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Why Are Soccer Cleats So Expensive? 6 Main Reasons

Why Are Soccer Cleats So Expensive? 6 Main Reasons

The history of soccer cleats can be traced back to the 1500s. In 1526, the first pair of soccer cleats were made for King Henry VIII of England. The King ordered a pair of soccer cleats after the Shoemaker Cornelius Johnson designed the pair around 1525.

Comparing King Henry’s soccer cleats, which come ankle-high to modern soccer cleats, you will realize that lots of innovations have taken place. Over the years, shoe manufacturers continued to change the designs and quality to meet up with the required standard.

However, after Puma successfully designed a cleat for soccer legend Pele in the 1960s, other soccer cleat manufacturers joined the race. These companies bought the idea of designing modern soccer cleats and making them available for soccer players.

In the 21st century, soccer cleats have changed a lot in terms of innovation, quality, and designs. So why are soccer cleats so expensive in recent times?

In this article, we’ll examine the price uptrend of soccer cleats and what makes them so damn expensive. We will also understand if higher prices of soccer cleats make a difference in performance.

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Why are soccer cleats so expensive?

Soccer cleats are one of the most important kits for players in a soccer match. If the laws of demand and supply are anything to go by here, it is easy to understand why soccer cleats have had an exponential increase in price since its creation.

Since the demand for soccer cleats is so high, especially since it’s an official kit necessary to be worn at all soccer games, manufacturers have had to increase its quality which invariably increases the price. Soccer players need to make a specific budget to get desirable cleats for their sporting activities.

Here are some notable reasons why soccer cleats have become increasingly expensive over time.

Some cleats are on the soccer field

As already mentioned, Puma made a statement by designing soccer cleats for Pele. This puts every major fashion brand in competition amongst themselves to design the very best.

Soccer cleat brands today sign multimillion-dollar contracts with top soccer clubs to help design cleats for the team throughout the season.

With the introduction of custom-made soccer cleats arriving in the market of professional soccer, cleats are becoming more seemingly expensive. With brands struggling for market dominance, you would expect high-quality materials and technologies to be used in production.


  • Soccer gets more recognition as businesses struggle to stay on top as major producers and distributors
  • It takes soccer cleats from regular footwear to a fashion statement. Aesthetically, they look appealing
  • The sport grows financially from endorsement deals from profitable brands running advertisement campaigns.


  • Quality soccer cleats are slowly becoming inaccessible to average soccer players who play the game for fun
  • Whenever brands are involved, it is expected the value of these soccer cleats to increase exponentially for no tangible reason.
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Inflation is an economic term used to describe the purchasing power of money that occurs due to an unexpected rise in the prices of goods and services. Over time, the prices of raw materials have continued to increase.

Therefore, manufacturers spend more money to purchase quality raw materials to make higher quality cleats. In recent times, inflation has contributed immensely to a sudden rise in soccer cleat prices.


  • If the inflation is moderate, the prices of soccer cleats can be readjusted.
  • The average inflation can also enable economic growth in the soccer cleat industry.


  • Higher inflation can rapidly increase the prices of soccer cleats over time
  • High inflation can create price uncertainty of cleats, thereby reducing the investment power of cleat manufacturers. This would mean the market will be flooded with lower quality or inferior soccer cleats to meet demand
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Designing with Advanced technology

In recent times, soccer cleats manufacturers rely on using advanced technologies to design their cleats. Before they can attain such a milestone, lots of teamwork, finance, and professional contributions are required to make modern soccer cleats.

When you compare the soccer cleats with the previous ones used in the past century, you will realize that several innovative ideas have been implemented in giving soccer players the best cleats.

From time to time, manufacturers rely so much on using advanced technologies to upgrade the outdated soccer cleats.

This upgrading process requires lots of effort and contributions from the researchers. Researchers generate innovative ideas to increase the durability of the cleats as well as their ability to withstand the pressures from running around and kicking the ball.

The demand for advanced technology also involves lots of expenses. Almost all modern soccer cleats are designed with the aid of advanced technologies. These sophisticated technologies make the cleats appear more comfortable, lightweight, and durable for the players.

Soccer cleat manufacturers also rely on technologies in manufacturing cleats in larger quantities.

