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How To Wear Trusox With Soccer Socks? 3 Methods

How To Wear Trusox With Soccer Socks? 3 Methods

Even the best of fans will be bored to death by a slow-paced match. Soccer is more entertaining when played fast and sleek.

While this is good for the fans, it is bad news for the soccer players because they have to expend more energy and cover more distance around the pitch. This often leaves their muscles sore.

Besides their muscles, some soccer players experience blistering or lose their balance because of the movement of their feet in their boots. This was blamed on the lack of friction between their traditional kit socks and their boots.

The drive to solve this problem was the origin of Trusox. The American company which was founded in 2007 produces socks with rubber dots arranged in a grid on the heel and sometimes all over the foot area.

Trusox was designed by Jim Cherneski, a former soccer player who also suffered from the discomfort of having his foot move around in his boots. One of the first players to try out the brand was Victor Moses.

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However, the sales have skyrocketed ever since with an estimated thirty percent of premier league soccer players wearing the brand. As of 2019, Luis Suarez was the only sponsored soccer player wearing Trusox.

The explosion of Trusox has led to a conflict between team official jersey sponsors and some soccer players. This is because sponsorship contracts often prohibit a soccer team from displaying any other logo on their outfit apart from those of the official sponsors.

For example, in the 2018 World Cup, FIFA slammed the English national team and Andreas Granqvist (captain of the Swedish national team) with a fine of 50,000 euros for displaying the Trusox logo which conflicts with Adidas—the official sponsor of the World Cup.

This has created the big question, ‘how can soccer players wear Trusox with their official soccer socks’? We have heard this question from a lot of our readers and we have decided to provide all the answers that they need.

I'm sick of cutting socks, so I made these!

How to wear Trusox with soccer socks?

Sliding, slipping, and blisters are the three most common problems that soccer players face—which can prevent them from reaching their full potential. The regular soccer socks were supposed to limit these problems but it does a bad job at reducing friction because of their smooth surfaces.

Some soccer socks today are made of nylon which makes them more slippery than those made of cotton. Soccer players who wear socks made of nylon have a higher chance of experiencing the problems we highlighted above because of the lower friction between their boot soles and their socks.

This problem can be made worse by the slippery inlay soles that often come with modern soccer cleats. The non-slip pads attached to the inside and the outside of Trusox create friction between the feet and the boots that helps to lock your feet in place and prevent them from sliding around in your boots.

A soccer player is controlling the ball

Trusox can be worn alone or with the official team soccer socks. To make it easier for soccer players to wear the socks discreetly, the manufacturers have continued to manufacture the socks in different colors.

It is recommended that to get the maximum benefits of Trusox, there should be direct contact between the non-slip pads on the socks and your barefoot as well as direct contact between the socks and the boots.

In other words, wearing Trusox over or under your soccer socks will dampen the effect. Perhaps, this explains why a lot of soccer players have found a creative way of wearing Trusox.

When worn correctly, Trusox increases comfort, performance, as well as reduces the likelihood of blisters. Already feeling excited about Trusox and would love to give it a try? Below are some of the ways you can wear the socks to enjoy the maximum benefit as well as avoid sponsorship problems.

How To Wear TruSox

Method 1: Cut your soccer socks

Since soccer players must wear the official soccer socks and it is counterproductive to wear two socks, one way they try to beat the limitation is by cutting their soccer socks.

Firstly, make sure that you get a pair of Trusox that matches the color of your soccer socks. According to the Law of the Game, a player’s socks must match the color of their jersey.

Once you have a matching pair, the next step would be to wear the Trusox and draw it up all the way to your lower calf. Next, get your official soccer socks and cut out the foot area, leaving behind a footless sleeve.

While making your cut, always ensure that you cut it below the ribbed or stitched area. You want your cut to be as smooth as possible to extend the lifespan of your soccer socks. Rough cuts are more prone to fraying than smooth cuts.

Wear the hollow official soccer socks over the Trusox and pull it up until the base rests on your ankle. Use an athletic wrap of matching color to tape the gap between your Trusox and your official soccer socks.

Athletic wrap—which is usually wider—is preferred over athletic tapes because they are less sticky. So, when taking them off, they will not pull on the edges of your cut socks leading to less fraying.

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If done correctly, your soccer socks should cover any exposed part of the Trusox. Consequently, you should be able to enjoy all the benefits of Trusox without getting into sponsorship problems or being forced to pay huge

Most soccer players that wear their Trusox this way often leave the top part of the Trusox exposed to show off the non-slip pads at the ankle. This may leave you wondering if they are not afraid of getting fined.

Well, our best guess is that the soccer players that wear their Trusox this way may have signed a quiet endorsement deal with Trusox in which case they must show the iconic logo at the back of the heel area of the socks.


Method 2: Wear Trusox over your soccer socks

As we mentioned earlier, the maximum benefit of Trusox is obtained when there is unhindered contact between your foot, the socks, and your boots. However, we know that some soccer players and enthusiasts cannot afford to be cutting their socks every time.

If you are not comfortable with cutting your socks and would rather wear your soccer socks and your Trusox together, you may still experience a little of the benefit offered by Trusox’s non-slip grip pads if you wear them on the outside.

In this case, you have to put on your official soccer socks first. Then, put on the pair of Trusox socks, pulling it up all the way to the mid-calf.

Put an athletic wrap around the joint between the official soccer socks and the Trusox using a wrap of the same color as the official team socks. If you are worried about getting sanctioned, you can use the tape to cover the entire Trusox all the way down to your ankle.

How to wear TruSox like a professional player

Method 3: Cut the heel area of soccer socks

Another way of wearing your official soccer socks with the Trusox is to cut off the heel area of your official soccer socks. Wear your Trusox first and wear the cut soccer socks on top.

This is effective because the slippage and blistering experienced by soccer players mostly happen around the heels. Official soccer socks cut around the heels will likely last longer than those cut into a footless sleeve.

This is because in this case, you will not need an athletic wrap to conceal the joint. We all know that peeling off athletic tapes can cause flaying in socks cut into a footless sleeve.

The only downside to this technique is that the player may feel a bit uncomfortable because of the different socks layers under their feet. However, that awkward feeling should wear off over time.

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The two most popular Trusox models are the Thin Light and the Cushion Pro.

Professional soccer players prefer to wear the latter because it comes with extra lining around the foot for enhanced comfort. The Thin Light lacks this internal lining.

Therefore, it is always important that you wear your soccer socks with the right choice of Trusox to get the maximum benefit.

Bear in mind that inasmuch as some soccer players wear Trusox over their regular soccer socks, they will miss out on the full benefit of Trusox by doing so.

Wearing your Trusox this way can be effective in preventing you from getting blisters around your heels but you may still experience slippage which will happen between the socks layers. That extra grip offered by Trusox when worn currently may just be all you need to outclass your opponent.