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Why Are Soccer Jerseys So Expensive? 8 Main Reasons

Why Are Soccer Jerseys So Expensive? 8 Main Reasons

Buying new soccer jerseys each year is one of the numerous habits that make passionate soccer fans come alive. Even though soccer jerseys aren’t the cheapest clothes in the market, we believe that some soccer fans have more soccer jerseys in their wardrobe than other types of apparel.

Although original soccer jerseys are sold at expensive rates compared to other normal shirts, we believe soccer fans don’t question their cost because of the love they have for the game.

Since it is practically impossible for most soccer fans to meet their soccer idols, buying a team’s jerseys with the name of their favorite player on them is the closest and coolest thing to meeting them in person.

There is a soccer ball and jersey on the field

Owning an authentic jersey of your favorite soccer team is comparable to getting a signed soccer ball from your favorite player. The soccer fan base has grown so large that you cannot confidently claim to be a team’s fan in public if you don’t own at least one of their jerseys.

Buying new soccer jerseys is often described by some soccer fans as an opportunity to partake in history which is why their expensive price doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Perhaps, you want to join this new trend of donning soccer jerseys but wondering why it is so expensive to own one. In this article, we compiled some of the most apparent reasons why soccer jerseys are expensive for your reading pleasure.

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Why are soccer jerseys so expensive?

We can’t deny the fact that authentic soccer jerseys look fashionable, sparkling, and alluring with charming colors and patterns. But that doesn’t stop people from asking questions like, why are soccer jerseys so expensive? Are they worth their price?  

We know you must have seen the exorbitant price tags on soccer jerseys lately. Are you surprised as to why everybody seems to be diligently buying without giving a hoot? We believe our detailed research holds adequate answers to your mind-boggling questions.

Not all soccer jerseys are expensive, replicas are cheap but less durable and easily distinguishable from the original even without looking closely.

There are many soccer jerseys that be hang up side by side

Fans wearing inferior soccer jerseys are often not as outspoken and confident as those wearing the original copy so to avoid feeling different during match days, soccer fans save up enough money to afford authentic jerseys even though they might seem expensive.

Comparing the price of soccer jerseys as far back as 1992 and presently, you would notice a surge in their current price, apparently due to the growing fan base and the quest for clubs to generate funds.

The most visible observation between then and now is that in the past, fans bought jerseys from their club’s authorized catalog and jerseys weren’t changed as often as now where new jerseys are designed for each new season.

Looking only at the expensive price of soccer jerseys without considering the factors influencing these prices is a defective way of judging the whole issue.

To help you see the clear picture and make a better judgment, we have carefully compiled a list of well-researched reasons why soccer jerseys are expensive.

Quality Materials

Original soccer jerseys are designed with the best polyester materials by the biggest names in the industry. Every brand involved in jersey production is usually out to capture a majority of the market share by offering the best quality product possible.

Soccer clubs always demand jerseys that are fashionable and durable at the same time so manufacturers always try to use the highest-grade materials to be able to meet up with the client’s demands.

High-grade materials are more expensive and harder to source compared to regular materials. This grossly affects the price of soccer jerseys when it is finally ready for fans to purchase.

Soccer jerseys made with high-grade fabrics are very tough and can resist wear and tear since soccer involves a lot of pulling, holding, and other rigorous physical contacts which can easily tear them up if the materials they are made with aren’t durable.

In the past, it was a common sight for referees to pause the game or send a player to change their jerseys on the sideline because they were ripped. That scenario is becoming less and less common these days.

They can be washed with washing machines as well as hand-washed without getting ruined. They can last for a couple of years, giving you absolute value for their high price.

Using advanced technology

Soccer jerseys are painstakingly designed to solve a lot of problems existing on the soccer pitch. Achieving these designs takes a lot of expertise, money, and teamwork, unlike other normal clothes out there.

Soccer jerseys are always upgraded which involves a lot of research and study. Conducting these researches doesn’t only require time, it requires the use of advanced technology and a lot of money too.

Modern soccer jerseys have base layers designed with smart technologies that keep players warm, cool, comfortable, and dry, in response to existing weather.

Close to two decades ago, Nike released a soccer jersey that employed the use of Dri-Fit technology, an expensive jersey first used by professional golfers who praised its breathability and unbelievable comfort.

Another popular technology is the ColdGear which is a base layer technology used by the big American sports brand Under Armour in their jerseys to circulate heat and properly disperse sweat.

