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What Do You Do With A Soccer Ball? | 12 Interesting Games To Try

What Do You Do With A Soccer Ball? | 12 Interesting Games To Try

Although a soccer ball is primarily used for soccer, it can be used in a variety of other ways. Whether you are a professional soccer player or simply a fan of the sport, using a soccer ball outside playing soccer can be a fun activity.

Furthermore, engaging in those activities can quickly improve your mood and serve as a great exercise activity. These activities are accessible to anyone, including young children. If you can kick a soccer ball, you can engage in any of these activities.

The following are some of the challenges and exciting activities you can do with a soccer ball. Some are quite popular and are even openly performed by professionals, while others are not frequently performed.

What do you do with a soccer ball?

The design, size, and nature of soccer balls allow them to be used for other activities besides regular soccer gameplays. As long as complete care is taken when using the ball, it can serve as a great way to utilize the ball when not on a standard soccer pitch.

Most of the activities that can be done with a soccer ball can be divided into two main activities; games and exercises. Here are some of the activities you can do with a soccer ball in no particular order.

1. Ever considered playing soccer tennis?

One can only imagine your level of confusion if this is your first time seeing this word combination. But, yep, the words exist together, and the activity is a combination of both sports.

Soccer tennis is a sport that combines elements of tennis, soccer, and volleyball. It is a foot-based sport that helps soccer players of all ages improve their instincts and specific competence. What’s more? You don’t have to play it with soccer cleats.

Anyone can do it and usually on a tennis court, if available, but most people make an improvised net in a soccer field for it. If a makeshift net is unavailable, an improvised “net” made from a bench or two chairs can be used.

The bench can easily replace a net, and two chairs can also suffice, but with a rope tied to the upper ends of the chairs to act as a separation between the two halves.

Cones can be used to mark out-of-bounds areas if there are no lines or if you are not on a tennis court. Soccer tennis is a temporary makeshift activity, so feel free to use whatever convenient equipment you have on hand to demarcate the line.

soccer tennis

How it is played

Soccer tennis is played in a variety of ways. The most common is with two players on each side of the pitch, similar to doubles in tennis.

The game begins with the first team, Team A, kicking the ball over the net to the other side with their leg. When the ball reaches the other side, the opposing team must return it and may only allow it to bounce once.

Each team may only touch the ball three times before a foul occurs. The ball can then be kicked to the opposite side using the leg.

It is worth noting that the bounce can be performed at any time during the return. Both teams have the option of letting the ball bounce before touching it and eventually passing it to the opposing team.

Teams can decide when they need the bounce to occur. Most importantly, each team has three touches and a bounce. A bounce between the touches still counts as valid.

Scoring operates in a similar principle as what is obtainable in tennis. A team is awarded a score when the other team cannot effectively control and return the ball with the leg back to the first team’s half.

Since soccer tennis can involve parts of the body other than the hand, skilled players can head the ball into the air to make it difficult for the opposing team to pick it up.

Typically, the team that successfully forces the opposing team to kick the ball out of bounds scores the most points and wins the game.

2. Try out soccer juggling

Soccer juggling is a technique professional soccer players use to improve their touch on the ball. Aside from professional soccer players, soccer-playing children and teenagers juggle soccer balls for fun.

Typically, the feet are used to juggle, but juggling with the head and thighs is also common. These quick touches to soccer balls instill confidence in the players and shape their ball control during play.

Although soccer juggles are entertaining, some people find it difficult to perform them. This difficulty arises because not everyone can move their feet quickly while maintaining good body posture.

Even then, if you’re juggling to improve soccer ball control, you should use all parts of your body except your hand. When juggling with your feet, make sure you don’t get into the habit of only using your dominant feet. Instead, alternate with your weaker foot regularly.

kid juggles a soccer ball

How it is done

To keep it entertaining, bring a group of players together, say 3 to 5, and stand in a circle. Ideally, you can choose whatever position is best as long as it is easy for each person to make contact and control the ball.

Each player should stand at least three feet from the other to achieve this. Next, start the activity by successfully juggling the ball and passing it over to another player. They, too, will do the same until all players have successfully juggled the ball.

