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Why Do you Play Soccer? 11 Reasons for You

Why Do you Play Soccer? 11 Reasons for You

Soccer has more than 4 billion fans around the whole world. Soccer is one of the most popular if not the most popular sport in the entire world. Soccer is seen by many as a way of life.

Modern soccer can be dated to have begun in 1863, about 160 years ago, when the Football Association was created in England.

Though a lot of things have changed from then till now, both in the rules, gameplay, economic and social perspective, the basics of soccer remain to date.

That is simply two goals, two teams, one pitch, and one ball. Some people make a living by playing soccer which brings them fortune and fame on a global scale, but a majority (fans included), just simply enjoy the game.

Soccer connects, challenges, and empowers people, this is regardless of differences as it unites every person on earth through the passion that people share for the game of soccer.

professional soccer player is taking a shoot

Why do you play soccer?

Soccer is a sport that can be played by any person whether, lean, tall, short, or otherwise. Soccer is all-inclusive as there is no need to be of a certain size to play the game.

Soccer can be played anywhere as far as there is a ball and a pitch. People love soccer because it is fun to play. Even beginners can play soccer and perform some exciting moves or tricks that make them hooked to the game.

Anybody can play soccer, this is why you see even kids playing the game. Toddlers are even seen sometimes playing soccer with their toys.

This is why soccer is seen as a beautiful game since anyone can play the game at any age of their life. The main point is that soccer is fun to play.

Soccer is not like other games that require certain skills, like golf, football, and tennis, soccer is open to every person.

There are various reasons why people play soccer, it could be to make some memorable memories, to develop friendship, or just simply for fun.

In the following sections, you will be shown various reasons why people play soccer.

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The Love of Soccer 

The game of soccer is a beautiful one that any person can play. It does not matter if you are very tall or small, or have good biceps, or even have none. Soccer is a great game for everyone because of the love of the game.

People play soccer because they love the game. The game of soccer does not need to be played with proper equipment. Soccer can be played on the beach, barefoot, and using anything as the goalposts. Soccer can also be played alone by juggling the ball.

Soccer by many is termed as not just a game but as a passion. People play soccer because the game breaks down the barrier of color, creed, and race.

Soccer is enjoyed by everyone because of the equality the sport brings.

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Healthy Competitiveness

Another reason that people play soccer is that soccer breeds healthy competition between opponents. The competitiveness in soccer ensures that both sides improve as they play together.

Soccer ensures that both sides respect and support each other and recognize the greatness of their rival. This is one of the reasons that a lot of people are drawn to playing soccer.

Healthy Competition is good because it ensures that you are not a conformist person. Most of the successful persons on earth are those who pushed themselves to keep moving every day. This is how soccer is.

Everybody wants to become the best player or one of the best players out there. This is why the competition in soccer is very great.

The competitive nature of soccer is especially great for kids and youths as it teaches them that the world is a competitive one where you have to be hardworking to be better than others.

The competitive nature of soccer also ensures that the players are focused on earning their spot through hard work and pure effort and with respect for their competitors and not unhealthy or sabotaged competitions.

Financial Value 

One major reason that people play soccer could be attributed to the monetary gains associated with the game. Most times as fans of soccer, we hear of huge transfers and salaries that players receive.

This huge monetary gain is a fatal attraction to many aspiring players. Soccer players are now very valuable. Lionel Messi, the world’s best player earns over £7 million a month.

This is more than the amount that the Prime Minister of England earns. People often term the huge amount of cash flow in soccer as soccer madness.

Soccer players are paid very huge wages since their clubs are making a lot of money. With technological advances and globalization, such as broadcasting rights, soccer has become very popular and therefore more profitable.

In 1992-1997, the soccer rights for Premier Leagues’ first season was sold for less than £200 million. But as of 2016-2019, the broadcasting rights were worth more than £5 billion.

When people lose interest in soccer, clubs would be unable to make such huge money, and the demand for soccer players would reduce and so would their wages.

However, this is not the case as soccer is becoming more and more increasingly popular.



Another reason why people play soccer is because of the fame that comes with playing soccer. Soccer does not necessarily cost an arm to be able to start playing, since the equipment needed is more accessible compared to other sports.

Over time, a majority of soccer players are known to be famous, and this has, in turn, resulted in a lot of youths or aspiring soccer players dreaming big.

They have the dream of one day standing in the same stadium as the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and other soccer stars.

The popularity of the game soccer has increased over the years with the increased viewership of the sports, therefore there are a lot of aspiring soccer players who dream to play soccer because they want to be on the same stage as some of the greatest soccer players in history.

Soccer does not discriminate, everyone can play soccer irrespective of their background, religion, or others.  Everyone can get involved in the game.

Take the world cup, for instance, it is the highest stage that a soccer player can get in the world of soccer, many aspiring soccer players want to play on this stage and be famous.

Every aspiring soccer player aims to play at this stage which brings every country together every four years. Though there are other cups out there, the world cup is considered by many as the zenith.

As a cup that symbolizes that your country is the best in the world, every aspiring soccer player looks forward to participating in it and sharing the glory and pride of the game.

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A Safe and Easy Sport

One of the reasons that people play soccer is because soccer, among other sports, is relatively safe. Compared with other contact sports such as hockey or football, soccer can be considered to be quite safe. 

Though there are collisions in the game of soccer, the rules in soccer ensure that such collisions are minimal and even outright forbidden.

