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How to Support A Soccer Team?

How to Support A Soccer Team?

Like every sport in the world, soccer players need support from fans to stay motivated on and off the pitch. The collective talent of a team can only take them so far without the unrelenting support from their fans.

It is for this reason that home advantage takes a center stage in many of soccer’s tournaments. Team spirit and morale are highest when they know they have the love and support from their fans.

There are many benefits of supporting a soccer team, not just for the team, but for the fans in general. There’s a general feeling of belonging to a community that shares the same passion and zeal for something; in this case a soccer team.

In this article, you will learn how to go about successfully supporting a soccer team. You will also learn the most important things you need to pay attention to while supporting a soccer team.

A soccer team is discussing

How to support a soccer team?

One of the beauties of soccer is its unpredictability. This makes it extremely difficult to predict the outcome of matches, no matter the quality of statistics readily available. As an aspiring soccer fan, you will not always have your team on the winning side.

Even teams that have once topped the league table can sometimes, shockingly receive defeat, in the hands of a much lower-ranking team. To be part of a team’s support system, you have to know how to stick with them in the good and bad.

As a soccer team supporter, you get acknowledged by the team if you decide to register in their fan club. This goes to show how important your presence and support are to the team.

You probably already have a soccer team in mind you would want to throw all your support on but wondering where and how to go about it. There are several ways to achieve this. Here are some things to consider as you begin this journey. 

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Learn about the soccer team

Every soccer team in the world is identified with specific traditions. It is on these traditions the team has laid its foundation. These traditions may include songs, dance styles, unique means of celebrating goals, amongst others.

As a fan willing to support the team, you must learn these traditions and abide by them. A good example is what is done by Liverpool FC fans. When the team plays, the fans prefer to display the team’s scarves as they accompany this tradition with the LFC songs.

One of their favorite songs, other than its traditional themed song You’ll Never Walk Alone, is the Fields of Anfield Road. Occasionally during gameplay, the fans echo the song loudly as a show of support to the team. This unique tradition has continued to boost the morale and confidence of the team.

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Your team may not have the same tradition as Liverpool FC. It is your job to find out the traditions that set your favorite team apart from others. Learning about the team’s tradition will help you understand how to support them even better. 

Most soccer teams created these traditions to boost the team spirit of their players. When fans cheer them up from the stadium stands, the players come alive again.

If the soccer team has plenty of traditions, this shouldn’t be a form of discouragement. See it as motivation to stay committed to the team for as long as you can learn them all. Take your time through it all – don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

The essence of understanding the team’s tradition is to make you an active supporter. You have to participate in cheering for your team no matter the condition of the competition.

Before you consider supporting a particular soccer team, you need to finalize some conclusions to avoid making mistakes. It’s unwise to choose a team because they look good on paper.

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The following factors will enable you to determine if you are about to make the right decision settling with that club.


The team’s ability to achieve success and impress its fans highly depends on its style of play. Its style of play will consist of the club’s formation and tactics used during gameplays.

Look through the club’s statistics to evaluate its win-loss ratio. Create time to watch the club’s matches before jumping to a conclusion.

Team’s historical successes

No soccer team is destined to win every competition. However, a team should have a long history of success to build a massive fan base.

As a supporter, it’s your job to cheer the team and lift dampened spirits. In return, the team has to give you results to be proud of.

A soccer team is celebrating the win

Check the team’s popularity

The popularity of a team is essential when searching for the best team to support. Before a soccer team becomes famous, it must have accomplished lots of success in the past.

Potential of players

This is a more temporary reason to choose a club. Soccer players possess different skills and abilities. Almost every soccer team signs players based on their abilities to perform exceptionally during a competition.

Is the club’s management focused on generating revenue or winning trophies or both? Either or a combination of both goes a long way to determine the nature of players it’ll buy and keep to meet its objectives.

