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How To Spray Paint Soccer Cleats? 4 Commonly Used Ways

How To Spray Paint Soccer Cleats? 4 Commonly Used Ways

Soccer is not just a profession; these days it’s simply evolving into a lifestyle. And all the tools and equipment used for the game are all parts of this lifestyle; for instance, the soccer cleats.

While we love our soccer cleats, especially when we get them from a well-known designer, we sometimes wish to have another color for them. This is because we wish to make it personal and sometimes reflect our moods.

And here’s the good news; there are several ways to color and bring out the beauty in our soccer cleats. This write-up will examine the different exciting ways of turning up the colors on your soccer cleats. Plus, it will show you the right ways to do the painting.

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How To Spray Paint Soccer Cleats?

Many people have found an interest in painting their soccer cleats to create something distinct and fashionable. However, they have not found a way of doing so themselves.

We know about this interest, and there are several ways of bringing your wish to pass. So, we are willing to show these fantastic methods of painting your soccer cleats to your preference.

Before we list and explain the methods of painting the soccer cleats, we would list some basic tools you need to have or buy before spraying. Some of them include:

  • Acrylic paints (your preferred colors)
  • Spray Paint
  • Paper towels
  • Soccer cleats

some basic tools to Spray Paint Soccer Cleats

Common preparation methods for spraying soccer cleats

As you are already aware of the basic tools used in spray painting cleats, you need to learn some standard preparation techniques. We advise that before beginning any soccer cleat spray painting, you first need to do some preparations that we will share with you.

Get your equipment and your workplace ready

To be properly ready for this extensive work, you should get all your equipment together before you start working on the soccer cleats at all. Usually, this would be the perfect time to go over the spray painting method you wish to adopt.

Then, ensure you have all the equipment or its alternative to carry out the spraying successfully.  This would save you time and also ensure that you are organized.

Getting the workplace spraying ready is also essential. Since the work will involve spraying paints, it is important to get a location that is easy to clean up after the whole process.

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Get your designs ready

To avoid being stuck with no idea of colors or designs to use, you should get your designs ready before commencing the spraying. This would help you know the best method to use and the extra equipment you might need.

You can browse about designs online to get some ideas. You would then know the colors that would go flawlessly with the leather color of your soccer cleats and your designs. Note that some designs need more extensive equipment than the basic equipment required for spraying soccer cleats.

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Select the right spray paint

Spray paints are of different types, and they work perfectly on the correct type of soccer cleats material. Mostly, soccer cleats have either plastic or leather material, and there are several spray paints that work well on these fabrics.

Generally, it is necessary to know your soccer cleats’ material and get the right spray paint. Why? Knowing this will only result in you having a successful painting of your soccer cleats.

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Mix your colors well

If you intend to use a spectrum of colors or get the paint that would go so well with your design, you can mix different colors. To do this; you should get the primary colors from the store, pour them in a container, and mix them.

When you are satisfied with the mixture, you can test the color by dipping a paintbrush into the mix and trying it out on a paper or surface. If you are satisfied with the outcome, you can pour the content into the spray bottle and get ready to go to work.

the colors are mixed with each other

Methods of spray painting soccer cleats

These are some of the spray painting methods we will be expounding on in this article;

Use of masking tape

Before spraying your soccer cleats, you must ensure that the paint will bond appropriately with the leather. The way to do this is to remove the finish put on the soccer cleats by the manufacturer. And there are multiple methods to perform this, but you can use acetone to remove the finish.

How to use acetone?

  • Get your rubber gloves and some cotton balls.
  • Dip the cotton balls into the acetone.
  • Wear your rubber gloves.
  • Then, rub the acetone-dipped cotton balls on the soccer cleats several times until you see the finish come off and the bare leather remains. 
  • After removing the finish, get the masking tape and use it to block a portion of your soccer cleats. Separate this as the part that would take a different color from the one you wish to start with. 
  • After successfully doing this, grab your color spray and go to work. Then, spray the soccer cleats effectively to ensure the paint bonds and stays on the leather. 
  • After this, allow the paint to dry. You can use a dryer to hasten the process. 
  • When it is dried, you can remove the masking tape. 
  • If it is a two-color design, you should cover the already painted side while working on the second portion of the soccer cleats.
  • Continue with this until you are convinced about a job well done.
  • Make sure you dry the cleats well. 
  • You can spray your cleats now with a matte finisher that seals the paint and makes it look original and almost factory-made.

One high-quality matte finish is the Krylon Matte finish which comes in enamel and acrylic paint types. It functions well on soccer cleats with plastic or vinyl material. Hence, you must know the material of your cleats before buying this product.

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The product provides a permanent protective matte coating for the soccer cleats after you are done with the spray painting, as it also eliminates glossy sheen.

The paint may look shiny, and this product removes the gloss, making the soccer cleats paint look factory made without the extra display.

It is moisture-resistant, and you do not have to fear that your painting will come off. In addition, the product can protect the soccer cleats even when playing a soccer game with them in the rain.

Plus it also dries off in minutes, which saves you time and allows your soccer cleats to be ready for use within a quick time.