After spending massively on advanced technologies to manufacture these soccer cleats, the manufacturers have little to no choice but to increase the price to cover the production expenses, break-even, and make a profit!

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  • Introducing technologies in soccer cleat design will help enhance the accuracy and consistency in production since production is usually on a large scale
  • Using modern technologies will produce a more realistic solution within the research section
  • Today’s soccer cleats are more than just protective wears on the pitch. More than ever, the focus is placed on durability, comfort, and functionality


  • Services required to use these advanced technologies are expensive.
  • With an increase in cost, soccer ceases to be a sport easily played by average players. Ordinary players of the sport would have to either exit the sport or settle for inferior soccer cleats.
  • It’s hard to tell if there’s an added advantage to players using technologically advanced soccer cleats in comparison to others using regular cleats.
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Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are one of the reasons why soccer cleats’ price is on the increase. Recently people like to buy their cleats directly from cleat manufacturers or e-commerce websites. After making this purchase at a specific price, the goods would have to be shipped to their location with an extra fee charge.

Shipping fees may depend on the distance between you and the supplier. If you stay far away from the supplier, the price would be much higher than if your location was closer. This is a common way to have soccer cleat prices way higher than what should be obtainable.

To be on the safer side, you should compare the delivery prices of many suppliers before proceeding with the purchase. When you are satisfied with your research, go ahead to place your order.


  • Although home delivery comes with a price, it is a more convenient way of delivering purchased soccer cleats to players.
  • Delivery charges should serve as an extra expense that will inspire you to take good care of your cleats.


  • Delivery cost attracts extra cost to your soccer cleats.
  • It will affect your initial budget for the soccer cleats.

A shipper is delivering to his customer

High demand for buying soccer cleats

With soccer becoming the most-watched sport all over the world, it has seen an increased number of fans and players cheering and playing the sport. This has led to the increase in demand for soccer cleats, especially because it is an important kit when on the field of play.

In trying to keep to the set standard and quality, soccer cleat manufacturers – although actively using technology to meet demand – are racing to produce sufficient quantities. This is another reason why the price of soccer cleats seems to be on the rise.

With the law of supply and demand at play here, it would mean that as the demand for soccer cleats increases, attempting to balance it with a corresponding supply would cause an uptrend in the overall cost of soccer cleats.


  • As a manufacturer of soccer cleats, this is good for business. With an increasing demand for your product, there will also be an increase in profit for the brand
  • For the world of soccer in general, this translates to an increased number of following and participants in the sport
  • For soccer players (either amateur or professional), an increase in the awareness of the sport would eventually make the love of the game more profitable


  • Unless you’re at a professional level as a soccer player, purchasing these soccer cleats is expensive
  • With the sport continuously gaining attractions all over the world, at this rate, it means there’s no reduction in the price of these soccer cleats anytime soon in the foreseeable future.

Supply Chain

Just like every other production goods, soccer cleats also undergo the regular business supply chain to go from the manufacturer to the final consumer. As the soccer cleats pass through the supply chain, their prices tend to change.

The initial cost of the cleats by the manufacturer may change over time. Retailers who will market the cleats often add their prices to gain profit. This additional price will surely affect the actual price.

In simpler economic parlance, the longer the supply chain (middlemen) from manufacturers to final consumers, the higher the probability of an overall increase in the price of the goods; in this case, soccer cleats.


  • The supply chain enables the soccer cleats to reach soccer players globally, irrespective of location.
  • The supply chain also guarantees faster delivery of the soccer cleats to those in need of it.


  • The supply chain attracts additional costs to the cleats.
  • Fake brands are taking advantage of the supply chain to gain profits.
  • Sometimes, the supply chain may cause a customer to lose their ordered service or cause damage to the soccer cleats in transit.

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Do more expensive cleats make a difference?

In practicality, yes it does; all soccer cleats are not the same. Some cleats are designed with great attention to detail and with superior raw materials. Sometimes, for most people, it is hard to differentiate between soccer cleats if not with the types of material used.

Despite the difference in prices, both cleats also have their physical differences. When you play soccer with both cleats, it’s easy to tell the difference between expensive and cheaper cleats.

