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How To Take Care of Kangaroo Leather Soccer Cleats? 4 Stages

How To Take Care of Kangaroo Leather Soccer Cleats? 4 Stages

Kangaroo leather is a type of leather that offers lighter and flexible material for the upper parts of soccer shoes. Kangaroo leather soccer cleats are praised because it allows the soccer players to have a good touch and have more control over the ball.

Kangaroo leather soccer cleats are also capable of adapting to the shape of the soccer player since it is capable of tightening around the contours.

The kangaroo leather is cut thinner than the calf or cow leather. This ensures that the kangaroo leather gives added surface contact with the ball but lacks the durability that is associated with cow products.

The kangaroo leather is capable of absorbing water, therefore it is best used on dry pitches or conditions. Though kangaroo leather soccer cleats are not affected by water, the cleat would get heavy when affected by water.

Every professional soccer player makes use of quality leather cleats. Wearing a good cleat is a must for every professional soccer player because they usually fit when worn and the leather stretches and also provides maximum comfort.

When a soccer player wears a good soccer cleat, the feel for the ball would be improved. Kangaroo leather is known to be very flexible and soft among the leather materials which are used in the production of soccer cleats.

But this leads to it being very expensive. However, kangaroo leather soccer cleats are very durable so you must care for them properly so that you can retain your investment in the soccer cleats.

How to take care of kangaroo leather soccer cleats?

Kangaroo leather soccer cleats are made to be more durable than goat, calf, or cow leathers. Using kangaroo leather soccer cleats gives the feeling of nothing between the ball and the player’s foot.

Kangaroo leather cleats usually mold to the shape of your foot over time, this is why it is necessary to clean and store your cleats after every game.

Below are some of the ways that kangaroo soccer cleats can be taken care of. Some of these methods include storing methods, cleaning methods, polishing methods, and conditioning methods. Let’s begin.

1. Cleaning

Cleaning is one method that is used to take care of your kangaroo leather soccer cleats. You have to ensure that you make use of items that would not in any way affect your soccer cleats.

Follow the steps below to properly clean your kangaroo leather soccer cleats.

Step 1. Preparation before Cleaning

The first step to take is to prepare for cleaning the cleat. This is done by removing the laces from the spikes. The laces would be dirty since it has been used, therefore you should wash and dry them with a washing machine.

The insole should be removed since it would become difficult to dry when removed due to molds.

unlace soccer cleats and remove insoles

Step 2. Cleaning the Outsole with brushes

The second step is for the upper part to be cleaned with a horsehair brush and the outsole to be cleaned with a nylon brush.

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A stiff nylon brush should be used to clean the stains off the outsole while the upper part should be cleaned off with a horsehair brush. The grass and dirt between the outsole and the upper part should also be cleaned off.

Step 3. Cleaning the Upper Part 

The third step is to then make use of a squeezed towel to clean the upper part of the cleat.

This is done by using a wet towel that you have firmly squeezed to wipe off the dirt.  The stains that were not removed by the brush should be cleaned off here.

If you are unable to get the dirt off, use your fingers to peel off the jam. You can also try pushing the dirt with your finger.

use a towel to clean soccer cleats

Step 4. Using Cleaners

The fourth step is to make use of cleaners to clean off stubborn dirt.

To do this, you have to first ensure that the cleaner is attached to the upper part. After this is done, the stubborn stains should be removed using a dry towel.

You should adjust the amount of the cleaner used to clean off the dirt based on the location of the dirt.

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Step 5. Using Shoe Creams 

The fifth step of cleaning the kangaroo leather soccer cleat is by nourishing it with creams.

You should put the cream into the whole upper part while ensuring that the cream is not overly applied. Make use of a soft towel to wipe the cleat till it becomes glossy.

Most creams used for soccer cleats do not only have glossing effects but are also capable of nourishing the leather to make it healthier.

Step 6. Drying the Cleats

The final step of cleaning the kangaroo soccer cleats is to dry their cleats. After following the processes above, the cleats should be put in a well-ventilated shade for no more than a day.

let soccer cleat dry

Also, you need to remove the dust inside the spikes by cleaning them. Molds usually occur when the spikes inside are not cleaned.

You can get a good scrubber for cleaning your cleat here.

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2. Conditioning

You can take care of your kangaroo leather scooter cleats by conditioning them after it has been washed or cleaned. Apply any leather conditioner and work it into the leather.

Conditioning your soccer cleats regularly ensures that your cleats are not damaged or dried out.

After applying the conditioner to your cleat, you have to allow it to sit for about a day before being worn again. This would ensure that there is no cracking or stretching.

You can get kangaroo leather soccer cleats, conditioners and leather creams from here.

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3. Polishing 

Soccer cleats can be taken care of by polishing, but you still have to do it properly. After drying your soccer cleats you can keep the leather healthy or enhance the color by polishing the cleat with mink oils or leather conditioners.

Doing this nourishes the leather and gives it a softer feel. Kangaroo soccer cleats are polished when they are dried out. Leather soccer cleats that are too dry usually crack or stiffen.

a pair of soccer cleats and a blue soccer ball

Ensure that polishing is not overdone. Also, ensure that you make use of silicone or wax-based products for polishing the soccer cleats.

Soccer kangaroo leather cleats are meant to be soft enough to use when cutting right or kept on the pitch.

4. Storing 

Soccer cleats can be taken care of by drying them with newspapers and away from heat or any other hot air environment. Ensure that the cleat is placed in a well-ventilated environment.

Cleats should be stored overnight with wadded pieces of newspaper. After this, the newspaper should be removed in the morning since the shoe would be damp from moisture absorbed over the night.

The shoe should be left to dry over the air till the next time it is to be used.


Kangaroo leather soccer cleats are one of the best cleats that soccer professional players make use of on the pitch because they provide good touches and fit to players and usually last for longer when taken care of properly.

However, kangaroo cleats can sometimes break in, therefore you must take care of your cleats.

This can be done by cleaning, storing, polishing, and proper storage of the cleats.