Steven Gerrard receives standing ovation in emotional return to Anfield 👏🥺


  • You will feel more connected to the club that piqued your interest when you probably understand its tradition.
  • Learning about the traditions and culture of a team will give you lots of advantages over other supporters.
  • You will know exactly what is expected of you when the team is winning or losing a game.
  • Understanding the team’s tradition will motivate you to learn why people have a unique passion for soccer games.


  • Learning the tradition may be challenging depending on your soccer team of interest.
  • Sometimes, you have to be a registered active member in the supporter’s club to participate in its traditions.
  • You may need to invest your time in learning a team’s tradition.

Soccer teams need funds to meet up with all their obligations. More successful soccer clubs have enough funding to take care of these obligations.

Since not all soccer teams are financial powerhouses, sometimes, they stage a fundraising campaign to help raise money for running the team/club.

If you intend to support a local team, chances are your financial support will help provide soccer equipment and kits for the team. As a fan, you become family with the team/club.

As a genuine fan, you should always look out for ways to donate funds to your favorite soccer team. You don’t need to give thousands of dollars to show your support for a soccer team. Any amount donated goes a long way, no matter the extent, to keep the team motivated.

Outside the game of soccer, some clubs are heavily involved in running charitable organizations.

They are usually open to receiving donations from people who share their vision – what other better way to show support to their vision? Donations can be made in person or online to designated bank accounts.

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  • Your funds will help the team to accomplish its seasonal objectives and goals.
  • You will certainly understand how your donations are being spent as there is a high level of transparency in most soccer teams.
  • Your donations will give the team a push and help them in all affairs.
  • You can donate conveniently from anywhere in the world through your team’s website.


  • You will need money to donate.
  • You are open to getting scammed if due diligence is not duly taken.
  • If there is mismanagement within your favorite team, your donations will not be used for their primary aim.
  • Although clubs lay claim to financial transparency, you’re only shown what they want you to know. There’s no way to keep track of your donation.

Participate in all games

Before you consider yourself a supporter of a soccer team, endeavor to participate in all the team’s sporting activities. Getting tickets to games can sometimes be difficult if the team has a large number of fans.

As an aspiring team fan, this shouldn’t be a hindrance to you. You should make the effort to attend every game. This could mean standing out under unfavorable weather to get a ticket when online tickets are sold out.

If you truly desire to attend all soccer competitions of your favorite team, you should make an effort to be recognized as a season ticket holder. Preferably, you can join the fan club of a soccer team to become an active member and supporter.

Viewing soccer competitions live at the stadium is different from watching it on the television. You will feel more connected to your favorite team when you attend soccer competitions.

Apart from feeling more connected, you will be opportune to meet with other supporters who share the same motive with you. Your presence at the stadium matters a lot.

Most soccer tournaments are structured to allow teams to play at home and away. As the team’s supporter, you shouldn’t always be present when it’s convenient at the home stadium. Show your undying commitment by registering and purchasing tickets to go cheer them when they travel.

The stands are full of spectators


  • You will have the opportunity to see your favorite soccer players perform in front of you.
  • You will feel more relaxed watching the game among other interested supporters.
  • After the match, you can network and build connections with the players.


  • It costs money to attend games. Unlike watching the match from your home, you will need to pay for tickets.
  • Purchasing tickets can be stressful sometimes, especially when the team has not had success in recent games.

Join a Team’s fan club

Gone are the days when being an active supporter meant attending the team’s games. In recent times, supporters have created a fan club in the form of a community to bring together devoted fans. The club, in turn, officially recognizes its fan club and its members.

Every soccer team has terms and conditions for people hoping to join their fan club. The first step is to find the soccer team you want to support.

Once you have the team in mind, visit their website to learn more about joining their support fan club. If you cannot discover any resourceful information from the team’s website, you should search around the internet to obtain meaningful information or pay them a visit in person, at their administrative offices.

Most soccer teams take pride in their fan base. Therefore, they leave the door open for anybody to join. You don’t have to be in any specific location to join the fan club. From the comfort of your home, you can research the club and join their fan club. 

Joining a fan club is a way to get started with being an active supporter of your favorite club for any soccer team. As a member of a team’s fan club, you will have access to several benefits from your team.

