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Why Are Soccer Players Attractive? | 8 Interesting Reasons

Why Are Soccer Players Attractive? | 8 Interesting Reasons

For many people, watching soccer players score fantastic goals, goalkeepers make incredible saves, watching the World Cup, the UEFA Champions League final, and other fantastic soccer features are the reason for watching soccer.

But there is a group of people who are not soccer fans who watch soccer because they find soccer players attractive. Such people would be unhappy whenever the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo miss a goal.

Not because of his missed chances, but because they were unable to see him pull off his shirt and show his well-toned body.

Soccer players are very attractive for a variety of reasons, including strength. However, it is also worth noting that high endurance performance is also a fatal attraction.

Soccer players have well-toned muscles and high endurance like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Kaka, and others. For such reasons, fans can’t stop screaming whenever these players show off their bodies.

Why are soccer players attractive?

An exciting part of soccer is the players on the pitch. There are many people who have become attracted to soccer or only watch soccer because of their attraction to good-looking soccer players.

Their phenomenal footwork, well-toned and shaped body, nice thighs, and others make soccer players unique in various ways.

soccer match at noon

A lot of people are attracted to soccer players because of their personal life and their soccer career, maybe because of the near-perfect balance of their personal life and their occupation (sport).

This is quite similar to how these soccer players can perfectly balance the ball on their feet.

Soccer players are unique and attractive. But why so? Does it only revolve around their well-toned body, their personality, their lifestyle, or their skill with the ball?

In the following sections, you will be shown various reasons why soccer players are attractive.

The Emotions of Soccer Players

Another reason soccer players are attractive is because of the emotions usually shown by soccer players on the pitch. In soccer, the players are notoriously more emotional and dramatic during games than other sports games.

Players cry when they miss games or when they are sent out of the pitch, even when they are injured. Sometimes players would make some ridiculous actions when hit. For example, they perform various kinds of celebrations while celebrating goals while weeping or even screaming.

Neymar Jr - Best Dancing Goal Celebrations Ever | HD

At other times, when soccer players score goals, they take off their shirts to celebrate while running in circles. Even goalkeepers who make errors of letting the ball get past them collapse on their knees and weep.

Take, for example, the Euro 2016 final between France and Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo, who was then the forward for Real Madrid, was taken off the pitch in tears about 25 minutes at the Paris’ Stade de France, after a knee clash with Dimitri Payet of France.

He was later seen on the sideline screaming at his teammates to perform better since he was not on the pitch.

This was one of those emotional and dramatic moments that attracted fans.

Now, these seemingly emotional and over-dramatic gestures are pretty attractive to the opposite gender. Studies have shown that when men exhibit such emotional displays of shame and pride, they become more attractive.

When soccer players show pride after scoring goals or after a victory, they become more attractive, and it is pretty similar to the way that peacocks spread their feathers.

Jessica Tracy, who is an associate professor of psychology at the British Columbia University, also stated that when soccer players show displays of pride after success or even shame after failure, it likely increases their attractiveness – at least to women in North America.

When players show their emotions, their reliability is also increased since most people would be able to relate to them.

Since there is no cap or helmet covering their faces like hockey or soccer, when soccer players react to happenings on the pitch, fans are able to feel a close relationship that can’t be gotten with athletes putting on helmets or pads.

Skills of Soccer Players

Soccer is termed a beautiful game and a fantastic sport because of the skills that are rampant in the game.

Most soccer players are very skillful with the ball when playing on the pitch. Tricks and abilities with their feet that they trained for are some of the focus of most fans.

Soccer players like Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and others are capable of dribbling at fantastic quickness.

The Art of Dribbling

In addition, some soccer players can run past their opponents to obtain the ball, performing insane tricks, scoring goals from outside the 18 yards box, scoring beautiful free kicks, and other notable features of soccer.

All these are completely attractive to fans. Most fans continuously watch soccer players play the game of soccer because their skills are never-ending, and they don’t get tired of watching them show their skills.

Soccer skills are attractive to fans, and watching soccer players perform such skills is one of the heights of the game.

Showing off their Muscles and Well Toned Body

Another reason that soccer players are considered attractive is that they often show off their muscles and toned bodies to their fans.

Though soccer players no longer take off shirts as often as before because of the regulations against taking off shirts by the regulation body, even without their shirts being taken off, soccer players’ uniforms usually reveal their well-toned bodies.

soccer players with well toned bodies

The uniforms of other sports, such as football and hockey, usually hide most of their body and heads. For basketball, the uniforms are baggy, while baseball uniforms leave much to be said.

Soccer players usually display their body, abs, thighs, legs, and arms more than other sports uniforms. Showing off their well-toned body through uniforms enhances their attractive festive spirit.

For example, you would notice that the shirts for most soccer players are now tighter, which in a way enhances and shows off their muscular upper body.

The Sheer Number of Soccer Players

Another reason that many find soccer players attractive is that there are a lot of soccer players available to choose.

Soccer events like the World Cup, Euro Cup, and other cups that bring players from various backgrounds together give fans the opportunity to ogle.

a soccer team wearing blue

Large variety has its own appeal. With the variety of men that fans see running around the pitch every day, there would definitely be some that attract the attention of the fans or masses.

Friendliness of Soccer Players

Soccer players are generally believed to be very friendly with people. This is because they all belong to a team and have to get along with everyone.

Soccer players practice and train with each other and also cooperate to win games. Therefore soccer players are pretty friendly since they constantly communicate with people.

soccer players shaking hand and smiling with their opponent

People are attracted to people who are very friendly, and most soccer players are such people; they are often attracted to them and their competitive nature.

The Unique Playing Style of Players

Most elite soccer players have a unique way that they play games. From forwards such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi to midfielders such as N’golo Kante and Paul Pogba to defenders like Sergio Ramos, Thiago Silva, and Virgil Van Dijk, etc.

Each of these players has a unique play style that makes them attractive to everyone that watches them play.

The uniqueness of soccer players varies based on their positions. When soccer players show their uniqueness in a match, fans and soccer enthusiasts alike are drawn to them.

soccer player dribbing ball

Take the case of Lionel Messi. Messi’s perfect blend of perceptiveness and game intelligence is one of his fatal attractions to sports fans worldwide. Moreover, Messi is known to be a good dribbler, goal scorer, and goal creator.

Most of these adorable moments occur when he performs his unique playing style of shooting, dribbling, or even passing. However, the attractiveness of Messi is also seen in his ability to make what is perceived as difficult easy; some things only a few can do.

On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo is known to be attractive for his unique competitive style of playing soccer. Though every top soccer player is competitive, Cristiano Ronaldo takes it to a new level.

It is seen in his desire to go all out in matches and do the needful to win and his drive to constantly improve himself and his gameplay.

This quality is attractive to most people, as people are drawn to those perceived as hardworking. One of Ronaldo’s techniques that makes him attractive is his unique mastery of the step-over and the knuckle techniques.

When he performs such skills in a game, the constant cheers from fans watching across the TV and from the stadium shows his level of attractiveness.


From Cristiano Ronaldo to Luiz Suárez to Mohamed Salah to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, each of these players have speed, muscular thighs, well-toned abs, and high endurance, and the height of it all they are very attractive.

The bodies of soccer players are pretty close to the Western ideal concept of beauty. When you take a look at the sculptures of Greek gods, similarities can be drawn to soccer players as they have well-rounded bodies.

Postma stated that soccer players’ bodies are very much close to the traditional impression of beauty in every human’s mind.

Looking at the reasons above, you should be able to get an understanding of why soccer players are attractive.