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Why Do Soccer Players Roll Their Shorts Up? 5 Remarkable Reasons

Why Do Soccer Players Roll Their Shorts Up? 5 Remarkable Reasons

Soccer is an easy sport that requires some equipment. There are, however, a few essential items that all players must wear.

The soccer players must wear a shirt, shorts, shin guards, socks, and footwear, according to the rules of the game, which the International Football Association Board wrote to watch over the administration of the game.

In the game of soccer recently, there is a new trend. It is seen in both male and female games. It is the trend of soccer players rolling up their shorts in soccer matches. However, it has also caused soccer fans and many others to keep wondering what the act is for.

The reason for the act of rolling shorts up is a resultant effect of various things, and the reasons are different for many players.

This article is dedicated to examining different root-cause for soccer players engaging themselves in the act of rolling up their shorts.

A female soccer player on the field

Every decision and action that is seen on a soccer pitch by a soccer player always has a reason, just like every human’s action is always tied to a reason or purpose. Therefore, the rolling up of a soccer player will also be born out of thought.

This section of the article will help in clearing the obscurity of the reasons behind soccer players’ rolling up of short.

To Feel More Comfortable

Psychologists’ study revealed two major aims that might benefit athletes in general (including soccer players). First, the objectives are to play with ease and confidence.

Athletes must learn to coordinate their brains and bodies so that they can play without fear, allowing their previously taught “muscle memory” to continue to take over and execute the performance.

This section examines how the “comfort” component of the equation contributes to soccer players’ effectiveness on the field.

Anything that makes a soccer player feel comfortable on a soccer pitch, as far as it is not defaulting to the rules of the game, should be a signatory part of their game. So, for example, many soccer players feel more comfortable using plasters on their hands.

Some even feel comfortable taping their socks, some even feel comfortable cutting their socks, and there are so many other things soccer players do to feel comfortable. Rolling shorts up is the same as the other habits mentioned above.

Adama Traore use his shoulder to shield the ball

The more comfortable a player is, the more possibility of a better performance. When a soccer player is comfortable in his dress, mind, and other factors, he will be able to play in the match with confidence.

Many soccer players run into an error, which can cost the whole team dearly because they are not comfortable in their kit. Rolling up short is also a way through which soccer players can make themselves feel comfortable.

Also, the fabric used in making the team’s kit might not be breathable (that is, it might not allow air to go through it). And this can make soccer players feel uncomfortable, and this leaves the soccer player with no option but to roll up their shorts.

Many of today’s players opt for tightly fitted shorts, which can lead to discomfort for those with more substantial thigh muscles, especially during intense matches, despite the use of high-quality materials.

Rolling up their shorts offers a solution that not only reduces chafing but also provides the players’ muscles with a greater sense of freedom and relief from constraints.

Amada Traore is running on the field with a soccer ball

To help them Get Fresh Air

Soccer is a very physical game, and it requires its players to run, jump, walk, and many more. While doing this, the soccer players will sweat as a result of the physical activities involved in the game.

And one of the remedies to sweat for a soccer player is to roll up their shorts. Rolling up the shorts will help the soccer player to expose their bare skin to fresh air.

Soccer player with short shorts

And this will be a very helpful way to cool down from the effect of heat gathered due to the physical nature of soccer.

And some soccer players are known to be very sweaty; the Belgian forward Romelu Lukaku is a good example of a soccer player who sweats a lot on the soccer pitch. Players like this will find rolling up their shorts a good solution for their nature of profusely sweating.

A lot of things can be the cause of soccer players sweating profusely, and it might be some food they eat. Taking a lot of caffeine can make soccer players sweaty.

Caffeine is not recommended since it can stimulate soccer players’ adrenal glands, which can cause them to sweat on their palms, feet, and underarms.

Excessive hot weather conditions can also make a soccer player sweat profusely during a match. And in trying to control the heat, the player might resort to rolling up their shorts as we’ve often seen from Chilean player, Alexis Sanchez.

soccer player under the hot sun

Although, the Chilean star also rolls up his shorts for other reasons you’ll also see in this article.

