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How to Roll Up Soccer Shorts?

How to Roll Up Soccer Shorts?

During soccer gameplays, players love to be identified with a certain uniqueness. Some soccer players prefer to be recognized by rolling up their soccer shorts, while others prefer to be identified with other styles.

Whenever you see soccer players roll up their shorts, they may not be doing that for the fun that comes with it. There is always a reason why soccer players roll up their shorts. As a soccer player, you may have considered rolling up your soccer short at some point.

Just like playing a soccer game, there is a proper way to roll up soccer shorts. So how can you do this? In this article, you will learn how to roll up soccer shorts.

How to Roll Up Soccer Shorts?

Soccer shorts are one of the most mandatory outfits worn by soccer players. Sometimes, the shorts may offer some level of discomfort and lower your potential of showcasing your skills.

Hence, rolling up the soccer shorts may give you suitable balancing and make you feel relaxed enough to enjoy the game. To roll up your soccer shorts accurately, here are some things to note.

1. Begin by purchasing quality shorts

Because of the popularity of soccer, several clothing companies have invested millions of dollars in producing fake soccer outfits to cater to soccer-loving fans on a low budget. Therefore, you have to begin by purchasing soccer shorts from a reputable, licensed soccer clothing manufacturer.

These fake soccer shorts may not allow you to roll up effectively or hold out after being rolled. This will leave you frustrated with every attempt to roll it back up during gameplay.

However, if you buy your soccer shorts from a trusted dealer, you stand a better chance of rolling them up without applying much stress. So when next you are buying your soccer shorts, pay attention to the smallest details to differentiate the real soccer shorts from the fake ones.


You’re able to achieve your desire to roll up your shorts when original soccer shorts are worn.


If you’re a soccer player on a tight budget, purchasing original soccer kits may be a bit expensive.

2. Check the length of the shorts

When purchasing soccer shorts, their length is a factor to consider. This is because there are no universal soccer shorts for players. It’s best if you buy one that fits you perfectly.

If the soccer shorts are too long, you would have to battle to roll up a large percentage of its length. Not only is this time-consuming, but it also adds additional weight to the shorts.

Lengthy soccer shorts may not allow you to play comfortably during a competition. It can disrupt your movement and may expose you to injury if you are not careful enough. This is why manufacturers of soccer shorts understand that all players do not have the same height.

So they focus on producing soccer shorts of different sizes. If you’re uncertain about the desired height, stand in front of a mirror to fully appreciate its length – ensure that it never goes across your knee level.

Rolling up soccer shorts may not be a perfect solution for all lengthy shorts. Therefore, you need perfectly sized soccer shorts to remain active during the game.

Checking the length of the shorts is an important step before roll up it


Knee-length soccer shorts are the best for playing soccer and allow for easy folding and rolling up. Checking the length before going on the field of play helps you determine if the shorts will be fit to be rolled up.

3. Begin by rolling up the soccer shorts slightly

Before you consider rolling up your soccer shorts completely, you must first understand the basic approach towards achieving great success from this habit – start small before going big.

Dress up in your outfit and stand before the mirror. It’s best to practice in front of a mirror so you have a visual idea of what it looks and feels like. Instead of rolling the soccer shorts fully, begin with a single fold.

Hold the ends of the short and fold it backward. You may walk around the dressing room to have a unique feeling on your legs – does it allow for fast and quick leg movements or does it hinder it?

If you feel comfortable with the single fold, you can proceed to give the short two folds. Depending on the short’s length, two folds are enough to give enough comfort.

If the soccer short is too lengthy, you may consider making the third fold to feel more relaxed in your new shorts. You can also do this in your old shorts.


Starting with a fold at a time helps to better understand the new length that’ll be more comfortable for you during gameplay. Practicing this procedure teaches you the required number of folds, in case you need to make adjustments when out in the field.

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4. Practice, then make the first attempt

Practicing is one of the best ways to master any skill or habit. If you have never rolled up your soccer shorts before, you may find it a bit challenging while making runs and plays at the first attempt, especially during practice.

