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How To Stretch Soccer Cleats? 11 Common Ways

How To Stretch Soccer Cleats? 11 Common Ways

You’d agree that the quality and mold of the soccer cleats on the player’s feet determines their level of excitement and performance on the pitch. This is why a player might feel sad to lose their soccer cleats due to them getting old or damaged.

Another experience that can rival this is buying new cleats but ending with an undersized or oversized cleat. Again, this brings sadness and drains all the excitement. However, there may be hope after all because there are ways to increase or decrease the size of soccer cleats.

The truth is, not a lot of people know that there are ways to increase the size of an undersized soccer cleat. That’s why we decided to dedicate this article to these individuals suffering the consequences of undersized cleats.

So, how to stretch soccer cleats? Let’s see some of the ways to stretch soccer cleats.

How To Stretch Soccer Cleats?

It has become a necessity to know the different ways to stretch your soccer cleats to fit your size. And it isn’t really hard to know because no one is comfortable playing soccer with cleats that hurt them.

Instead of enjoying the game, such a player will be more focused on their feet’ pain caused by their undersized soccer cleats. So, to help the player and other people in this situation, we would examine some of the best ways to stretch the soccer cleats.

Some of the ways of stretching soccer cleats include:

Frequent usage of the soccer cleats

Yes, let’s start with the most natural way of getting the soccer cleats to increase in size. Over time, when someone wears their soccer cleats, it molds to the size of the person’s feet.

However, if you want to use this method of stretching you’d have to wear thick socks or two socks when wearing undersized soccer cleats. This would help reduce the discomfort you may feel.

Plus, you could also wear toe protectors or caps to reduce the pain and discomfort when wearing soccer cleats. In addition, applying paper tape to the places causing the pain or blisters can help reduce the pain effects they have on the leg.

When you continuously practice this natural method, you would begin to feel comfortable with the soccer cleats, even when wearing them without socks. And the good news is that this method works for all soccer cleats materials.


  • It does not require buying anything or any additional equipment; it is an inexpensive way of enlarging soccer cleats.
  • A super-easy method and does not need any complex instructions or activities.


  • It is time-consuming as you have to wear it for a long time before it molds enough to fit your feet comfortably.

The soccer player is standing on the field with his cleats

Boot stretcher

Using a boot stretcher is another way to expand the soccer cleats to your size. How does it work? First, get a perfect boot stretcher for your soccer cleats. After this, put the boot stretcher in the soccer cleats and expand or adjust it to get to the pain points.

Do this for six to eight hours; then, remove the boot stretcher and try out the soccer cleats. When you discover that there is still a need for improvements, try the process again until you are satisfied.

However, you have to be careful not to expand the soccer cleats beyond your shoe size because that is possible. And like the natural method, boot stretchers function excellently for all kinds of materials for soccer cleats.

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  • This method is effective when applied the right way as it will surely get your soccer cleats enlarged within a few tries.
  • The adjuster and the boot stretcher generally is easy to use. There are no complexities to it whatsoever.


  • There is a possibility of expanding your soccer cleat beyond your size.

Use boot stretch spray

Boot stretch spray also gets the work of stretching the soccer cleats done. How to use it? Firstly, get the boot stretch spray, then spray it on the tight corners causing discomfort to the feet. After this, leave for a minute, then wear the soccer cleats.

Wear it for some time to make the boot stretch spray work to expand the soccer cleats. Then, walk around with the soccer cleats on for some time until you think it has been amended. Where it seems ineffective, repeat the process of spraying again; then do the walk routine. Do this until you are satisfied.

However, be careful not to overuse the boot stretch spray on the soccer cleats. Plus, if you didn’t already know, the spray works well on soccer cleats materials that are stiff, especially leather ones made of leather.

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  • It is a quick method of going from undersized soccer cleats to well-sized soccer cleats.
  • The boot stretch spray softens the soccer cleats material properly, particularly where it is applied.


  • It can discolor the soccer cleats. The chemical components in the boot stretch spray can affect the original coloring of soccer cleats.

Stuffing with newspapers and socks

If you do not wish to buy any equipment for stretching your soccer cleats, you can try stuffing it. This is an alternative to wearing the soccer cleats frequently as that may be too uncomfortable for you.

Stuffing the soccer cleats with newspapers or socks would make them bigger. But it can only have the enlarging effect where the newspapers or socks are wet. That means you do this by stuffing your soccer cleats with wet newspapers and socks; then allowing them to dry.

stuffing paper and socks into soccer cleats

The wetness will make the soccer cleats soft and modify their size to the bulging size of newspapers or socks. If you are not satisfied with the enlargement, you can try the process again until you are satisfied.

Note that his method works well with leather soccer cleats.


  • This method is cheap and affordable.
  • It is not rocket science, and the instructions are straightforward to follow and execute.


  • It is time-consuming. You have to be patient as this method takes time.

Use a hairdryer

Using heat from the hairdryer can help soften the soccer cleats and increase their size. And you can carry this out in two ways.

Firstly, you can use the hairdryer on the soccer cleats, directing heat to the target spots. Secondly, after this, you wear the soccer cleats with your thick socks until it becomes hard and comfortable.

You can use the soccer cleats and focus the hairdryer on the target spots to make them softer. Then, you stretch your toes to ensure the shoes take shape with the outstretched toes. While this method is suitable for all types and materials of soccer cleats, it works perfectly for leather.

