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How To Record Soccer Games? 8 Crucial Steps

How To Record Soccer Games? 8 Crucial Steps

Soccer is a fascinating sport not only for the players but also for the spectators and viewers who watch it on TV or via streaming devices. The moves, cutting-edge techniques, and even the contentious goals and fouls seen during the game all contribute to it being a fun and enjoyable sport.

However, if no recording is made, these events would be limited to just the crowd’s or stadium spectators viewing. This was always the case many years ago, when the video camera was not yet used in the sport.

Most professional soccer games are now recorded. Even some local and college soccer games are streamed to accommodate a large viewing audience. Aside from ensuring that those who watch the recorded matches are entertained, it has several other advantages.

Without a recorded match that provides a comprehensive view of what is going on, spectators are likely to forget and misinterpret controversial events during the game.

In addition, the Video Assistant Referee, VAR, which allows a controversial soccer event to be reviewed from multiple angles and in slow motion to determine key infringements, would not be possible.

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For the players, a digital record of their previous performances helps them remember scenarios and how best to improve on them in the future. Coaches even use these digital records to give their players instructions on how to improve.

Some players may be unable to effectively implement certain instructions if they do not see them. They may subconsciously justify their mistakes or fail to understand and accept coaches’ criticisms, and it can take weeks for a player to correct a mistake.

However, if he or she is shown a post-match video highlight, the error will be acknowledged.

Soccer games that have been recorded improve player performance, increase game viewership and make coaching easier. Furthermore, if you’re a parent, getting a quality recording of your child’s soccer game with the appropriate equipment is unquestionably preferable to the few seconds of a smartphone capture.

The article provides step-by-step instructions to help you better understand how to get it implemented.

How to record soccer games?

Depending on the device you intend to use for capturing, you will need to use a variety of equipment when recording soccer games. The quality of video output and the purpose for which it is to be used are also affected by the equipment used.

For example, the best capture would necessitate placing the camera in a vantage position. This ensures that the footage obtained can be used for post-match analysis, highlights, and statistics.

As a result, the way a soccer match is recorded may differ depending on who is doing the recording. However, there is a common path that they all take. The following are general step-by-step instructions for recording soccer games.

Also, there’s no need to be afraid of recording soccer games because, with the instructions below, even a novice in filming can easily create a nice digital record.

Step 1: Choose the recording device you intend to use

You should make the device you intend to use available before beginning the recording. A phone will usually suffice, but a camcorder is recommended for better recording features.

camera recording sports

Because an iPad or iPhone can upload live with a WiFi connection, your video will be online sooner. It also provides flexibility because it can be easily moved.

However, due to the large amount of space required for videoing, phones and iPads are not the best devices for recording soccer games, which typically last 45 minutes for each half.

Recording videos with a camera, or, better yet, a camcorder, provides more storage flexibility because you can use multiple memory cards to record multiple matches in one day. To take advantage of this benefit, you should purchase a hard drive camera.

These cameras are widely available, and you’ll know it’s a hard drive camera if the video is recorded to an SD card or an actual hard drive and has a USB port.

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Step 2: What setup gives you the best result?

It is entirely up to you where you want your recording device to be placed. You’ll need to organize the accessories and adjust the camera settings to match the game you want to record.

One decision to make here is whether to use a tripod if you’re recording with a camera/camcorder or a tripod combined with a stabilizer if you’re recording with a phone.

You may believe that holding the camera while filming is stable, but your arm will bear the brunt of the strain. As a result, investing in a tripod not only saves your arm from aches and pains, but also ensures that the video output is steady.

a camera was prepared for recording a soccer match

Watching a video made with shaky hands steals all the fun and entertainment away. Furthermore, using a tripod, particularly a tall one, ensures that a convenient vantage point is obtained.

Tripods are inexpensive and widely available; you may have one at home without realizing it. You can also borrow it from a friend who has it.

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Aside from the tripod, you should think about the lenses in the recording device you’re using. For example, the iPad and iPhone lenses should be able to achieve the desired video quality from the position from which you intend to record.

You also have the option of replacing or repairing the lens on the camera and camcorder. If you’re recording closer to the action, a wide-angle lens will provide more coverage. A telephoto lens may be all you need for distant recordings.

Microphones are also required. Some video cameras already include an external microphone. If yours does not, you should purchase a high-quality one to use with the camera.

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Moreover, if you are unsure of what you need, it is best to consult with a photography expert before making any purchases.

Step 3: Position your recording near the center of the field

Your goal is to get as much of a good view of the action as possible. As a result, the recording should be done in advantageous locations, such as somewhere near the middle of the pitch.

This point provides a better view of the players’ positioning as well as the numbers on the back of their shirts. The left and right goal ends of the field can be better covered in the recording by positioning the camera this way.

Getting a good video recorder with high-quality panning abilities will help achieve the best results.

Furthermore, mounting your recording device from a reasonable height gives it a much wider field of view. The height allows you to record how plays begin from one end of the field to the other end of the field.