Although playing soccer with more expensive cleats will not make you a better player, it does help with better ball handling and control. Cheaper soccer cleats lack several qualities that the more expensive soccer cleats possess.

The difference between both cleats consists of fit, weight, appearance (aesthetics), ball handling and control, and comfort. Putting these factors side by side, it’s easy to see the difference between these high-quality expensive cleats and the others.

The reason why more costly cleats make a difference consists of the following;

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Expensive soccer cleats are more comfortable to wear

In the game of soccer, the foot does most of the job. Therefore, players need to feel more comfortable wearing their soccer cleats to enjoy the game of soccer.

To make these cleats more relaxing for soccer players, manufacturers implemented several innovative ideas while designing them. However, some players who could not afford the more expensive cleats are provided with cheaper options.

Hence, the need to seek comfort while enjoying the game is often considered. So why are expensive soccer cleats more comfortable?

Manufacturers of these soccer cleats use higher quality materials to design expensive soccer cleats. Hence, the manufacturers often include the production cost while analyzing the final price of the soccer cleats.

Leather cleats, although more expensive, offer more comfortability to players because of their expandable nature to accommodate slightly different feet sizes.

Wearing an uncomfortable soccer cleat can ruin the foot of the player. Uncomfortable cleats impede running and making successful passes.

Therefore, you should always note that your feet are your most essential assets to participate in soccer games. Comfortable soccer cleats will enable you to play with your full potential and represent well during the game.

soccer cleats are suitable for the player

Expensive soccer cleats give a better feel to the feet

When soccer was first introduced, emphasis was placed more on the game structure rather than the quality of the kits used. Manufacturers of soccer cleats use high-quality materials, together with modern technology to develop cleats that have a better feel on the feet when touching or handling the ball.

This quality is better felt in more expensive cleats because they’re made with higher quality materials. Wearing expensive soccer cleats goes beyond the aesthetics and making a fashion statement. It helps the player to have better control of the ball on the feet.


Expensive soccer cleats are more durable

One major intention of soccer cleats manufacturers is to make their expensive cleats last as long as possible for the soccer player. Imagine having a ripped soccer cleat right in the middle of gameplay as a result of low-quality production material.

This incident may create room for injury or other complicated situations. Hence, standard cleats are essential to guarantee the player’s safety and guarantee longevity.

Almost all expensive soccer cleats are made to be durable for the players. Durability is the main concern of most players whenever they plan to change soccer cleats.

Since expensive soccer cleats are made with higher standard materials, they tend to withstand any external pressure that will reduce their durability.

During a soccer game, players need to twist, run, turn, dribble, grip, and perform other skills to get their team on the winning side. Cheaper cleats cannot enable you to perform efficiently during the game.

However, these expensive cleats will allow you to attain greater heights during the competition. It’ll help keep the mind focused on the game and not wonder about the durability of the cleat for the game.

It should also be noted that poor maintenance can lower the durability of your cleats. To maintain them, they have to be cleaned immediately after usage, avoid walking on asphalts, and use shoe disinfectant to keep shoe bacteria off.


Expensive soccer cleats are lightweight

Heavier soccer cleats have become outdated as lightweight cleats have taken over the market. In the 19th and 20th century when soccer players preferred to use heavier soccer cleats to play, their performances were partially affected by the weight of these cleats.

Lightweight soccer cleats are one of the innovative solutions implemented by cleats manufacturers in recent times. The materials used in making expensive cleats enable the finished design to come with a lighter weight.

You cannot compare the weight of expensive soccer cleats with that of the cheaper ones – the difference is clear.

Lightweight cleats will improve your performance during the soccer game. One great benefit of lightweight cleats is that you can easily lift your feet and kick the ball harder without necessarily worrying about your ankles and toes.

Most soccer cleats used by top soccer clubs are lightweight. These professional soccer clubs understand that cheaper cleats could reduce the performance of their players and so go all out to purchase and secure these expensive soccer cleats.

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Soccer cleats have become more expensive in recent times because of the several reasons listed above.

When you intend to buy a soccer cleat, choose more expensive soccer cleats over the cheap ones. You have a lot to gain while playing soccer games with high-quality soccer cleats.