invading his privacy.
  • You could get arrested if your intentions are misconstrued.
  • Wasted effort.
  • If the player gets transferred, then you’ve to start the process of finding and trying to get an audience in their home.

Become a member of a fan club

Being a member of a fan club is the quickest and easiest way for you to meet your favorite soccer player. Who doesn’t want to see an organization of people that loves their work? Soccer players are thrilled and humbled when they see their fans manage a fan club.

These are not just regular fan clubs, rather they are registered to operate legally. As a dedicated member, these clubs cheer the clubs’ successes and provide ample opportunity to meet any soccer player of your choice.

This may seem like pushing your luck but you also have the option of sending them a private message. Soon, they might also want to know more about you when you introduce yourself to them.


  • A sense of belonging
  • The possibility of meeting your favorite soccer player is higher
  • You get the opportunity to travel to away games to support the team and your favorite soccer player
  • Becoming a fan might boost your self-esteem.
  • Can provide you with numerous opportunities to cheer and make the right connections
  • Fandom allows you to socialize with people who share your interests.


  • Requires membership fee.
  • Ticket costs can be expensive
  • The cost of souvenirs.
  • Extra subscription packages may be required.
  • Fandom has the potential to evolve into addiction.
  • Disputes among groups of fans.

During training sessions

If you’re a devoted fan, this is one of the best ways to meet a soccer player before a game. The training session is where players prepare for their upcoming matches. You can utilize this opportunity to look out for them on the training ground.

However, you might not be allowed entrance into the gate. This would mean you would have to wait outside with several other fans until they come out. Then you can struggle to gain their attention by asking for an autograph, and they might just come closer to you.


  • You might get an opportunity to see them up close.
  • You could get their autograph
  • If you come early, you might be lucky enough to meet them in person as they arrive.
  • There’s a higher probability of making physical contact with a handshake or hug.


  • It might be a wasted effort.
  • You might be ignored among several fans.
Inside Training: Boss goals, big saves and skills in the rondos

Sports events and shows

This is another common place you can meet any soccer player of your choice. When not on the field of play, soccer players sometimes attend other games as spectators. Although they often sit in the VIP section, you can get to see them before the start or end of the game.

If you have the money for it, you can also purchase a VIP seat for that particular game and sit right next to your favorite soccer player in the VIP box. They’re more relaxed and open to conversations in such situations.

When they’re to play on the field, as a fan, you can get to the pitch as early as possible and have a chance to communicate with them before the match starts.

Soccer players have a mini-training session on the field just before the start of a game. You might even get their autograph and take selfies with them.

Moreover, if you don’t get to meet them on the field, another alternative is to find them on TV shows. Take note of their social media accounts to boost your odds of discovering their next location. Sports and other TV-related shows are common events for soccer players.

As guests, they are open to receiving fans and interact more freely and openly with everyone. Find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd and you could get the player’s attention.

many fans gathered at a soccer event


  • An ideal option for meeting a soccer player, if all odds fail
  • You get to attend soccer events and all things related
  • You could get more of their autographs.
  • Since they’re open to conversations, you should be able to hold a conversation about topics that interest both of you


  • It might seem too desperate to meet them on the pitch before a match.
  • Other fans might not make it possible for you because they might also use this method.
  • You might be restricted from getting too close to them.
  • It’s expensive to pay for a seat in the VIP box with a professional soccer player
  • Security is tighter for soccer players when they’re not playing on the pitch

Hotels or Airports

Since soccer players need a place to stay whenever they’re playing away matches, hotels are the best resort for them. Take the time to find the hotels they’re lodging and get there and see if you’ll be allowed to reach them.

Most of these hotels have services in place to cater to celebrity privacy. As usual, you may have to wait outside like other fans to get their attention, if you’re unable to secure and pay for a room in the hotel. Keep in mind that several hotels have separate exits for celebrities, so you might never get fortunate to get close to your favorite soccer players.

However, you can also use the airport to connect with soccer players because they might be playing international matches. It’ll be great to also meet them when they are back from a successful match. Airports are open public spaces where just about anyone is allowed to move freely.

Although there are VIP waiting lounges, where professional soccer players are expected to stay, these places are not entirely restricted. Find out the airport for their travels and book yourself a Business or First Class ticket. You’ll be allowed access to the VIP waiting area where you can have access to your favorite soccer player.