Each player’s number of touches is determined before the activity begins. As earlier stated, juggle with any body part except the hands.

Note: Juggling can also be performed as a solo activity.

3. Leg Lifts with a soccer ball

Leg lifts are muscle strengthening exercises. Performing these leg lifts with a ball provides the necessary strain for improved muscle strength.

Unlike the previous one, this activity can only be performed by one person. It entails laying flat on the floor with the ball between your feet. Then, with the ball still between your outstretched feet, slowly bring your legs towards your body and then return it.

The legs should be suspended in the air all through this movement. For example, when you lift your leg, it should be perpendicular to the rest of your body, and when you lower it, your entire body should be parallel to the floor.

girl performs leg lifts with a ball

The ascending and descending cycle is repeated as many times as possible and is sometimes timed to make it more difficult. Try performing ten cycles in a minute to improve leg flexibility significantly.

To ensure more muscle control, which is vital for soccer players, lift the legs gradually and steadily down. You can increase the difficulty by raising your arms and legs simultaneously, with the arms reaching out towards the leg.

Leg lifts, in general, can be performed by anyone (kids, soccer players, men and women who exercise).

4. Piggy in the Middle

Piggy In The Middle is a game played by amateur and professional soccer players at their club’s training sessions or in any convenient setting. The game usually consists of two people throwing a ball to one other while a third person stands between them to intercept the ball.

When the third person intercepts the ball, the person whose pass was intercepted exchanges places with the player in the middle. The game cycle continues.

Some people have adapted this game to look like soccer. Instead of throwing the ball, it is kicked. The player in the center is free to retrieve it from any of those in the circle.

When the ball is retrieved from any of the players by the interceptor, both switch places, just like in the traditional Piggy in the Middle.

piggy in the middle during soccer training session

Rules of the game

Rules govern how the game is played to make it more challenging and exciting. One of such is that if the chaser is nutmegged—that is, if the ball is successfully passed between the chaser’s legs—the chaser is penalized and must retrieve the ball for an additional two tries.

This means that before the chaser can exchange places with any of the players in the circle, he must first obtain the ball two times in a row. In addition, if the chaser commits a handball foul by trying to intercept the ball with his hands, he is given three or five additional tries to retrieve the ball as a penalty.

The game can become extremely exciting if a player is nutmegged three to four times, with the result that he must retrieve possession six to eight times before exchanging roles.

Another change made to keep the game interesting is the addition of a second ball chaser. With two chasers, the other players are only allowed two touches on the ball before passing it on to others.

Misplaced passes—those that go outside the circle or are directed at no one and are not caught by a chaser—can result in a penalty served and the offender swapping places with a chaser.

5. Engaging in dribbling relay

Dribbling Relay is another activity you can perform with a soccer ball. It entails dribbling through obstacles such as cones to improve dribbling skills. It could also be done for fun and to pass the time.

soccer player dribbling through cones

How it is done

Cones are typically placed about 15 feet apart from one end of the pitch/playing surface to the other. You can choose to set up two series of cones so that you and another person can compete in a timed relay.

It’s fun to challenge your opponent to dribble through the cones at an agreed set time successfully or to try out different challenges. To keep things entertaining, be inventive!

6. Play a game of Minefield

If you have ever played any minefield game, you probably already know what this game is about. However, unlike the other games of trying to avoid hidden bombs while navigating your way to safety on the other side, this game makes use of cones — at least it’s a less dangerous way to play!

How it is played

To perform a minefield, place cones or other objects around the field or yard where you want to carry out the activity. The spread objects should be a few feet apart and not too close to each other.

cones are placed around the field to play minefield with soccer ball

Dribble from one end of the yard to the other while avoiding the obstacles. No matter how good your dribbling skills maybe, you’re bound to hit some cones. Do not let this deter you; keep dribbling your way to the end.

To add to the excitement, begin slowly and gradually dribble fast across one end to the other. You can also set a goal for yourself to avoid getting tired quickly.