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Use of airbrush

Another method of spray paint on the soccer cleats is the use of an airbrush. This is mainly used for tiny parts of the design. If your design has those repeated tiny spots, you should get an airbrush – it will effectively do the job.

If you want to get the job done bit by bit but efficiently, you should use the airbrush tool. It looks small, but it ensures you do not miss any spots while spraying.

How do you use the airbrush?

  • For the airbrush to work perfectly, no strand of a paintbrush should be found in the paint
  • Then, pass the paint through a filter to ensure that any dried paint is removed.
  • Scout the soccer cleats with acetone-dipped cotton balls.
  • Use the airbrush filled with paint to draw out your desired design on the soccer cleats. Then, you can create that detailed design.  
  • Finally, you can use the airbrush with a stencil or other item to actualize that design.
  • When you are done with the painting and details, you should use a sealant to finish the soccer cleats. 

Master Airbrush is among the top airbrushes you might want to consider, and it has several features that can help make your designs and wishes come true. Plus, it is a tool with a 3 Piece Precision Matched Head System, which helps fulfill the strength and expanse of the painting you want to do.

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Typically, the 3 pieces include the needle cap, the nozzle cap, and the fluid nozzle. The Master Airbrush has an excellent spray pattern of lines as thick as one or one and a half inches.

It has low and high viscosity materials, having a fluid cup where you put in the paint. This airbrush can help you achieve your designs without stress and difficulty.

Spray paint with hydro dipping technique

Apart from the usual spray painting of the soccer cleats, there are ways to paint using different amazing techniques such as the hydro dipping technique. You may ask, what is a hydro dipping technique?

As the name signifies, it is a technique that involves water and dipping of your soccer gear inside the water. However, before you rush to do so, you should know that the process is not an easy one, and you would not miraculously get your desired design.

How does the hydro dipping technique work?

  • First, get your design ready. 
  • Ensure all specks of dirt and stains are removed. 
  • Also, get your soccer cleats and clean them. 
  • Cover the inside with paper or any other material to stop the paint from getting inside. 
  • Then, get your masking tape and cover those parts where you do not wish the paint to get through.
  • You can start by making a light spraying of the soccer cleats. 
  • When you are done, get a water tank and fill it with water.
  • After this, get your spray paints – you could have different colors you wish to use simultaneously. 
  • Spray the paint on the cleats using the technique you prefer.
  • Then, dip the soccer cleats in the water and ensure it has taken in the paint before fully touching the water. 
  • When this is done, you can bring out your soccer cleats and see the amazing design formed on your soccer cleats.

The Rust-Oleum American Accents Spray Paint is a fantastic hydro dipping spray paint. This is because of its floating capability on water. It has the restraint to be wet before the dipping of the soccer cleats in the water.

It also dries on the shoe quickly when out of the water. In addition, it can last long against all wear and harsh weather because of its adhesive quality. It comes in different colors and types, such as high gloss, gloss, and semi-gloss finishes.

It has heat resistance, and it is easy to use. It can be used on surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. It provides a beautiful and shiny clean finish. It has comfortable grips that take away the finger fatigue when using the spray paint continually.

It is highly rated on Amazon and accepted by many customers as a great product.

Customize your Nike AIR Force with Hydro Dipping

Spray paint with stencils

Stencils help bring many designs to reality. For example, you may have seen a design on a shoe or soccer cleats that you love but could not afford. So it is used to reproduce designs by passing ink or paint over holes cut in the material on the soccer cleats.

This may be a star, a circle, or another shape through which the spray paint is sprayed on the soccer cleats, effectively forming that shape or design. To get started, you should get your soccer cleats, then get the necessary materials and equipment and create your designs using stencils.

The stencils help make your work easy. You may have seen people go around with shoes depicting the galaxies. If you loved those shoes, then, you can get yours by making it with your soccer cleats. Of course, it would help if you had the necessary equipment and sprayed a background color.

Then, you can spray separate parts of the soccer cleats through those holes with different colors. Also, you can use the stencil to make the galaxy design.

How does it work?

  • First, you clean the soccer cleats with the acetone and the cotton balls until you are left with the leather of the soccer cleats.
  • Then you can start getting the many paints you wish to use for your designs. 
  • Spray with the first paint you wish to use as the background color. 
  • Print out a diagram you wish to spray on your soccer cleats
  • After printing, you cut it out to show the features when placed on a flat surface. 
  • You can then place it on your soccer cleats and spray through it to the soccer cleats when you are done with that. But, again, ensure you are spraying through those holes and not directly on the soccer cleats.
  • You can continue this with the number of colors and shapes on your design until you are satisfied with your job.
  • It will be imprinted on the soccer cleats, the face or the diagram.


If you didn’t know how to spray paint soccer cleats, well this article has highlighted many ways of performing the act. Not only that, it also expounded the list of equipment needed to carry out the fun experience.

Should you ever come across difficulties spray painting your soccer cleats you can always refer to several methods outlined in this article. So, get your soccer cleats and paint equipment and start spray painting them to your taste!