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How To Wear Soccer Gear? All You Need to Know

How To Wear Soccer Gear? All You Need to Know

Since its inception, soccer has been a fun-filled sport. This is why it still ranks high amongst the most famous sports in the world.

Some people play soccer for leisure, others engage in it professionally as a career while others just cheer and support their various teams to victory.

Everything about soccer is loved and enjoyed by both players and fans alike and soccer gear isn’t an exemption. The use of soccer gear while playing soccer is essential because some of them are mandatory equipment required to fully enjoy the sport.

Soccer gears not only distinguish one team from another but also help protect players from sustaining injuries. Soccer gears are worn by players of all types of soccer, be it futsal, beach soccer, indoor soccer, street soccer, etc.

Today, soccer gears are not only worn by players during matches alone, they are also worn by fans on different occasions to support and represent their favorite teams. Oftentimes, fans do not bother putting on the full gear, they simply style it to their taste and fitting.

There are no restrictions on who can wear soccer gear, it can be worn by both men and women in various ways, depending on the occasion. Soccer gears are oftentimes designed for specific gender and purpose.

In this article, we have vividly explained the various ways you can wear soccer gear including their unique purpose, occasions, and appropriate ways of wearing them. Free yourself and enjoy the ride!

Kid soccer player

How to wear soccer gear?

During official soccer matches, all players in a team must be in uniform except the goalkeeper (who can put on a different color of jersey) and they are expected to appear in their basic soccer gear, which are soccer jersey, socks, cleats, shin guard, and gloves for the goalkeeper.

Putting on other protective gear is allowed as long as it does not stand as a threat to other players. Examples of these extra gears are mouth guards, headgear, padded soccer pants, and sliding shorts.

Soccer players use gear for every game they play, especially professional games. Gears are very important as they do not only distinguish the game from other types of games but also provide protection against injury for the players.

During the early days of soccer, some gears were not compulsory because, then, people only played soccer to have fun. Also, most players could not afford or easily find the gears.

Soccer player on practice cource

As time passed, soccer players began facing challenges due to the increase in the rate of injury, this was the birth of the need for gears—and it was later incorporated into the sport.

There are no specific rules provided about protective gear by FIFA, the rule only states that any equipment that is dangerous to other players on the field of play should not be worn (Law 4, Rules of the Game). Therefore, any additional equipment that does not pose a threat to players can be worn.

Gears are worn on different parts of the body ranging from the head, hand, wrist, calves, ankles, etc.

If you are asking how to wear soccer gear, our best bet is that you want to use them on a regular basis rather than just on the pitch alone. Below are some of the gears used by players and how you can wear them.

Soccer jersey

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Every team has a unique soccer jersey and each player must appear in the team’s jersey for a match. The jerseys help spectators and referees distinguish between different teams.

Soccer players

It also aids players to easily identify their teammates using colors and numbers rather than their faces while playing. Every soccer jersey has a story behind it which is why many fans usually have a large collection of their favorite team’s soccer jerseys.

Soccer jerseys can have long or short sleeves and the choice usually boils down to the weather. There are ways you can wear a soccer jersey with your regular clothes and we have highlighted them here.

Soccer shorts

Soccer player shoot the ball

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Soccer players are expected to appear in shorts rather than long pants, only goalkeepers are exempted as they can wear long pants.

It is not unlikely to see fans rocking soccer shorts to the stadium to support their favorite team. There are myriads of ways to style soccer shorts—especially when you wear them during the summer.

You can wear them with a sweat top which can either be tucked into the shorts or left flying. Generally, most floral shorts will blend well with soccer shorts as long as you get the colors right.

Another weird way we have seen some fans wear soccer shorts is to wear them over tight athletic pants. As long as the weather is cold and you are not going to feature in any game, this is totally acceptable.

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Gloves are among the most essential gears worn by goalkeepers. Constant catching or blocking of fast-traveling balls during soccer matches can cause stings, lacerations, and shocks to the hands.

Goaline with soccer gloves

In order to prevent both major and minor injuries from occurring during games, goalkeepers always put on a pair of thick gloves on both hands. Aside from protecting the hands, gloves also help goalkeepers maintain a firm grip on the ball.

It may shock you to know that gloves are not one of compulsory equipment according to the Law of the Game. That means a goalkeeper can show up to the pitch without them and will not be penalized.

Nevertheless, virtually all goalies wear them. People usually wear gloves during the winter. You can swap the regular gloves with soccer gloves.

However, make sure that you go for the really slim and fitting pair so that it doesn’t look bulky on your hands. If you choose the right size, it should blend well with any winter attire.

Wrist and ankle tape

Taping the wrist

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Taping of fingers, wrists, and ankles is another practice among soccer players that is not in the rule books of IFAB. However, it is common to find soccer players taping delicate joints on their feet and hands.

The use of tapes can help to prevent the fingers, wrists, and ankle from moving in awkward directions and leading to injuries. Although it is not very common in soccer, players sometimes tape their wrists to prevent injuries and also maintain stability in an instance of a fall.

Inasmuch as goalies have their hands covered with gloves, it will surprise you to know that soccer goalies do tape their fingers too. Nothing is stopping you from wearing tapes too.

As long as you are wearing a short-sleeve shirt, you can put tape around your wrist. Interestingly, you can add a little romance to it by inscribing loving quotes on it to get your partner blushing.