However, in certain situations, you might not be able to get your device as high as you need it. In such a case, you should position yourself so that others will not disrupt your recording by walking in front of it.

Regardless of whether you’re able to position it at a good height to provide extensive coverage, place it in the middle of the field.

A camera is left near the center of the stadium's stand

Step 4: Put your new setup to the test in a practice game

Testing is a quality assurance measure used to ensure that everything you’ve set up is functional. Record an entire practice with the camcorder mounted on the tripod stand.

If you’re using a smartphone or iPad, make sure it’s properly attached to a stabilizer and set up on a tripod. In general, all equipment should be available, and the recording should be done as if it were an official game.

Aside from testing your equipment, practice is a good time to learn the game’s rules. Knowing the game’s rules and moves will allow you to predict where the action will go next and help you record an action more steadily because you will be able to dictate when the action will be constrained at a spot.

Recording a training session or practice game also allows you to play around with features on the recording device. Tweak the settings of the device until you get your desired settings. Also, understand how weather conditions may or may not affect the quality of the recording.

Step 5: Make adequate preparations for the match

Before the match, you must make all necessary preparations, such as having the camera battery charged if you are using a camera. Also, keep a spare battery on hand in case you get stranded, especially if there is no electrical outlet near where you intend to set up your recording device.

To make room for the recording, the memory card should be properly emptied. Having spare memory cards could be just as important as having space freed up in the one you’re already using.

SD storage cards on the camera

If you’re capturing with your phone, the first thing you should do hours before the match is charge the device. In addition, the device’s storage space must be freed to accommodate the recorded videos.

Typically, depending on the quality of the recording, 3GB of digital space is sufficient for a match, but you should ideally ensure that much more storage is available.

Aside from ensuring that there is enough space on your device, bringing another with you as a backup is a good idea. This protects against being stranded in the unfortunate event of storage running out or malfunctioning.

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Step 6: Capturing the actual game

Put everything you’ve learned in the practice session to use in a real soccer game. You must set your phone, camera, iPad, or camcorder to record the action rather than the ball.

It may be tempting to follow the ball because it is at the center of all action, but following the players in action will lead you to the ball and provide the viewers with a proper watch. For example, instead of focusing the camera on the ball during kickoff, follow the players down the field.

record a soccer game

Another thing you should do for a good record is to occasionally turn the camera to the scoreboard during the game. This should be done especially after a goal has been scored and after a quarter of the game has been completed.

The referee should be kept in view throughout the recording as much as possible so that their signals are captured as well. Furthermore, both teams must be visible, which necessitates that you be in a vantage position.

By not using the zoom feature regularly as a result of having been positioned in a vantage position, you would produce not only a steady recording but also a recording that its viewers could understand.

Note: The zoom feature can be used to bring gameplay closer or to show specific highlight moments. Never forget to return to a wider view or you risk making a poor recording.

Step 7: Stop recording only at halftime and fulltime

You can choose to pause recording after each dead ball, but it is preferable to allow the game to continue uninterrupted.

It is best to stop recording a few minutes after the referee signals for halftime or when the match concludes at full time.

Step 8: Edit the video you’ve recorded

If you recorded the game at halftime and fulltime, you should have two recordings for each match. This should be merged digitally before it is made available for viewing.

To create a professional digital record, you should also include features such as a scoreboard and a countdown timer in the video. For this, a video editing app is required.

man is editing a video

There are both free and paid video editing apps readily available for use. If you have the budget for it, it’s best to use the paid editing apps because they come with better and more features. Go with the free apps or free versions if you’re not looking to spend.

After editing the record, it can be saved in any format or uploaded to the internet to be viewed by eager fans.

Is GoPro good for recording soccer games?

Because of the wider lens, some people may prefer to record soccer games with video cameras rather than Gopros.

However, GoPro outperforms other cameras in that, whereas these cameras are used for both imagery and videoing, GoPro is designed to capture soccer moments. By being designed to record soccer games, it produces quality video output.

Another benefit of using a GoPro to record soccer matches is its small size, which makes it easy to handle.

Aside from being lightweight, some GoPro models are resistant to moisture due to their waterproof exterior. This ensures that it can be used in all weather conditions without the risk of being damaged.

There are two sides to a coin. While GoPros produce higher-quality videos, they also come with their signature fisheye lens. These lenses produce videos with a convex non-rectilinear appearance, which can be distorted when the viewed object is close.

However, GoPros are generally good for recording soccer games, especially when mounted in a vantage position.

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If you intend to record your child’s youth soccer game, you will want a high-quality video because the digital record will be archived and treasured.

The memorable moments will not be fully enjoyed when watched if the video is not properly made to quality.

Furthermore, without an appealing and engaging highlight for post-match analysis and performance evaluation, the purpose of recording a soccer match would be defeated.

As a result, making good recordings is critical, as it makes all the difference. You will be able to obtain the desired digital record if you follow the instructions outlined above.

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