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  • It is a simple method. Therefore, the different processes involved in carrying out this method can be executed easily.
  • This method is very cost-effective. Many people already have a hairdryer at home, so there is no need to get another for the process.


  • There is a high tendency of heat damaging the soccer cleats. So, you must be careful when carrying out this process.


Another method of enlarging the soccer cleats’ shoe size is through steaming. How does it work? You boil some water in your kettle. When the water is hot and the steam starts coming out, turn over your soccer cleats to cover the steam.

It would help if you trapped the steam in the soccer cleats using socks or other materials to stop the steam from dissipating. And doing this, you leave it for some time.

To hasten the process, you can decide to wear the recently steamed soccer cleats to play some ball. You can also use the shoe stretcher method after steaming to get the soccer cleats to your size. And this process works well on most soccer cleats materials.


  • This method does not consume time and can be concluded within a few hours – including wearing the soccer cleats or putting in a boot stretcher.
  • The steam does not cause any harm to the soccer cleats. It only softens it.


  • This method involves extra effort. You have to get a boot stretcher or dedicate time to wearing the soccer cleats around before they enlarge.

Use iced water

Iced water in a bag has a way of enlarging or stretching effect. This is an effective customized method to help stretch the soccer cleats. How does it work? First, take some water bags and fill them with water.

Fill it in small sizes and tighten the water bags to avoid leakage. Then, ensure that the water bag gets to the pain points you want to expand.

After this, place the soccer cleats inside the freezer and wait until the water bags become iced. When completed, their solid and enlarged size will be evident, and this would stretch.

Next, take out the soccer cleats and allow the water bags to thaw before removing them. There! You have your stretched soccer cleats.

You should repeat this until you are satisfied. This works for all kinds of soccer cleats but is more effective in leather and clothing materials.


  • There isn’t any special equipment needed to carry out this method successfully. All you need can be found in the home.
  • It is very effective and easy to execute.


  • Where the water bag is damaged or not well tightened, there may be water leakage in the soccer cleats.
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Use of lotion or moisturizer

Another cost-effective way of stretching the soccer cleats is through the use of lotion or moisturizer. How does it work? First, you get your soccer cleats and your moisturizer or lotion. Then, apply the lotion well to the pain points.

The lotion helps to soften the soccer cleats and hence, stretch the cleats. When this is done, you can wear your soccer cleats around and play a game or do something for fun. Then, check the effect of the moisturizer. Repeat till you achieve the desired result.

Depending on the material inside the soccer cleats, moisturizers can be effective or not. For example, it works excellently on leather.


  • The steps and processes are straightforward to follow and apply.
  • It is affordable. It is a cheap process that does not necessarily need the purchase of anything extra.


  • This method is quite unhygienic, and it would involve cleaning your soccer cleats after the process.

Use of leather conditioners

Leather conditioners work excellently in expanding leather-made soccer cleats. It makes them soft and allows for expansion. How does it work? Before applying the leather conditioners, check for any instructions on their application.

Where there are none, you can follow the following process. First, apply the leather conditioners to the outer parts of the soccer cleats. This is because the soccer cleats’ inner parts have a different material that may not be amenable to the same effect as an outer leather part.

Then, allow the oil of the leather to stay, particularly at the pain point; it goes inside the soccer cleats to make them very soft. After some time, you can wear the soccer cleats to ensure it molds around your feet. Do this continuously until you are satisfied with the improvement.

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  • The leather conditioner enhances the leather-made soccer cleats – boosting their durability.
  • It also brightens the leather soccer cleats. It does this in addition to softening and expanding your soccer cleats.


  • You have to get the leather conditioner for a fee which is an extra cost for you.
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Give it to a professional

Lastly, you can give your cleats to a professional if you seem unable to pull off the aforementioned methods. Or if you have tried stretching your soccer cleats and it turned out unsuccessful.

Also, you can give your soccer cleats to the professional cobbler where you do not have the time to try out those methods. And they would help you stretch the soccer cleats. It is vital to ensure that the individual you are giving has experience stretching shoes, especially soccer cleats.

You should have this care because there are possibilities of causing damage to the soccer cleats. When you are satisfied and have done the necessary bargains, you can carry on with your activities while the professional works on the soccer cleats.


  • A professional knows the best methods and tweaks needed to get any shoe to stretch. So, it is believed the individual will do a great job.
  • Requires little to no effort from you.


  • It is expensive; professional services are pretty on the high side.

Wear Cleats when Bathing

Another way to expand your soccer cleats is by bathing with them. Yes, it looks strange and risky, but it works, particularly for leather soccer cleats. So, ensure your soccer cleats are made of leather material. How does it work?

Wear your soccer cleats and take and bathe with them. When you are done, wear it until it dries. What happens is that the soccer cleats get wet and soft, which makes them amenable to molding according to your feet. Repeat this until you are satisfied with the change.


  • It is cheap.
  • It doesn’t need any extra material or extravagant preparation.
  • It is easy to execute.


  • It can reduce the durability of your soccer cleats.
  • It can cause some faults, which may require repairing the soccer cleats.


This article has listed and explained multiple methods of stretching the soccer cleats to fit your feet comfortably. We have also given the benefits and disadvantages of all these methods.

Finally, to avoid using the wrong method for your soccer cleats, we have mentioned the best materials for each style of stretching. We understand that soccer players with undersized soccer cleats will have difficulties in giving their best to the game.

But with the methods listed and explained above, we are confident this problem will be eliminated without changing or disposing of the soccer cleats.