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Best Jeans For Soccer Players

Best Jeans For Soccer Players

When talking about soccer players, most people hardly mention their dress sense. However, we all know that what they wear usually transcends trademarked jerseys, protective gear, and cleats.

The era of English former professional soccer star David Robert Joseph Beckham was what panned our attention to the dress sense of professional soccer players all over the world. This was when both players and fans alike realized that visual appeal is equally as important as skills in soccer.

Most soccer players usually find it difficult and frustrating to shop for the right-fitting wear due to their body structure. Professional soccer players often develop a big hard butt and big thighs from many years of playing soccer which makes it difficult to dress in regular casual pants.

Skinny and tight jeans which look good and classy on most people usually look awkward on professional soccer players because they are often too tight towards the upper thighs.

Most times, they are so tight that you can’t easily fit your keys, phone, wallet, and hands into your jean’s side and back pockets.

Some smart fashion brands are resolving this prevalent problem by introducing an athletic fit to their jean collections aside from the typical slim and traditional fits being offered by most brands.

We will be sharing with you reviews on some of the recommended jean pants from trustworthy brands which can help you resolve this issue.

Soccer player is practicing

Smart tips for getting good-fitting jeans

Getting good-fitting jean pants for people with bigger quads is not just about the brand name and the nature of the material. The way you style it with other clothes can make a lot of difference.

Below are some smart tips you should consider while searching for jean pants that will properly fit your athletic legs.

1. Get a good tailor 

Finding perfectly fitting pants off the rack is usually preferable, faster, and more fulfilling. However, when such a scenario isn’t forthcoming, especially for athletes with big quads like soccer players, the next best option will be to employ the services of an experienced tailor.

It is good to keep your expectations feasible as a soccer player when it comes to buying new clothes, having in mind that your body structure is a bit different from that of other regular people.

Having a tailor you trust, who understands your fit preferences and style will save you a lot of headaches when looking for a way to make your new jean pants fit appropriately.

A good tailor will not only make sure that your new pair of jeans fits appropriately but he or she will also make sure that they are properly tailored to your desired style and comfort.

The cost of making alterations to your jean pants can vary from one tailor to another. As long as the end product is desirable, you will easily forget the price you paid for it.
Men and women wear jeans

2.  Don’t put too much emphasis on the waist size

Jean pants are similar to other mass-produced, off-the-rack garments with standardized sizes which makes it near impossible to find pants that fit perfectly, especially around the waist region.

As a soccer player, you should be looking out for jean pants that fit perfectly around the thigh and seat regions instead of the waist. Off-the-rack pants are generally tailored with seats 6 inches larger than the waist so if your waist is 32 inches, the seat region will automatically measure 38 inches.

Most soccer players with athletic legs often have seats that are larger than their waist. So focusing more on getting jean pants that fit perfectly on the waist wouldn’t be much of a good idea.

3. Wear breathable jean pants   

As a soccer player, avoiding extreme skinny jeans. Combining skinny jeans with a muscular muffin top or any other tight top will make you look funny and out of proportion.

Even though skinny jeans are in vogue, they might not be suitable for you, especially if you have a well-built quad and a strong butt. Always go for breathable jeans that keep your body free and relaxed at all times.

Jeans and some script

Best jeans for soccer players

No other wardrobe staple truly withstands time and trends like jeans. Jeans don’t lose their appeal or ever go out of style which makes them a worthy piece of clothing to adequately spend your money on.

Denim jeans became 140 years old in 2013 since their invention on May 20, 1873. Its sales and popularity have never dipped over the years, in fact, in the USA alone, 450 million pairs of denim wear are sold yearly.

Since its invention, it has evolved into many different types, styles, and designs to suit the needs and yearnings of consumers. We have taken our time to research some of the best jeans for soccer players.

1. Lee Men’s Athletic Fit Jean – Best overall

Lee Men's Extreme Motion Athletic Fit Tapered Leg Jean Zander 36W x 32L
  • ATHLETIC FIT. With a tapered leg and fitted waist, these jeans sit at the natural waist. Made with...
  • CLASSIC STYLING. A modern fit jean designed with an authentic five-pocket style. Our bestselling...
  • EXTREME MOTION. Athletic Fit Extreme Motion Jeans feature an incredibly comfortable flexible...

