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How To Wash Soccer Goalie Gloves?

How To Wash Soccer Goalie Gloves?

Just like the doctor’s stethoscope, a goalkeeper’s glove is their most valued identity on the pitch. The goalkeeper’s gloves play a similar role to bulletproof vests worn by military personnel.

Without their gloves, goalkeepers will be prone to different degrees of hand injuries when they try to stop shots fired by soccer players, particularly from close range. The gloves provide a good grip for goalkeepers and they are also good for protection.

The problem with soccer gloves is that most of them are not breathable which causes sweat to constantly emit from the goalkeeper’s hands. Eventually, the gloves start to smell after a short period of use.

Also, goalkeepers touch dirt, germs, and bacteria-infested surfaces due to their constant contact with the ground and the soccer ball. Even more gross is the practice of goalies spitting on their gloves.

All these make the gloves dirty and sometimes smell too. When gloves get dirty, they can be washed. However, washing them requires a bit of experience to avoid damaging their delicate fabric which will eventually make them less effective.

For gloves to last as they ought to, they must be kept in the best conditions possible. This includes washing and storing them properly when not in use.

We know you may be asking questions like, what is the best way to wash and keep my goalie gloves in good condition? Worry no more, we have the best answer to that question in this article.

How to wash soccer goalie gloves?

The abrasiveness of the dirt adsorbed by the goalie gloves during training and games erodes the soft latex from the outside. Cleaning your goalie gloves will remove any of such chemicals and help to preserve the integrity of your gloves.

There has been lots of debate over time about the best method for washing the goalkeeper’s gloves. Most of the methods used seemed crude, but that doesn’t make them ineffective though.

We have taken out time to do some research and highlight several effective methods used in keeping goalie gloves clean and free from germs without wearing them out.

Jump in shower method

This method is relatively the easiest and fastest method to clean your goalie gloves without much stress. Many goalkeepers prefer using this method to other methods.

It doesn’t require any long steps or extra effort than just jumping in the shower after a match or training with your gloves on. While in the shower, allow the water to run through your hands while you gently squeeze out or wash off the dirt.

Wash Soccer Goalie Gloves in Shower

Do this till the gloves are clean. Take them off and hang them somewhere indoors to dry. Exposing gloves to direct sunlight or open heat is a bad idea capable of ruining their durability.

Simple right? We know you might be curious to give this method a try already. Well, don’t hesitate any further because this method works well and will help keep your gloves clean with less risk of damage.

Dunk and Squeeze method

This method of washing the goalie gloves could also be considered relatively easy with less risk of getting your gloves damaged.

It can be used in washing a single pair of gloves or many pairs at the same time. It is a common way of washing clothes in many parts of the world, especially where washing machines aren’t popular.

Wash Soccer Goalie Gloves with Dunk and Squeeze method

For this method:

Step 1: Fill a bucket with clean, room temperature water.

Step 2: Wear the dirty gloves on your hands.

Step 3: Spend time rubbing your hands together in the bucket of water while you squeeze the dirt out gently.

Step 4: When your water becomes dirty, throw it away and repeat steps 1 to 3 until your gloves are free of stains and smell.

Step 5: Take the gloves off your hands, squeeze the water out gently and wrap them in a dry towel to dry.

Do not dry your gloves directly under the sun, or in a dryer. Always wrap in a dry towel, or pillowcase, or just hang indoors to dry.

Soapy Water Wash

To get the best and long-lasting effect when cleaning your goalkeeper gloves, this method might be better for you. It requires you to be more careful and patient to achieve that sparkling clean effect.

Considering the fact that gloves often pick up bacteria and other germs during use, cleaning them with just water may not be enough to get rid of the germs. This method introduces the use of a little bit of soap to achieve a clean and bacteria-free wash.

It is important to note that when cleaning your goalie gloves through this method or any other method involving the use of soap, don’t wash with just any soap, shampoo, detergent, or sanitizer as the chemicals in them can degrade the glove’s latex component.

We strongly recommend the use of glove wash, especially the ones made for washing goalkeeper gloves. You can find glove washes online if you don’t see them in physical stores near you.

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Wash Soccer Goalie Gloves with Soapy Water Wash

With that said, let’s get straight to the steps involved in washing soccer gloves with soap.

Step 1: Fill a bucket with clean, room temperature water (the right temperature should be around 35 to 40 degrees Celsius). You can also use a basin for this process.

