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How To Wear An Oversized Soccer Jersey? 4 Styles For You

How To Wear An Oversized Soccer Jersey? 4 Styles For You

The way you wear a regular snug-fitting soccer jersey is different from how you should wear an oversized soccer jersey. While you can wear regular-sized soccer jerseys with shorts, pants, or skirts, your choices will be a little limited with oversized soccer jerseys.

For example, we are yet to find a way to style an oversized soccer jersey with a miniskirt. Also, with an oversized soccer jersey, a belt will become a must-have accessory to try to give it an appealing fit.

You don’t even have to be a fashion expert to know that there are ways that you will wear an oversized jersey and it would appear ugly. Jersey manufacturers usually label them as S, M, L, XL, and XXL. So, if a person that should be wearing an S size goes ahead and buys XL, it will appear oversized on their body.

However, cloth manufacturers often make oversized designs on purpose because some people see them as fashionable. When buying an oversized design, we strongly recommend that you still stick with the label that matches your original size.

For example, if you normally wear M, when buying an oversized design make sure that the label still bears M. If you must wear an oversized soccer jersey, it is important that you style them correctly and that includes watching what you wear them with and how you combine the colors.

Soccer jerseys are not really wardrobe essentials, so you cannot blame anyone for not styling them correctly. Today, we are going to tell you the different ways of styling your oversized jersey so that it still appears appealing.

How to wear an oversized soccer jersey?

If you bought an oversized soccer jersey in error, we would advise that you return them for a refund or to pick the right size. Tastefully styling an oversized jersey is a bit difficult and you should only settle for them when there is no other option.

For example, we know that some people get jerseys from their favorite players as gifts from a loved one. When we get a soccer jersey gift from someone, it may sound rude to ask them to change it because it is not your size.

Also, some lucky fans often get a rare lifetime opportunity of meeting their soccer idol after the match and the player may decide to give out their jersey to the fan.

For example, in 2018, Neymar was heading out of the pitch after being substituted and a young fan ran to him in tears. The stewards wanted to take the boy away but Neymar stopped them.

After consoling the boy who was obviously in tears, Neymar handed his jersey to the boy. This is not the first time that he is giving out his shirt to a young fan. Obviously, Neymar is far bigger than the boy and his jersey will be oversized on the boy.

Neymar stops crying PSG fan being taken by stewards, then gives him his shirt

If the young fan decides to wear the jersey, he would need to style it correctly to avoid looking distasteful.

Also, someone that wears XXL jersey size but lost a lot of weight through sickness or any other reason will end up with an oversized jersey. Whether you got an oversized jersey as a gift or bought one by mistake, here are some of the ways you should wear them.

Style 1: Wear an oversized jersey with denim pants

Wearing an oversized jersey with denim pants hardly goes wrong especially when the jersey is genuine rather than a replica. There are a few unwritten laws that you have to obey when it comes to styling your oversized jersey with denim pants.

Firstly, don’t pair an oversized jersey with baggy pants. It won’t fit. There was a time in the 1990s when this was a trend among rap artists. However, the world has moved on from that trend and you will look awful in those.

Secondly, don’t wear an oversized jersey with ripped pants. Straight-cut denim pants will do the trick. The result will rarely be impressive.

Lastly, only stick with blue, black, or white denim pants. These colors will blend easily with any jersey color. You don’t want to add color to your styling problem.

The best way to style an oversize jersey with denim pants is to tuck it into the pants. When properly tucked into the pants, the oversize jersey will look smaller than it is.

If you can, wear a good designer belt and that should take away all the attention from the jersey. Styling an oversize jersey this way will work for both men and women.

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When your oversized jersey is properly ticked in your pants, you can layer your appearance to give it a more professional look. Another importance of layering is that it will hide the excess material around the arms.

You can easily layer your baggy top during cold seasons without raising an eyebrow. Simply get a form-fitting jacket or a long sleeve shirt and wear it over the oversized jersey.

The only rule here is that you should not button the long sleeve shirt or jacket. Allow the front part to be open so that it will show off the front part of your jersey. If the entire jersey is covered, the aim of wearing it in the first place is lost.

Always match the color of your jacket or long sleeve shirt with the color of your pants for a more soothing appearance.

Style 2: Wear an oversized jersey with denim shorts

You can wear an oversized soccer jersey with denim shorts. Unfortunately, this will only work for women and not for men.

Just like denim pants, there are a few rules you must observe when styling denim shorts with oversized jerseys. Firstly, the size of the shorts is important. The maximum height of the shorts should be halfway up your thigh—the shorter the better.

Also, you have to be mindful of the color. Like pants, stick with blue, black, or white shorts. There are three ways you can style your oversized jersey with shorts and still look chic.

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Method 1

Just wear it and allow it to fly such that it covers almost all your shorts leaving only a small portion. The secret to this method of styling an oversize soccer jersey is getting the jersey with the right length that will be just below the base of the shorts.

Method 2

Tuck the front part of the soccer jersey into the shorts leaving the back part to be flying out. This way of wearing an oversize soccer jersey gives it a girlie touch.

Method 3

Drag as much of the excess soccer jersey and tie it into a knot on the front or the side. While tying this knot, make sure that it doesn’t expose much of your belly.

It is OK for a small part of your belly to be exposed but too much of it will ruin the aesthetics. For this same reason, don’t try to cut your oversize soccer jersey into a crop top. It will not pop.

Style 3: Wear an oversized jersey with chinos pants

Just like denim pants, chinos pants can also work like charm with an oversized soccer jersey. The major thing you have to worry about is getting the colors right.

Both males and females can wear their oversized jerseys with chinos pants because there are chinos pants designed for either gender. We strongly recommend black or brown chinos pants because they are the most versatile.

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Style 4: Wear an oversized jersey like a gown

The secret to pulling this off is to go for an oversized jersey that is one size up from your regular size. For example, if you are a medium (M), go for large (L).

By going for a jersey that is one size up, you will get a better girth and length that will make it easier for you to wear it like a gown. If the height of your M jersey used to stop around your thigh, the L jersey should just be around your knee.

In this way of styling an oversized jersey, if you are wearing shorts, make sure the jersey covers it up completely so that it feels like you are not wearing anything. Wear a belt or a waistband to give some fitting to the jersey.

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Since men don’t usually wear gowns, it is hard to find a cool way for men to wear this without looking odd. So, this way of styling oversized jerseys will work only for females.


Ending up with an oversized soccer jersey may not be as bad as people portray it if you wear it properly. However, when it comes to oversized soccer jerseys, women have the edge compared to men. Female fans have more ways to style their oversized soccer jerseys and still look sexy.

If you end up with a soccer jersey that is too big, another thing you may attempt is to shrink them to get them to your size so that you can wear them more effortlessly. However, we will like to mention here that only soccer jerseys made of natural fibers like wool, silk, or cotton will shrink.

Jerseys made of synthetic fabrics will not shrink. Sadly, the majority of modern-day soccer jerseys are made of synthetic materials. Repeatedly hot-washing natural fabrics and drying them with high heat will cause them to shrink.

However, the shrinking process may also cause damage to the soccer jersey. So, if the soccer jersey holds memories for you—and most jerseys do—you may have to think twice before trying to shrink them.

A good alternative would be to style them using one of the techniques we have listed. By doing so, it would be a win-win because you will preserve your soccer jersey and always step out with a dashing look.