This ensures that the players avoid hitting each other. Though soccer is relatively a safe sport, it is still a contact sport and therefore injuries can occur.

However, soccer injuries are quite rare and are of minimal damages with the advancements of the rules and medical technology. Though rare, injuries are possible, but the use of pads and other rules has ensured that soccer is less dangerous than other sports.

2 players in blue are tackling

For kids who want to play contact sports, soccer is a relatively safe team-based contact sport that they can opt for.

Also, Compared to other sports, soccer is termed by many as one of the easiest if not the easiest sports to play and to learn. The rules of the game are quite simplified, and even kids can easily learn them with little guidance.

The rules are straightforward and very perfect for any person of any age. Soccer is capable of being played anywhere and by anyone, this is why soccer is termed a world sport.

All you need is just an open space, and a ball. There is no need to get expensive equipment. Even soccer skills can be trained anywhere.


Improves Health and Fitness

Soccer is a game that involves a lot of training and running. Professional soccer players usually run about 7 miles on average for every game that they play.

Running is an exercise that keeps the body healthy. A lot of aspiring soccer players are interested in playing the game of soccer because of the health and fitness benefits of the game.

Kids might not run as much as this in a typical match game, but the amount of running and training that the kids would perform during their games and practices usually has positive cardiovascular health impacts.

Added to the improvement of heart health while playing soccer, running around the pitch also benefits the players since they would become happier and in the long run live longer.

Soccer players are usually fit and have positive fitness habits which usually last a very long time. They learn through soccer to shape themselves and work out so they can improve their fitness.

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Most soccer players are usually muscular and lean while developing muscles from workouts and endurance from constant running.

Soccer players think more about nutrition and tend to avoid alcohol and drugs. Since they have to play at their maximum capacity, they usually avoid unhealthy foods and drugs.

This is one of the reasons that most countries promote soccer and sports in general because it can keep youths away from bad habits.

Soccer gives entertainment through practicing what would be beneficial for their social life, mind, and health, instead of being occupied with bad habits like alcohol and drugs.

Most soccer players when not performing any activity such as texting, playing video games, or watching TV are usually performing training or workouts that would improve their health and habits.

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Social Connection 

One of the reasons why people play soccer is because of the social connections that soccer brings. Soccer enables a person to make friends from various groups of people and also helps in building up their personality.

People play soccer because they can meet people from different cultures, countries and make new friends and connections with their teammates.

This is very beneficial for persons who are relatively shy or introverted because the team-based nature of soccer ensures that they engage with one another despite their discomforts.

These teammates could be persons of the same age group or even older.

Soccer teammates share common bonds that foster friendship and promote unity. Most soccer players become lifelong friends even after their soccer career has ended.

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The Dream Game of Childhood 

Some soccer players play soccer because they were raised watching and drawing to play the game of soccer. Some people grew up in a family where both parents or parents are soccer fans.

Such children would end up wanting to play soccer because of their parents’ love for sports that were introduced to the child.

Taking a look at the children of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and other soccer players, you would discover that most of these children from childhood have already begun to like and be interested in the game of soccer.

They would end up becoming soccer players because of their childhood memory and their parents.

Every person that has played soccer from a young age does this because they want to become a professional player. By watching and playing soccer while growing up, they would then make it a reality.

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To learn Teamwork and Coordination

A lot of people play soccer because of the teamwork associated with the sport. Soccer is a sport that everyone needs to work together as a team to succeed. Teamwork is needed everywhere in life.

As a kid or youth, teamwork is a necessary life skill that everyone should learn. When the kids grow up, the teamwork learned from playing soccer would become necessary and important in their employability.

When kids play soccer, they develop the foundation for teamwork, since soccer is a team sport. This would prepare them for adulthood as they learn to work together while listening to advice from their instructors.

Another reason that people play soccer is because of the coordination that soccer teaches. To play soccer, you have to be coordinated.

During soccer games, you might have to look around the pitch for teammates, remain upright, run at full sprint, retain control of the ball even when opponents are attacking, and dribble the ball.

Soccer helps even the most uncoordinated of persons to see improvement in their coordination skills when they play soccer.

A Game for Everyone 

Soccer is a game for everybody as there are no restrictions on playing it. This is one of the reasons why people play soccer. Any person can play soccer irrespective of being a beginner or an expert.

For beginners, the feeling when they kick the ball and play is exhilarating. They find joy in playing the game even when they are not good at it.

Though soccer is complex, beginners can think of playing competitively if they train and hone their skills, become fit, and learn tactics and strategies.

Beginners and experts alike can also improve, and with this improvement, the game of soccer is enjoyed.

A soccer match in the rain

Scholarship Opportunities 

Playing soccer in some countries usually allows youths to get scholarships for colleges. But this is usually for people that are very good at playing soccer.

Though some countries are unlikely to give soccer scholarships since the sport might not be very popular there.

Therefore, some people play soccer since it might be a way to get a scholarship, but this is based on your country.

Sometimes soccer usually transitions into a serious profession. Just like professional soccer players that earn millions of dollars by playing for some of the best clubs in the world.

It is important to note that not everybody can get to this level, especially if you have average soccer skills.

The children at the Soccer Camp


Soccer is a popular sport in the world and people play soccer for a variety of reasons.

Playing soccer allows you to discover various benefits and is a beautiful game that is discovered only when you play the game.

Soccer changes live even for those that do not play professionally. These people would learn good habits that would help them to be successful in life.