Step 2: Apply the glove wash on each of the gloves and rub it in through with your fingers. Do not use sponges or any abrasive item.

Step 3: Dip the moist gloves in the prepared water and allow to soak for about five minutes.

Step 4: Take each glove out and rub thoroughly with your fingers and wash off every noticeable dirt. In the process of taking out the dirt or water from the gloves, ensure not to apply too much pressure or twist them as this could cause breakage of the latex.

Step 5: When your soap water gets dark from dirt, throw it away and repeat the process until your gloves are clean enough.

Step 6: Rinse thoroughly as much as you can. You don’t want to allow the soap to dry on your gloves because it can degrade the material and lead to breakage.

Proceed to dry after a thorough rinse.

Cleaning with a Toothbrush

Another effective way of cleaning your soccer gloves could involve the use of a soft toothbrush. It helps in achieving a really clean look and allows you to scrub off patches of dirt.

Cleaning with a toothbrush requires a little extra care and calm, else you tear the latex. However, it is a good way to achieve a super clean, bacteria-free glove. This is because the brush goes deep into the glove cracks to take out micro dirt.

We advise using only a toothbrush and not just any other brush. A hard brush may bruise the glove’s latex thereby opening it up to faster wear.

Wash Soccer Goalie Gloves with a toothbrush

Below are the steps to using the toothbrush on your gloves:

Step 1: Prepare a bucket or a basin filled with clean lukewarm water.

Step 2: Apply glove wash and rub thoroughly into the gloves with your fingers.

Step 3: Dip moist gloves into the basin of water to soak for a few minutes then brush through with the toothbrush to take the dirt out.

Step 4: Take out the toothbrush and rinse it after scrubbing. Change your soap water when it gets dirty and repeat the process until your gloves are clean.

As easy as this method looks, it requires a lot of caution and patience to get it right. You don’t want to get your gloves damaged in the process of cleaning them.

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Can you put your goalkeeper gloves in the washing machine?

Cleaning your goalkeeper gloves in the washing machine could be an easy way to get them clean quickly. However, this process is a little bit risky for your latex.

One major thing you want to avoid is the latex making contact with the drum of the washing machine. This could cause it to break.

wash soccer goalie gloves with washing machine

Here’s how to go about cleaning your gloves in the washing machine.

Place the gloves in a pillowcase and tie the end. This is to ensure that the gloves don’t fall out and make contact with the drum of the machine. After that, place it in the washing machine.

The recommended settings for the machine should be ‘Delicate wash’, 400 spin speed, and 30-degree temperature. You don’t want to put too much detergent so as not to damage the latex.

Allow it to spin and wash then take the gloves out. Place them in a towel to dry, or hang them to dry indoors.

There is a high risk of getting your gloves damaged in the washing machine since they can fall out of the pillowcase and make direct contact with the drum.

That’s why we recommend that you don’t wash your expensive gloves using a machine. However, you could do that for your training gloves, or less expensive ones.

How often should I wash my goalkeeper gloves?

The frequency at which you clean your goalkeeper gloves is relative. It depends on the frequency of use and the nature of your playing field.

For example, if your training field is sandy or muddy, you may need to wash your gloves immediately after every training session or match, especially in wet seasons.

That may not be the case if you play on artificial turf. Regardless of the playing condition, we advise that you wash your gloves after one or two games or training sessions.

There are times when the gloves may seem clean on the surface but will harbor harmful microorganisms which can get into your body if you have a cut on your hands. If you sweat a lot, washing them often will also prevent the development of foul odor.

Remember to apply all the precautions we talked about so as not to get your precious gloves damaged in the process of washing them.


The soccer goalie gloves are delicate products that must be handled with special care and attention. Perhaps, this is why some goalies are scared of washing them.

Well, if you don’t wash your gloves for too long, they may stink as well as harbor organisms that can make you sick. Goalies touch the ground, the ball, and other players while doing their job. Imagine the number of germs their gloves pick up in the process.

To preserve the lifespan of goalkeeper gloves, you must follow basic rules when cleaning, drying, and storing them.

After cleaning your goalie gloves, make sure that no trace of soap is left on them which is why you must rinse them with lukewarm water—more than once preferably. This will help your gloves retain their full grip properties and even last longer.

Always use special glove wash to clean your glove and not any harsh cleaning product or aggressive solvent. While gloves can be washed using a washing machine, you should take certain precautions while doing so.