It should be noted that sweating is completely natural for every human, especially for people who carry out physical activities such as soccer.

Though there are excessive cases of this sweating as a result of heat, rolling up shorts might not be the total solution to this. Seeing a specialist will be advisable for cases where the player experiences profuse sweating even in mild weather.

While about to play set-pieces

Set-piece or set play refers to when a team in a soccer match is allowed to have an open play. Set-piece includes freekick, corner kicks, and so on. Due to the low intensity of the soccer match, many soccer players roll up their shorts while about to play a set play.

Many of them do this because they have all the time then to make themselves relaxed before taking the set play. One of the famous soccer players for this is the Portuguese soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his uniqueness and style when it comes to playing set-piece and soccer generally.

He often rolls his shorts up when he is about to take freekicks, as well as penalties. Also, he rolls his shorts up while about to take an open play and in training.

Alexis Sanchez is also one of the amazing soccer players who is also known for indulging in the act of rolling up his shorts. He does it anytime on the soccer pitch, while about to take a set play, while in the game, and even in training.

For goal celebration

soccer player celebrate

In soccer, one of the wildest moments is when a team puts the ball to the back of the opponent’s net. The feeling is always unique. However, there are many ways through which soccer players express their emotions at these happy moments.

Some soccer players take rolling their shorts up as a better way to express their joy after scoring a goal. Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is a perfect example of a soccer player who takes to goal celebration by rolling up his shorts.

Though he is known for his popular “siiiiu” goal celebration, he sometimes shows off his muscular legs by rolling up his shorts and pointing at them.

Goalkeepers can have jumping space

The duties of a goalkeeper in any and every team are essential and indispensable. They are required to help the team in stopping the attempts of the opponent’s attackers towards scoring goals against the team.

The top goalkeepers are like strategic watchtowers in terms of defensive organization, seeing the action from afar and analyzing the first signals of danger.

The goalkeeper saves a difficult shot

They are most outspoken and important in mobilizing the players to achieve pinpoint tactical placement from set pieces and open play.

Even though they do not have the physical or technical skills to participate in the outfield at a top standard, they cannot be underrated in terms of performance.

Goalkeepers are required to jump, and often they feel having their shorts in their long form might reduce their ability to jump in the direction of the ball. However, most soccer shorts are made in a way that will ease the jumping abilities of players.

But if goalkeepers feel uneasy about their shorts that are not rolled up, the priority is their performance, and since their comfort will aid their performance, they can make themselves feel comfortable by rolling up their shorts.


Ronaldo is kicking the soccer ball

Soccer players are known for spearheading different trends on the planet. But the trend of rolling up their shorts looks somehow bizarre to many fans, and they are inquisitive to know about the reasons behind it.

Just like every other decision a soccer player makes on the soccer pitch, rolling up shorts has its reasons. One of the reasons is the comfortability of the soccer player. Many soccer players find rolling their shorts up so comfortable that they take to it on the soccer pitch.

Some roll their shorts up because they need aeration. Due to the physicality of soccer, most players sweat a lot. And to solve this, they roll up their shots. While some indulge in the act anytime, they are about to take set play.

Some soccer players roll their shorts up to celebrate their goals, and also, many goalkeepers aid their jumping by rolling up their shorts.


Tuesday 19th of July 2022

It doesn't make sense then that football shorts (or even tennis, etc.) became longer by the 1990s. We're not stupid or born yesterday. Many of us saw the athletic shorts of the 1960s to 80s. Today's players action of rolling up their shorts is proof that the athletic shorts are not meant to be long. It's practicality. Sports such as football, tennis etc, require you to move freely. You must stop and think: if making shorts longer was what players and the market wanted, then why did track, decathelon, marathon, and running never change to longer shorts? Because it would just be impractical and a hindrance! So then why did football, tennis, and other sports have to put up with longer shorts?? It's time to have the athletes and market have the real shorts (not calling them short shorts) and just call them and see them as a uniform.