Other technologies also exist such as ClimaCool, HyperCool, and TECHFIT to name a few. All these technologies are responsible for keeping players comfortable and dry on the soccer pitch.

Soccer jerseys can be used casually without feeling awkward. Therefore, buying them at expensive rates doesn’t sound so bad since they can be used on multiple occasions. Demand and Supply

With the millions of soccer fans buying soccer jerseys every year, manufacturers often get overwhelmed with demand which automatically results in a surge in the market price of jerseys.

If soccer jerseys supply outbids demands in the market, their prices would—this is the normal rule of demand and supply. Most fans would either prefer to pay double the normal price of a new jersey instead of having to wait longer than expected.

Manufacturers understand the emotions fans ascribe to soccer and soccer jerseys so they always try to organize new jersey rollouts in a way that the value fans attach to them doesn’t depreciate.

A close study of human behavior reveals that people tend to place more value on expensive products and less value on their cheaper counterparts even in circumstances where the cheaper products are more competent than the expensive products.

Market Dominance 

Some companies own a monopoly over certain products so they have total control over such products. Without competitors, brands can increase the price of products at will knowing that customers will always buy since they don’t have any alternatives.

In a monopolized market, sellers can charge a premium on products even when the product isn’t at par with the price. Soccer clubs are to be blamed for this problem when it comes to soccer jersey prices because they often license single merchandise for their jerseys.

For example, Nike is the sole supplier of Carson Wentz’s new Colts jersey which means Nike can change the price of this jersey without fear of competition.

Delivery Charges

In modern times, most people utilize the power of the internet by shopping online which is more convenient and organized than the traditional walk-in retail shops. This process may be smooth and reliable but often retailers overcharge customers under the guise of shipping fees.

They often tell you delivery is free instead of telling you that the delivery charges and other extra charges were added to the overall cost of the jersey you are purchasing. Most buyers often fall for these gimmicks without being aware.

The best way to outsmart these retailers is by comparing jersey prices with delivery charges online before making a purchase.

You can find websites comparing prices online that can help you check the prices of goods across different trusted e-commerce platforms so you can make the best decision.

A shipper is delivering to his customer

Branding and Advertisement

Big companies didn’t gain massive adoption by sitting on the fence, rather, they applied marketing strategies and campaigns worth millions of dollars.

To expose products to more prospective buyers, brands spend a lot of money on running advertisements. We believe you might have bought a product before just because you saw an advert for it on TV.

Since these adverts cost a lot of money, selling products like soccer jerseys at high prices is one of the ways companies avoid running into losses at the end of the day.

Brands sometimes employ the help of big soccer stars to advertise new jerseys and other products. Creating awareness using big names in soccer costs a lot of money but boosts sales to an extent so sales must be carried out in a way that profit is made.

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Value Added Tax (VAT)

Government charges VAT on most goods which is a percentage of the total cost of a product levied at every point of sale. VAT can differ based on the country you are located in—and there is the case of multiple taxations in some countries.

The amount of VAT charged for a soccer jersey can grossly affect its market price. The higher the VAT, the more a soccer jersey’s market price increases.

Not all goods and services are taxed though, healthcare services, basic food, some educational products, etc. are not taxed.

Supply Chain

This point is often neglected when complaining about the expensive cost of original soccer jerseys. Getting finished soccer jerseys from where they are manufactured to the retailers who will market them is often very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

This adds extra costs to the assumed market cost of soccer jerseys. Longer and more tedious processes employed in supplying the finished goods to retailers affect the final retail prices.

Very fast alternatives are also very expensive sometimes but they are worth it because goods are delivered in better conditions.

the supply chain is an agent that increases the price of soccer jerseys


Without using complex economic terms, inflation is the reduction in purchasing power of money triggered by a sudden increase in prices of goods.

Factors such as an increase in the price of raw materials and demand can lead to inflation. Inflation can cause an increase in the initial price of soccer jerseys.

During inflation, you are to avoid panic buying because prices may eventually drop after a while.


People will always complain about the exorbitant price of original soccer jerseys, maybe because they are only buying them for one season. Soccer jerseys don’t expire after the season they were used in the game.

They are definitive, durable, and fashionable which makes them perfect for multipurpose use. We believe you are getting adequate value for your money when you buy original soccer jerseys.

Most times, the price we are willing to pay for a thing shows the value we place on it. Hopefully, one day you will look back and be grateful for all the exciting memories you made.