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The Lee Men’s jean is among the most suitable jeans for male soccer players because it has a tapered leg and a fitted waist. It is designed with comfort in mind which is why it sits effortlessly at the waist.

It is suitable for everyday wear with any kind of top. It has button closure, a leg opening of 15.5-inches, and a zipper fly which contributes to making it more comfortable.

Lee Men Performance Series Extreme Motion Athletic Fit Tapered Leg Jean, Zander, 36W x 32L

It also features an amazingly comfortable and flexible waistband that grips your body without binding or causing pain. This ingenious innovation was made possible by power stretch fibers which create the feeling of absolute freedom, comfort, and confidence.

The American brand behind Lee Men’s Sportswear has been making designer jeans, shirts, shorts, and more since 1889.

The Lee men’s athletic jeans were carefully designed by experts to adequately conform to the body structure of athletes. It allows them to move effortlessly when they are not dressed in their sports apparel.

Some of the major drawbacks reported by users are fading fabric, faulty zippers, and questionable durability. Hopefully, none of that will be a dealbreaker for you.

Key features    

  • Its expanding waist makes fitting customizable
  • Stretchy to accommodate different body shapes
  • More flexible and comfortable than traditional all-cotton denim jeans
  • The timeless five-pocket style makes it possible to hold small items without difficulties


  • Frequent reports about fading color
  • The fabric seems to weaken after multiple washes

2. Lucky Brand 410 Athletic Fit Jeans for Men – Most flexible jeans

Lucky Brand Men's 410 Athletic Fit Jean, Cortez Madera, 34W X 32L
  • Inseam: available in 30", 32" and 34"
  • FIT: Mid-rise, relaxed fit with a tapered leg
  • Front rise: 11 inches, Leg opening: 15 1/2 inches (Size 32)

Last update on 2023-11-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The 410 athletic slim fit jeans by Lucky Brand were carefully designed for people with an athletic physique, especially soccer players. It gives you a relaxed and balanced fit while wearing it.

Its modern tapered leg design gives you plenty of room to move your legs without feeling pains in your thighs. This also allows you to style your outfit with sneakers and other fashionable footwear.

Lucky Brand Men's 410 Athletic Fit Jean, Cortez Madera, 34W X 32L

What we also liked is the diversity of synthetic materials often used in their manufacture. Sometimes spandex is included which gives it a stretchy texture and allows it to hug your body in the right way.

Lucky Brand seems not to conform with the regular size you may know. We observed that they are usually 2 inches bigger at the waist than what is advertised.

So, if you are a size 36, choose 34 when shopping and you should have no problem at the waist. Also, the stretchy nature takes away the jeans feeling which may not go down well with everyone.

Key features

  • Has a good blend of synthetic fiber and cotton which makes it elastic
  • Comfortable and suitable for many occasions
  • Relaxed fit with a tapered leg
  • Has a classic vintage look with a modern feel
  • Maintains original fit after several washes


  • Multiple complaints about poor durability
  • Stretchy nature eliminates the jean feeling

3. Best straight cut jeans: Ultrasoft IZOD Denim Jeans for Men

IZOD Men's Denim Jeans - Ultrasoft Stretch Denim Straight Fit Jeans for Men, Size 40W x 32L, Raw Wash
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED IZOD: Men's Sport Flex Stretch Denim Relaxed Fit Jeans; Bold, colorful, and...
  • HIGH QUALITY JEANS: These lightweight and breathable straight-fit jeans for men provide incredible...
  • COMFORT FIT: These soft and smooth jeans feature a stretch denim fabric for extra comfort, 5 pockets...

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IZOD is a very popular clothing company with over 80 years of experience. The ultrasoft IZOD jeans for men are very stylish and suitable for everyday wear.

These jeans are good for soccer players with built thighs and seats because they are stretchy and soft. They are made with premium denim fabrics which offer good comfort and feel.

It is fitted with the Sport-Flex Max Waistband which gives about 3” of stretch around the waist. Soccer players avoiding tight skinny jeans can use this pair of jeans as a perfect substitute without having to fear any discomfort.