You need to understand how it works so you don’t get too distracted, focusing on trying to roll up the shorts or keep it rolled up, on the field of play.

Instead of allowing your soccer shorts to feel free like before, roll them upwards before getting started with the training.

Practice hard like you used to do and see if there’s a significant difference. If you are more relaxed during the training, you will surely play comfortably during regular gameplay.

After experimenting during training sessions, try it out in a real soccer game. To make you feel more comfortable exposing your thighs, you can start with the shorts unrolled.

Study your performance. If it stays the same or improves, you can continue with the shorts rolled up. The fans will all be happier for it.

A female soccer player on the field


Training will enable you to determine how to play with rolled-up shorts during the main game. With more leg freedom from the shorts, It could also allow you to discover moves and skills you never thought possible.

5. Try it on different shorts

You have to try rolling up other soccer shorts to see how you feel on different shorts. Soccer shorts manufacturers design the outfit with several differences. Practicing with different jerseys will enable you to master playing games with rolled-up shorts.


It gives you a general knowledge of the number of folds that work best for you in any situation or outfit.

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6. Watch how professionals do it

Alexis Sánchez is one of the most popular soccer players that prefer rolling up his shorts during games and training sessions. The Chilean star developed this habit because of the comfort he derives from it.

Sánchez performs greatly whenever he rolls up his shorts. Many young soccer players have studied the legend closely and realized that they could derive the same comfort if they move up their shorts. At some point, many professional soccer players have rolled up their shorts during the game or while at training.

As you begin to practice moving up your soccer shorts, you should watch these professional soccer players and learn from them. You can probably watch a live match or an old match and observe how well they move during the game.

Alexis Sanchez - Sublime Dribbling Skills & Goals 2016/2017


Learning from others is a quicker way to master a skill. While practicing what works best for you, watch how well others that have gone before you can play with rolled-up shorts without it affecting their performance.


If you’re easily pressed for time, this may be a time-consuming method to learn the perfect shorts fold up.

7. Make it a regular habit

If you roll up your soccer shorts once in a while, you may never come to master this new habit.

For example, if you have played soccer games for years without performance improvement. As you begin to practice with your short rolled-up, if you start to notice some differences, you should understand that you are better off playing with rolled-up soccer shorts.

Although many believe it’s superstitious; if you get improvements on your playing abilities with the shorts rolled up, there’s no reason not to keep it that way – the coach and technical staff will appreciate it.

You can only understand if it affects your performance when you make it a regular habit. Keep at it until you’re able to decide if you prefer the soccer shorts rolled up or staying down.

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8. Learn to balance things up

As you begin to roll up your shorts, you should endeavor to balance this habit by unrolling the short in some situations. If moving your soccer short up makes you play better, you can deploy the tactics in some cases. If you balance your newly developed habit with your previous style of playing, it may help you improve with time.

For example, when playing soccer with a rolled-up soccer short and it eventually unrolls, your performance may be affected. Hence, to stay active throughout the game, you must learn to play in all conditions.

Cristiano Ronaldo comes to mind in this case. He tends to pull up his shorts, exposing his thighs just before taking a free-kick. At most of the other times during gameplay, his shorts are rolled down back in place.


Understand what works best for you. While rolled-up shorts help you stand out in the field, the pitch is not a fashion runway show. You should ensure you do not compromise on the quality of your performance.

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There have been countless arguments on the benefits (if they exist) of rolling up shorts. Although there’s no scientific evidence to prove it improves playing performance, some professional soccer players have developed the habit of rolling their shorts throughout or at a point during gameplay.

The only way to know if it works for you is to try it out. The article has outlined certain methods and things to consider if this is something you want to try out.

As long as your performance on the pitch is not affected, rolled-up shorts are a unique way to stand out from the other players on the field. If it works well for you, there’s no rule preventing you from keeping it rolled up for the entire duration of the game.