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How To Record A Soccer Game With A GoPro?

How To Record A Soccer Game With A GoPro?

Soccer over the years has gained massive recognition around the world although most Americans are just starting to appreciate it. Football and basketball have always been their top choice.

The huge catalog of well-filmed and edited soccer clips on the internet is among the major reasons why soccer is gradually gaining followership in America.

Key Takeaways

  • GoPro cameras are designed for filming objects in motion which makes them suitable for filming soccer
  • Little technical skill is required for operating GoPro cameras
  • The cameras are portable and lightweight which gives the user mounting flexibility
  • Soccer players can wear a GoPro camera to get a first-person POV of their own actions
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Many captivating moments during soccer matches would have been lost in time if they weren’t captured on camera. Soccer matches started being recorded and broadcasted on television as far back as 1938.

A lot of improvements have been made to the functionalities and structure of cameras since soccer started being aired on Television. In the past, cameras were very large and difficult to operate unlike what we have today.

Since soccer isn’t scripted and also fast-paced, recording it on camera is a bit more complicated than regular filming. This means that without using the right camera and not being aware of some basic tips and recording techniques, you might end up with bad footage.

Video recording has come to become an important aspect of soccer. If matches aren’t recorded, coaches might find it difficult to analyze their team’s performance. Strategizing plans that will help their team perform better in subsequent games will also be daunting.

Parents who enroll their kids in soccer academies often feel the need to film them while playing. This isn’t just for entertainment and memory sakes alone, they also do it for proper documentation of their kid’s progress in soccer.

The GoPro has come to become the most suitable camera brand for recording fast-paced activities like sports. Aside from delivering spectacular imagery, they are easy to operate, lightweight, and portable.

For those just being newly introduced to GoPro cameras, we will teach you how to properly record soccer matches using them. Just keep reading.

Recording soccer game with a gopro

How to record a soccer game with a GoPro?

Soccer isn’t ordinary, it has become a movement that has transformed lives and influenced cultures all over the world. This is why every moment of it deserves to be captured and documented using any available means.

Many famous soccer players today often admit to gaining interest in playing soccer after watching their favorite players on TV. If soccer isn’t recorded, people who can’t go to stadiums on match days would have to miss out on the fun.

Soccer, like every other fast-paced sport, is hard to capture on camera. With low-quality cameras or those that are not designed to capture objects in motion, you will end up with blurry images that will be distasteful to watch.

Many devices can be used in recording a soccer match but the GoPro is preferred by many people for certain reasons. Today, the GoPro camera is arguably the best asset you can acquire if you are interested in having a personal video catalog of live soccer matches.

Being a portable camera that delivers high-quality videos in all scenarios makes the GoPro suitable for filming soccer matches. Furthermore, it is user-friendly and doesn’t require too much technical knowledge to operate.

Regular cameras like the 360 or DSLR cameras might not give you the desired video quality when filming soccer games even though they are heavier with larger lenses.

The GoPro records at a capture rate of 60 frames per second and offer 48 minutes of 4k or 1-hour 1080 (120fps) recording time. This should be enough to record each half of a soccer match without interruption.

Man recording a soccer game with a gopro

With a camera like GoPro, you don’t have to struggle to catch up with the game or twist your body in awkward angles that may cause body aches.

Considering the fact that association football is an outdoor game and that the weather can change drastically, it is soothing to know that GoPro cameras are usually waterproof.

The HERO5 model and other HERO models are waterproof and can survive in water up to 10 meters (33 feet). Therefore, it will take more than just a heavy downpour to cause damage to the cameras.

It takes more than just a great camera to capture the best shots during soccer matches. The fact that anyone can easily learn how to operate a 4k GoPro camera doesn’t mean they can automatically capture impressive shots when filming soccer matches.

Using the right camera and accessories combined with a bit of training can help your soccer match recordings stand out and look professional. Below are some important steps to help you have a smooth recording.

Crosscheck your equipment


Doing a thorough check of all your equipment is mandatory before heading to the match venue. Make sure the GoPro camera is fully charged and also has backup power packs or batteries and memory cards.

We believe you might be wondering if GoPro cameras use memory cards. Yes, the newer models of these cameras usually have slots for microSD cards so you don’t easily run out of memory.

Your tripod must also be in good condition and long enough for use on the pitch. It is only when you have finished your crosscheck that you should pack up your recording equipment and leave the house.

Take a tour of the match venue

A soccer game

Experienced cameramen don’t just arrive at match venues and start filming without first doing a thorough check of the match venue.