For example, at the start of a new season or tournament, you are granted access to ticket purchases before other members of the public are given access.

Becoming part of a supporters club will give you tons of advantages over other people outside the club. Each soccer team has designed a special beneficial offer for people willing to become part of their support club.

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  • Joining a fan club will give you several advantages over other soccer fans.
  • You will stay updated in learning about the team’s tradition and culture.
  • You are eligible to receive a discount whenever you buy the team’s ticket and other sports items.
  • You can easily network within the fan club and build greater connections with people.
  • You get to meet with players more frequently than you would from watching from the outside.


  • You are obligated to abide by the club’s terms and conditions before joining. If even these terms and conditions go against your principles, you are required to obey them at all times.
  • It can sometimes feel like you’re in a cult. This can sometimes be frustrating.
  • While you’re allowed to share opinions, decision-making rests solely in the hands of the club’s management.

Start a Supporters Club

Aside from joining an already existing fan club, you can start up your support club for your favorite soccer team. For example, if you want to start a support soccer club for Chelsea FC, you should inform the club about your intentions.

Once the club is aware of your objectives and goals, they could help create a page for you on the club’s official website. The club will expect you to share your page and encourage about 20 people to join your club.

Most soccer teams will present a welcome package to you accompanied by signed merchandise for your loyal support in organizing a support club.

If this seems like a far-reaching idea, you could start a fan club in your locality. Gather a group of friends and family or anyone you know who shares the same passion with you towards the club. Share responsibilities among yourselves and see to it that you’re never shy to openly declare your love for the team.

In a matter of time, as long as the club grows and gains popularity, you could get the attention of the club (no matter how big it is) and be included in the general fan base.

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  • There’s no better way to show your love than actually taking out time to promote the team.
  • There’s that feeling of accomplishment of pushing your passion forward.
  • You will have the potential to create a new fan base for a soccer team.
  • The team could eventually acknowledge your bold move to support them in every little way you can.
  • You will stand the opportunity of receiving benefits from the club.


  • It could all just be a waste of time and money.
  • Starting a supporter’s club requires funding.
  • Bigger soccer teams have several fan clubs already. You may be lost in the crowd and never get the recognition you desire.

Promote the team 

Aside from brand promotion, fans are one of the strongest backbones of any soccer team. Cultivate the habit of promoting your favorite soccer team in every possible way.

You can share your thoughts about the team convincingly with your friends and colleagues wherever you are and whenever it is permissible.

Sometimes, you can choose to adorn yourself with the club’s jersey, scarves, or emblem as a show of support. Apart from having a touch of your team’s color in your regular outfit, you can also decorate your home to promote your home.

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For example, you can change your wallpapers and the room color to match your team’s color. Whenever friends visit your home and enquire about its meaning, seize the opportunity to promote your favorite club.

In today’s world of social media, clicks, likes, and share features allow users to promote whatever interests they have. Show the world you’re a passionate supporter of your soccer team by promoting their content to your online friends and followers.


  • Promoting your team is one of the best ways to show maximum support to the players.
  • Through your lifestyle, you may inspire people to support your favorite team.
  • You could get recognition from the club or its associates.
  • You will help the soccer team to gain more popularity in your locality.


  • Openly declaring support for a team automatically puts you at war with its rivals.
  • It’s time-consuming to continuously promote the team
  • You may not be recognized for all the efforts
  • Being known as an open supporter of a club could be counterproductive when your team has suffered a streak of losses
  • You may lose some friends because of your opinion about the soccer team.
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Choosing to be an active supporter of a soccer team is essential, especially when you are a true soccer fan. You cannot learn the soccer game better by watching from the outside.

One of the best ways to get closer to your passion is to find a reliable soccer team to support. However, before finding this team, you need to do your research and determine if you are making the right decision at the moment.

When you’ve made your choice, go all out to show your love and support for them. When in doubt of how to achieve this, take cues from the methods discussed in this article.