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How To Wear Soccer Jersey? | 6 Ways to Try

How To Wear Soccer Jersey? | 6 Ways to Try

Soccer jerseys are the identity of soccer players. They are used to distinguish between two different soccer teams.

For this reason, no two teams use the same soccer jerseys. In fact, most teams have two to three different soccer jerseys that they alternate depending on whether they are playing home or away.

Even when two teams have similar soccer jersey designs, the colors are usually strikingly different. This makes it easier for spectators to follow their favorite teams from the stand or from the television.

If two teams should wear the same jersey color, it will make it hard for the players too. Soccer players will also get into the trouble of passing the ball to their opponents.

Interestingly, soccer jerseys are not only worn by soccer players. Fans also wear soccer jerseys as a way of showing support to their favorite soccer players.

Also, there is a third group that wears soccer jerseys just for fashion’s sake rather than as a way of supporting their teams. If you belong to the third group, wearing a soccer jersey is harder because you need to find a way to combine it with your regular wear to make them appealing.

If you are asking how to wear a soccer jersey, we want to assume that you are in the third category. Today, we will tell you the different cool ways to wear a soccer jersey besides just wearing them with the team shorts.

How to wear a soccer jersey?

Americans will always choose football over soccer. The only time that soccer comes to their mind is during the World Cup games—if America qualified. That means Americans will usually think of soccer once every four years.

Nevertheless, out of all the sports jerseys, the soccer jersey is the most wearable. Soccer fans and fashion enthusiasts usually seize the opportunity provided by summer to include soccer jerseys in their daily wear.

When it is time for you to wear a soccer jersey, there are a few points of consideration to make sure your look is appealing.

girl wearing soccer jersey number 13 with shorts, holding a soccer ball in her ampit

Choose the right size

Firstly, only pick jerseys of your size. Soccer jerseys look better when they hug your body but not too tightly.

Unless you are a fan of a soccer team and want to rep your team, the rule is to always choose a soccer jersey with colors that match your pants.

Thankfully, there are streetwear brands like Palace making soccer jerseys that don’t represent any team, rather, they are made for fashion purposes alone.

Go for high-quality fabric

Most modern soccer jerseys are made using premium materials and often incorporated with high-tech features like moisture-wicking technology. The more comfortable the material feels on you, the more confident you will feel about wearing them—fashion is mostly about confidence.

If you are not comfortable with all the tech additions to newer versions of soccer jerseys, you can check online for older versions that have more cozy cotton and fewer tech additions.

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Casualize your soccer jersey

Soccer jerseys usually feel better when they are worn casually or in combination with streetwear. Imagine how odd it would look to wear a soccer jersey with a three-piece suit.

Casualizing soccer jerseys means wearing them with denim pants and really cool sneakers. You can hardly go wrong when you pair a jersey with jeans.

Now that you know different things that you should consider when wearing a soccer jersey, it is time to tell you how to wear soccer jerseys. Note, how you wear your soccer jersey should also depend on where you are going with it.

Method 1: Wear a soccer jersey with shorts

Shorts are a summer essential for men and women that love hiking or various other outdoor activities. They are fashionable and come in different shades, sizes, and materials.

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But, do you know that you can wear them with a soccer jersey and look stunningly cool? Make sure that your choice of shorts is two or three inches above your knee for an edgy vibe.

This method of styling the soccer jersey is a unique way of showing up at beaches. Another variation to this is to wear an oversized soccer jersey.

Pull the excesses together and tie them into a knot over your belly button or by your side. The combination of drawing the excess soccer jersey into a knot and tight fitting shorts accentuates your curves making you the center of attraction.

On the other hand, men can wear denim shorts that are no more than 1 inch above the knee with a slim-fitting soccer jersey. Just like the females, you can wear this to the beach or other informal gatherings.

Method 2: Wear a soccer jersey with denim pants

Denim pants match well with virtually every top as long as you get the color combination right. There is no limit to how creative you can be with denim pants.

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For example, you can opt for the ragged jeans with gaping holes here and there or clean faded pants. Just like with shorts, females have much more combining power than males.

Females can wear a crop top with denim pants and either sneakers or high-heeled shoes. For a more formal appeal, wear waist-length slim-fit soccer jerseys with sneakers or high-length boots.

Elevate your glamor with matching accessories to your jersey color like bracelets and neck bands. Men can elevate their appeal when combining denim pants and soccer jerseys by wearing a bomber or leather jacket on top of the soccer jersey.

Leave the front part of the jacket open to flamboyantly display your soccer jersey. The good thing about this combination is that when done properly, you can rock it to a meeting without raising eyebrows or attracting a query.

A vast majority of soccer fans show up to see games dressed in this manner. It is arguably the most popular way of wearing soccer jerseys.

Method 3: Wear a soccer jersey like a mini dress

Females can wear very long soccer jerseys like a mini dress. This way of wearing a soccer jersey is not for the faint-hearted.

All you need is to get a really long soccer jersey that reaches two or three inches above your knee. Wear bump shorts underneath and a pair of long-heeled shoes.

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Unfortunately, there is no attractive way for men to replicate this. Those who can wear their soccer jersey this way will definitely be the center of attraction the moment they step into a party.

Method 4: Wear a soccer jersey with a short skirt

When you want to make a strong fashion statement with your soccer jersey, the best way to achieve that is to pair it with a skimpy, trendy skirt. Tuck in the soccer jersey in the skirt and hold it in place with a fashionable belt.

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You will need a pair of high-heeled boots to complete the look. This way of styling the soccer jersey is most suitable for girls’ night outs.

Method 5: Wear a soccer jersey with chinos pants

Once you get the colors right, chinos pants can make a very good match with soccer jerseys. One thing you should always try to do to make your appearance more appealing is to match the color of your shoes with that of your soccer jersey.

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Interestingly, chinos pants come in male and female designs which means anyone can wear their soccer jersey this way.

Method 6: Wear a soccer jersey with sweatpants

Just like chinos pants, sweat pants come in different variations for males and females. When you wear your soccer jersey with sweatpants, always make sure you kill off the look with a good pair of matching sneakers.

Keep the tone fairly even from the jersey down to your shoes. You can elevate the look by wearing a jacket that is kept unzipped to display the front part of the soccer jersey.

This is arguably the best way to wear your soccer jersey when heading for the stadium to watch your favorite team during the winter seasons.

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Every soccer jersey holds memory and this is so because every team changes their soccer jersey at the end of every season. Choosing the soccer jersey that holds the most important memory for you is crucial to how you will feel when you wear them.

For women, matching the color of their soccer jersey with the color of their pair of long-heeled shoes may not offer any additional value. However, that is the best way to style the soccer jersey for men.

A baggy soccer jersey can work on females because they can knot it on their tummy or side. However, the same type of jersey will not work on men.

It is always important to know how to wear your soccer jersey so that you don’t end up looking off. Interestingly, a soccer jersey is versatile and can be worn in any season and can be worn to different occasions besides the stadium.

All you need to do for them to fit is to know how to wear them.