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Does Soccer Need To Be Capitalized? 3 Common Cases

Does Soccer Need To Be Capitalized? 3 Common Cases

The rules that govern the styling of words vary depending on the type of noun in use. Generally, for games, the lowercase is used. However, games that are also brand names such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Chutes, and Ladders are capitalized.

Capitalization of words is one of the rudiments of writing, and using the word soccer correctly will help you better represent the word in your writing. It would also allow a better understanding of several texts that involve the word’s usage.

Soccer is a common noun, and like every other common noun, it is styled in lowercase. However, considering the sport’s reach and its popularity, you may want to ask the question: does soccer need to be capitalized?

Whether you are writing or reading, it pays to understand the correct application of the word. These are the questions this article hopes to answer.

Let’s dive in!!!

Does Soccer Need To Be Capitalized?

In most parts of the world, soccer is more than just a game. It has become a culture for many, with religious followership in different parts of the world.

When you examine the rules that govern the capitalization of words, you will realize that only proper nouns should be capitalized. Despite the magnitude and how soccer is revered in many parts of the globe, it is still a word and should follow the rules of language or writing.

Proper nouns that point out names of a person, a place, or a thing are the most widely recognized type of nouns. In a word, the first letter of it, if it is a proper noun, is always capitalized. However, soccer is not a proper noun but a common noun and, as a result, does not require capitalization of any sort.

soccer word cloud

Generally, common nouns, as a rule, are not capitalized. They are used in naming general terms rather than specific ones. The best way to explain what common nouns are is by referring to them as non-specific nouns, i.e., they refer to the non-specific term for a person, a place, or a thing.

So, to answer the question, does soccer need to be capitalized? The simple answer is no. However, certain instances permit the capitalization of the word “soccer.”

Some of these instances include:

1. When it starts a sentence

As you may have noticed in reading this text, the first word you encounter in a sentence is always capitalized. To let a reader quickly identify where a sentence begins, a word has to be capitalized, regardless of its type among the different parts of speech.

The capitalized word follows immediately after the full stop. Hence the word “soccer” is no different. For example, we could have a sentence in the picture below.

soccer is a global sport for everyone

This rule applies only when soccer is the first word of the sentence. In other cases, “soccer” must be written in lowercase.

2. When used as part of the name of an event

Major events are one of the few tools used to keep the global soccer engine running, and they are numerous being played in different seasons of the year all over the world. These competitions are properly branded and given iconic names.

The words of major events are usually capitalized, and hardly will you find any major event with its words entirely in lower case. Soccer is no different, and in most cases, you will find the word being capitalized.

For instance, competitive tournaments like Major League Soccer (MLS), usually capitalizes their first words. This is permitted because the MLS is a brand name, and it is the highest level of soccer in the United States.

Major League Soccer with logo

Other examples are the Canadian Soccer League, Western Soccer League, Pacific Coast Soccer League etc. Hence when writing the word in conjunction with other words to signify a soccer competition, the word can be capitalized.

3. When used as part of the name of a video game

Video games have become part of the soccer franchise. Since the early nineties, soccer-based games have been created. The different game franchises created by different brands have extensively promoted the sport, and the followership for these games has been massive.

New versions of these games are created to match the current soccer season. Modifications are also made to simulate the real-life elements of the sport perfectly. These ingredients make for a well-rounded video game product.

When the word “soccer” is included in the game’s name, it must be capitalized. Examples of game brands that manufacture these soccer-based games include Sega, Nintendo, and Sony PlayStation.

These brands support popular games such as “International Superstar Soccer” and the “Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).”

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)

The capitalization of soccer is permitted in this context because it refers to the sport soccer and the brand name of the video game product.


Styling words accurately is crucial to proper usage of language, and in whichever context we are mentioning soccer, we must be able to represent it using the right text suitably. Furthermore, capitalization is symbolic; hence one must ensure its application when necessary.

Make sure the rules mentioned in this piece are followed at every point of use, and you will be free of errors.