IZOD Denim Jeans for Men – Ultrasoft Straight Fit Stretch Performance Jeans with Sportflex Max Waistband, Raw Wash, 40XO32

The 15½ leg opening on the IZOD jeans for men makes wearing and pulling it easier. They can be washed on a washing machine, tumble dried, and ironed without losing fit.

They are designed with a tapered and slim fit around the seat and thigh region and they also have zipper fly closure that sits below the waist. These jeans can give any soccer player a clean and smart look when worn with a casual shirt or hoodie.

Key features

  • Has zipper closure
  • Safe to wash with a machine
  • Creates extra space around the thigh and seat region
  • Soft and stretchy
  • The flexible waistband makes it compatible with a large group


  • Problem with fit

4. Men’s Athletic-Fit Stretch Jean – Best straight cut jeans

Amazon Essentials Men's Athletic-Fit Stretch Jean, Rinsed, 32W x 28L
  • ATHLETIC FIT: Extra room in the hip and thigh for athletic builds. Sits at the waist.
  • LIGHT-STRETCH DENIM: Mid-weight cotton denim with a bit of stretch for all-day comfort. Comes in...
  • ATHLETIC-FIT JEAN: These classic, five-pocket jeans are a wardrobe workhorse, perfect for business...

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If you are always struggling to fit your muscular legs in your pants, these athletic-fit stretch jeans might just be the solution.

This men’s athletic-fit stretch jean by Amazon Essentials is a good fit for soccer players. It is crafted with enough stretch to create additional comfort and maintain the initial shape of the jean even after a long period of intensive use.

It sits comfortably at the waist so that you don’t have to be adjusting your pants with every step. Also, it features a sizable cut through the thigh and hip. This is important to create more room in that area.

Amazon Essentials Men's Athletic-Fit Stretch Jean, Rinsed, 32W x 28L

You don’t see a company that constantly listens to reviews and upgrades its product periodically based on those reviews. With this pair, every new purchase is likely to be better in comfort, fit, and quality than the previous purchase.

The color may bleed after the first few washes but should eventually stop after 3 washes. Many customers complained that it came with an unpleasant smell.

There is also the problem of inconsistent sizing. Hopefully, none of these will be a dealbreaker for you.

Key features

  • Perfect fit for people with muscular legs
  • The stretch is minimal to sustain the jean feeling
  • Seems to be highly durable


  • Often come with an unpleasant odor
  • Bleeds color during first few washes

5. Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jeans – Best figure-fitting jeans

Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jean, Mid Wash, 18
  • 5 pocket styling
  • Boyfriend jean with rolled cuff
  • More stretch with a shaped seat and thigh to highlight the waist

Last update on 2023-11-10 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Female soccer players can also wear jeans—if they find the right one. The Riders by Lee Indigo women’s fringe cuff jeans might just be what you have been searching for.

It has a higher mid-rise to accentuate the waist and is usually designed to have more stretch at the butt and thigh to highlight the waist. These boyfriend jeans have rolled cuffs to make them look more stylish.

When making your choice, it will be a smart idea to go for 2 sizes down because the jeans tend to become bigger with every wash.

This jean design makes it easier for women with thin waists and thicker thighs to achieve a perfect fit. We know female soccer players usually end up in this shape because of their constant drills.

Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jean, Mid Wash, 18

These jeans are stylish and comfortable but women without the desired shape may find them hard to fit. Also, women that are over 6 ft may not get the right fitting out of this pair of jeans. For the right people, it is worth having.

Key features

  • Perfect fit for curvy women
  • It doesn’t sag on the crotch
  • Doesn’t bleed like most jeans during a wash


  • Stretches and can become bigger than the initial size
  • Not suitable for taller women


Soccer player wear red cleats and practicing

Soccer players especially those who have played for many years usually develop muscular quads and strong butt which doesn’t make it easy for them to find suitable attire to buy for casual use.

There is nothing more annoying and embarrassing to a soccer player than buying and returning off-the-rack wear such as jeans and their likes just because they don’t fit properly.

The invention of stretchy jeans has brought a lot of relief to soccer players that want to appear like regular people during the off-season.

Hopefully, this post will help to alleviate some of the frustrations that soccer players face in choosing a pair of jeans. Even if none of the products that we listed worked for you, you can always get a close fit and send it to a private designer to cut it into shape.