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How Do Abs Help You In Soccer? 4 Benefits

How Do Abs Help You In Soccer? 4 Benefits

Muscles can be found in different parts of the body, all with their specific roles, peculiarities, and functions. Each muscle has its way through which it contributes to a person’s daily activities.

Soccer is a physical sport that demands the use of different body parts. An important part of the body that contributes to the performance of a soccer player is the abs.

Note that abs can also be referred to as the core or the abdominal muscles to understand this discourse better.

How do abs help you in soccer?

Firstly, it might interest you to know that playing soccer can get you abs. But, how does having abs benefit a soccer player? What is the fuss about having abs as a soccer player? Does it impact on the career of the player in any way?

Soccer is a physical sport, and abs play a huge role in helping a player overcome the physical aspect of the game.

The abs have a huge contribution to a soccer player’s core strength and performance in a match. The better core strength a soccer player has the greater benefits.

This article is focused on helping readers gain a clearer view of the benefits of abs to a soccer player and how abs contribute to their performance.

It helps posture

The posture of a human is tied to the functionality and positioning of several body parts including the abs.

This is because the weight on the upper body relies on the stability of the lower body, which is one of the responsibilities of the abs.

The rectus abdominis and the transverse abdominis are the body parts responsible for helping the lower body stabilize and carry the weight of the load supplied by the upper body.

The core, which is also the muscle in front of the human torso, is instrumental in helping the player to keep good posture. Having abdominal muscles will also help soccer players stabilize their trunks.

a fit soccer player with straight posture holding a ball standing in front of American flag

The posture of soccer players includes the way they can hold their body and also the way they position their joints, head, spine, and some other body parts. Building core strength can be the best way to correct how you carry your body.

A player who can stand upright or has a good posture due to the presence of the abdominal muscles will be able to compete properly for aerial balls, win tackles, make proper passes, and score goals.

On the other hand, bad posture can limit your movement on the pitch. This can make you predictable to the opposing players making it harder for you to outwit defenders and score goals or create scoring chances.

It helps increase speed

Whenever speed is being discussed, what comes to mind is the legs and arms. However, a soccer player’s core has a huge part to play in his or her pace.

The core happens to be an unsung hero in the contribution to the pace of any soccer player.

To get a good pace, the arms and legs must synchronize their work, but some muscles are responsible for the functionality of these actions.

The abdominal muscles will help the synchronization needed for the speed of a soccer player. Also, it helps transfer force from the lower parts of the body, which is in contact with the ground and responsible for movements to the entire body mass.

soccer player in red uniform kicking a ball

The transferred force gives the soccer player a bounce effect similar to taking off from the ground. Also, abdominal muscles are responsible for withstanding the force created by each stride cycle.

The importance of speed can not be underestimated in soccer. One of the greatest assets a team can have is fast players. It should be noted that there are many professional soccer players whose greatest leverage in the game is their pace.

Examples of players in this category are German international, Timo Werner, and the Spanish International, Adama Traoré. Both players have well-toned abdominal muscles, and their speed can be attributed to it.

The transference of force by the core is one of the major factors in explosiveness, and it is a factor that can be used to endanger the defense of the opponents. It is very useful for attackers, especially when a team is about to start a counter-attack.

It helps the player’s strength

A strong abdominal muscle is necessary for good stamina in soccer. One of the ways to get stronger as a soccer player is to strengthen your core. Endurance, power, and strength are all offspring of having good abdominal strength.

The strength of a soccer player can be rendered useless if they don’t have good balance. The abdominal muscles can help soccer players gain stability and make their strength more effective.

For soccer players, strength is one of the fundamental requirements for better performance.

a man kicking a soccer ball in the air

Romelu Lukaku is one of the strikers that makes good of his strength to outmuscle defenders to create scoring opportunities. This is why he wins most of the through balls in one-on-one situations with defenders.

As a soccer player, you can avoid an injury-prone career by building a strong core. Another advantage of the core is that it gives a soccer player the ability to exert extra force during a match.

Abs helps soccer players to get brand sponsorships

Being fit and having excellent abs gives soccer players a good physique that gives them an attractive appeal.

Soccer players with perfect abs often attract endorsement deals for various fashion companies. Sometimes they even model for their clubs, posing with their jerseys.

a soccer player represents for Puma and Adidas brands

Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, has benefitted over the years from various deals due to his ripped abs. He has modeled for his CR7 underwear and Armani in the past.


There are a lot of things that contribute to the success of a soccer player. Every part of a soccer player is a contributor to their performance on the pitch. If any of the body parts is in pain, the soccer player might not be able to play well or not be able to play at all.

The abs of a soccer player contributes a lot to their performance. Also, a soccer player with strong abs will have good posture which is important for coordination in soccer.

Another good reason why you should have abs as a soccer player is that it earns you more fans. We can’t deny the fact that some soccer players have so much fans not because they are exceptional on the pitch but because they look attractive.