7. How about participating in the Crossbar challenge?

The crossbar challenge is performed on the soccer field and assesses players’ shot accuracy. It is usually done with a group of people, but an individual can try it out independently.

man aims at shooting the soccer ball to the crossbar

How it is played

You attempt to hit the goalpost frame from a specific point. If you succeed, a point is awarded to you. When performed with many players, the score points for each are tallied after a successful hit on the target.

Players can try to hit the crossbar by shooting with their weaker foot to make things more interesting. Shooting from unusual or difficult angles also makes the activity more challenging but enjoyable.

8. Strengthening the abs with Twists

This is yet another simple activity that can be done with a soccer ball. It is a great exercise routine done by soccer players at all levels.

How it is done

The player assumes a sitting position with the legs stretched out. The legs are slowly lifted into the air and crossed. The hips act as a pivot for the body.

A soccer ball is held between the hands. First, without causing undue strain on the body, the hands are turned to one side with the body also twisted to that side and then to the other, repeatedly.

man doing russian twist with a soccer ball

This is completed by touching the held ball on the ground on both sides. As the body twists to the left, the hands move with the ball and touch the ground on the left side of the seated player. The same is done when the body is moved to the right.

Just like balancing the ball in the neck exercise, it is also a good training session exercise that can aid in the straightening of the upper body.

9. A game of Battle Royal

This is a kind of soccer game wherein the primary objective is to score as many goals as possible. It’s more fun when there are five or more players, including those who serve as the goalkeeper.

How it is played

When one of the players scores, he must decide by choosing between two options. He must choose between eliminating an active opponent, giving himself a “life” to protect against future elimination, or reintroducing an already eliminated player into the game.

The winner of the game is usually the last man standing after everyone else has been eliminated.

To make it more difficult, players have adopted a rule that penalizes players who make off-target shots by eliminating them. Overall, the game is a thrilling sport that can be played and enjoyed as a recreational activity.

10. Play soccer

We cannot end the list without including the main reason the ball was created.

A typical soccer game consists of two teams attempting to get the ball into the goal. Each soccer team has eleven players, including the goalie (although other soccer variations have 4 to 7 players on a team), and the team with the most goals at the end of the time limit wins.

girls playing soccer

If there is a tie, and a match-winner is needed, the winner may be determined by extra time or a shootout.

The above is just a variant — albeit more popular — type of soccer. Other variants also make use of soccer balls.

11. Playing soccer bowling

Soccer bowling is a fun activity that can be done for entertainment or used in soccer training sessions. Just as the name suggests, it involves bringing two sports as one.

The soccer part mandates players to use their feet while the bowling part indicates that players would have to knock down set objects; in this case, cones.

How it’s played

It’s a whole lot of fun competing with another team. Unless there are many available players, start with a two-member team and have them go head-to-head to knock off the cones.

Place ten cone pins in the shape of a triangle and have players stand 4 to 10 feet away. The game aims to see which team will knock off all the cone pins by shooting directly at them.

gather many cones in a place to play soccer bowling

To avoid dragging each game for too long, teams compete for under one minute. At the end of each minute, a tally is taken to count the number of cones successfully knocked off. The team with the highest bowled pins is declared the winner.

12. Beach Soccer Volleyball

Ever found yourself at the beach and out of ideas of what to do with your soccer ball? Beach volleyball is a quick go-to alternative to playing beach soccer.

Find a makeshift volleyball net or something high enough to allow individuals or teams to volley the ball over. The game is played with all body parts except the hands.

How it’s played

The game can only be played with two or more players. You won’t be needing cleats, just like what is obtainable in beach soccer.

Using other parts of the body (legs and head) except the hands, play the soccer ball over the net or whatever material separates both sides of the “court”. The game is more entertaining if each team can have at least three players.

Beach Soccer Volleyball

Each team must send the ball back into the other team’s side without the ball touching the ground. Each player is allowed a single touch of the ball before sending it over to the other side or passing it to a teammate.

Points are awarded to teams that can force the ball to touch the ground on the opponent’s half.


A soccer ball is not limited to being used for traditional soccer. Instead, it can be used for various activities, all of which as previously stated, are as enjoyable as soccer.