By surveying the match venue before the match commences, you will discover the angle around the pitch that will offer the best recording experience.

It is unprofessional to stand at angles that can obstruct the view of spectators. Some angles can also cause your footage to come out blurry even with a 4k GoPro camera due to direct rays from the sun.

Don’t set up your recording equipment where it will obstruct the free flow of traffic in the stadium. Doing so can cost you your camera, especially when there is a rush in and out of the stadium.

Set up your equipment

Gopro on the soccer field

Once you have secured a suitable spot close to the pitch, go ahead and start setting up your recording equipment. Stand the tripod on the chosen spot and mount your camera on it. You can either use a regular tripod or a tripod specifically designed for GoPro cameras.

The tripod used for recording soccer games should be set at an elevated position to capture a wider range of the pitch. The recommended height for capturing soccer with the help of a tripod is 16 feet.

The tripod performs a very important role—it ensures that your camera remains static while recording. Recording without using a tripod will make your videos shaky.

If you are recording with the GoPro for the first time, you should use the procedures listed below to get your GoPro camera ready for use.

  • Peel off the screen guard and switch on the camera by short-pressing the Power/Mode button on the face of the camera. It will take a few seconds to boot.
  • Make sure the microSD card in the camera doesn’t contain any previous recordings. If they contain videos or files that aren’t important, simply delete them to create space for your soccer recording.
  • You will notice three red flashes and hear three beeps on the device once it comes ON
  • Set up your preferred language, accept the terms of use, and go ahead to download the GoPro App.
  • Locate the settings and set up your camera for the best results according to the recommendation which includes a “wide” Field of view (FOV), 120fps Frame Rate (FPS), and 1080 or 4k resolution.
  • Set the shutter speed between 1/1000 and above to avoid blur.
  • You can also perform other settings such as filming duration, HyperSmooth stabilization, timer, zoom, scheduled capture, and HindSight if need be.
  • Practice filming runs to test your shots and the video quality before the real game begins. Remember to delete the test videos when you are done filming.
  • Start recording once the match commences.

Follow this recording advice 

To achieve standard footage at the end of the day, make sure you know where and how to focus your GoPro camera. Focus more on key players on the pitch.

If you are filming your kid playing soccer in a team, your child should be the focus. However, don’t make the entire recording about your child or it would be boring to watch.

Also, take quick shots at the scoreboard especially when goals are scored. Don’t forget to capture the referee as well. It is easy to forget that referees are an important part of soccer matches.

Use the zoom button only when necessary, like when displaying the names or jersey numbers of players that scored goals. Using zoom too often will make your footage appear amateur.

Pause filming after the first half of a match and continue when the second half commences. You can also stop recording when the match is suspended due to harsh weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

You can either swap batteries or connect the GoPro camera to a power source during a halftime break. This is also the perfect time to swap the memory card currently in use.

Remember to always experiment with different angles while maintaining dynamic and steady shots. Don’t forget to also capture good sound quality to go with your recording—use an external microphone if necessary.

How to record soccer games #1 - Location, Perspective Zoom

Attaching the GoPro camera to your head

You can also wear the GoPro camera on your head with the help of a head strap and a QuickClip. This method of using the GoPro camera is more popular with hikers and bikers when capturing immersive shots from the first-person point of view.

The head strap is fully adjustable to fit all head sizes and can even be worn on a hat for added comfort when taking POV shots on the soccer pitch. POV shots mimic the perspective of your eyesight.

When you get the GoPro head strap, marry it with your GoPro camera using a screw that comes with the strap. Make sure you tighten it properly to make it stable on your head and prevent ending up with a shaky video.

It isn’t advisable to play soccer with the GoPro camera strapped to your head like a headlamp because of potential injuries. It is unlikely that the match officials will allow you to play a professional soccer game with the camera strapped to your head.

However, it can still be used for training or informal friendly matches. High school students preparing a clip for soccer scholarship application will find it useful for creating videos with a diversity of views to properly showcase their skills and impress potential coaches.

Footballer WF Wing forward eye view


The GoPro is a good portable camera for recording soccer because it delivers stunning footage—far better than other cameras in its category. It also offers you a fair advantage while recording soccer games even when you don’t possess a degree in videography.

Without receiving official training or working as an intern with a local sports television station, the GoPro camera will always make your soccer recordings stand out.

When recording soccer matches, video quality is one aspect you shouldn’t take for granted. Using a GoPro camera to record live soccer matches while adhering to our tips and guidelines will help you to produce professional videos that you will be proud of.