Fans can meet soccer player at hotels or airports


  • You can have access to them if you’re lodging at the same hotel and probably at a closer suite. This gives you an edge over the average fan.
  • You can easily get an autograph or selfie.
  • You might also get their attention at the airport.
  • The hotel gym and bar is an excellent place to meet them and hold conversations


  • It is an expensive option because hotel rooms/suites, as well as airport VIP lounges, are not cheap to book.
  • Security at the airport might stop you from contacting the soccer player.
  • There’s still a chance you could get ignored.
  • Other loyal fans might make it difficult for you to reach your idols.
Liverpool Squad Arrive At John Lennon Airport Ahead Of Champions League Final

On social media

Social media is the quickest way to connect with anyone in today’s world. Soccer players are no exception to these privileges. Everyone, including soccer players, utilizes the online space to share their thoughts.

You can follow them on their various social media platforms and engage in their posts. Although some managers place restrictions on how social media should be used, it doesn’t stop them from going through private chat messages and tagged posts.

Engage them on their posts and it could come off to them as fan positive vibes. Social media sites like Instagram allow for live sessions with fans. Take a chance and engage them positively if selected and leave a lasting impression on them.

However, don’t be too desperate about it. Social media can be a turn-off for celebrities when people try to poke into their lives and invade their privacy. Soccer players also love their privacy, so don’t use your fandom to irritate them.


  • The easiest method of virtually meeting and following your favorite soccer players.
  • You could get famous if you eventually become friends with them.
  • You could also get some connections that could be beneficial in the long run.


  • Social media can never equate to the real world. “Likes” and “Shares” do not necessarily mean a relationship with your favorite soccer player has been established.
  • You could be seen as a troll.
  • You might get lost among the crowd.

Meeting the players at the pre-match conference

Professional soccer matches, especially the important ones, hold pre-match press conferences where players and their coaches get to answer questions from the press. This is yet another opportunity for you to meet your favorite soccer player.

Find a way to gain access to the venue and you stand a chance to see players close up. Obviously, you can not disguise yourself as a member of the press (that’s illegal), unless you’re coincidentally one, you need to approach the venue as a fan.


  • Players are more cheerful and hopeful before a match. An audience with them at such a time will be welcoming
  • You get to see them before they step out on the field of play before all the other screaming fans


  • Pre-match conferences are usually not open to all and sundry. You could be prevented from accessing the conference room.
  • Since players will be meeting members of the public, expect security to be tightened.
Pre-Match Press Conference | Manchester United v Arsenal | Premier League

Dating sites

This comes last on the list because it’s easy to see it as weird and not a common place to meet soccer players (even for us this is weird). This avenue is available for people who don’t just want to meet soccer players for an autograph, selfie, etc.

Though it might look quite impossible, the fact remains that a lot of fans want to be romantically involved with their favorite soccer players; soccer players on the other hand also welcome the idea.

Note: This isn’t for underage fans but it’s available for people over 30 years old. Various dating sites make it possible to connect with soccer players.

The dating sites eliminate various problems associated with hooking up with women at bars and clubs. It also promotes the possibility of having a valuable relationship between soccer players and the women they encounter.

They might reveal their names but conceal their profile picture so you won’t suspect they are the one. This is because they don’t want fake relationships or obsessed fans who will jump at this opportunity with bad intentions.


  • If for some strange reason this works out for you, then you not only get to meet your favorite soccer player, you also find love in the process.
  • It’s a highway ticket to having a serious relationship with your idol.
  • A wide range of prospective mates.
  • Virtual dating can be done practically anywhere.
  • There’s a chance that your fear of rejection is smaller.


  • It’s not easy to find love online let alone from someone as busy as a professional soccer player.
  • Internet dating is plagued with malicious activities.
  • Anyone could disrespect you without having an idea what their true motives/intentions are.
  • After a while, many people abandon online dating. 
  • People can easily impersonate your favorite soccer players in their profiles.
  • Internet dating raises privacy problems.


It’s very possible to meet soccer players before a game, however, each method comes with its pros and cons.

As a committed fan, your dream will surely come through if you apply any of the methods above that are easily accessible to you. When you get the opportunity you so desire, remember to smile as wide as you can in the picture – you’re deserving of it!