If you have brittle joints or just recovering from a dislocation in any joint in your hands or feet, taping them can be a way to prevent a recurrence—and we strongly recommend it.

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Shin guards

Soccer player player soccer with shin guards inside the socks

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Shin guards are standard soccer gears that protect the skin from bumps and kicks from other players or a hard shot from the ball. The shin guard must fit well beneath the knee and snugly around the ankle, also, they should be molded to the shin for protection.

In soccer, shin guards are mandatory and must be worn by all soccer players during a match according to the Law of the Game.

To style the shin guard, you must wear a pair of shorts and socks. This will be most suitable for those hiking in shorts.

Slotting in a slim shin guard into your socks can be a lifesaver when you bump into boulders during a hike. Due to the nature of those really small shin guards, people will rarely notice that you have them on.

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Soccer Socks

Soccer player run on the feild

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Socks are also essential gears that help support the shin guard. The socks should be tight-fitted and long, often reaching above the knee so they can properly cover the shin guard.

Soccer socks help drain sweat and moisture from players’ feet during play and also protect the skin from injuries. Socks used in soccer are always long and tick unlike other normal socks so they can serve their purpose effectively.

Soccer socks are the easiest to style. You can wear them with either shorts or pants and still look cool. You may even get to see them on the runway or in corporate organizations.

The only precaution you have to make with styling soccer shorts is to make sure that their color blends with the color of your attire. That may mean wearing the soccer socks of a team that you don’t really support.

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Trusox is one of the very popular soccer accessories in recent times. The reason is that it has a design covered with rubber pads on the heel and the sole.

This provides a grip between the foot and the shoe and helps you play better by avoiding slippage in your shoes.

In addition, thanks to that effect, they also ensure you do not encounter blisters. You can combine regular soccer socks and trusox to help you have better performance and have a good look, we have a detailed guide for you here!

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Soccer cleats

Soccer player kick the ball

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Soccer cleats have gone from heavy shoes to lighter and portable cleats over the years, they are mostly worn by soccer players. Cleats are shoes with studs at the bottom, the studs are very helpful as they prevent players from slipping on the grass.

Cleats come in different types, styles, and must be used based on the kind of surface the game is to be played upon. A pair of flat-soled cleats can be used for indoor soccer games while cleats with metal studs are suitable for grass turfs.

Soccer cleats have been in use since the invention of soccer although they have evolved a lot from what they used to look and feel like. Cleats keep a player’s feet safe from injuries, improve their stamina on the pitch, and add force to their shots.

There are many ways to wear a pair of soccer cleats. You can wear them with vintage shorts and shirts. Also, it is not uncommon to find men and women wearing their joggers with soccer cleats when they are doing their morning workouts.


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Headgears are worn around the forehead to minimize the risk of sustaining head injuries which may stem from heading the ball or head-on collision with other players or from heading the ball.

The most common headgears for soccer are bandanas and head ties. Research shows that headgears used by soccer players don’t pose any health hazards.

They are lightweight, designed to fit all hairstyles, and they don’t affect the way a player plays soccer. On the other hand, some soccer players use headgears like bandanas and head ties to keep their hair out of their faces.

The use of headgears by soccer players can positively increase their effectiveness and composure on the soccer pitch.

There are different ways of wearing a head tie or bandana. For example, you can fold the head tie into a narrow strip and tie it on your hairline to keep your hair in place.

You can also use it to cover your entire hair. For those with long braids or dreads, you can simply bring the braids together at the back of your head and tie them up using a hairband or a head tie.

On the street, you can wear a bandana with any casual wear without raising an eyebrow. Besides the hairband, none of the other soccer headgears will likely work with corporate outfits.


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The mouthguard is used by players to protect their jaw, gum, and teeth from injury while playing a match. They help cushion any force of impact to the jaw thereby preventing concussions.

Most players don’t usually like using the mouthguard because they feel it is not too important since soccer players don’t take direct blows to the face like boxers and martial artists do.

Nevertheless, you will find this among very young and armature soccer players. Mouthguards are not really visible, so anyone can wear them regardless of what clothes you are wearing.


The feet of soccer player put on the ball

Players play more aggressively and confidently when they are fully certain that they are not going to suffer injuries when knocked on the head, kicked on the shin, or hit in other vulnerable parts of their body by other players on the pitch.

While safety is usually the watchword when soccer players wear gear, for fans, it is a different ball game.

Soccer fans all over the world derive joy in showing off their favorite teams both in the stadium and on the streets and so they wear soccer gear for fashion.

A fan who is very passionate about a team may decide to put on the team’s jersey with his or her favorite players’ names boldly written behind it.

This can go with pants and a pair of flat-soled cleats to match. Matching headgears may be worn but shin guards and socks aren’t usually necessary.

Soccer gears can be mixed with casual outing wears like denim, t-shirts, sweaters, sneakers, flip-flops, dresses, blazers, frocks, etc. Most people prefer wearing soccer jerseys with jeans and a pair of beautiful sneakers.

Ladies and guys can mix soccer gears in many fashionable styles depending on how creative they can get. There are no limitations to how creative you can get with soccer gears as long as you are comfortable in them.

Although soccer gears were mainly designed for sporting activities, in recent times, they are being used in the fashion world and also during recreational activities—and you should get on board the trend already.